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Meet xHamster X!

The iPhone isn’t the only tech innovation celebrating it’s ten year anniversary today — it’s xHamster’s anniversary as well. And like our friends in Cupertino, we’re celebrating our anniversary with the launch of our ground-breaking redesign. Introducing the xHamster X: clean, elegant, and designed with your happiness in mind.

We may not have a keynote speaker or a media tent or facial recognition technology — after all we’re already pretty adept at recognizing facials here — but we do have a video that will help introduce the world to the new, endlessly adaptable xHamster.

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Top Search Terms in Westeros

Periodically looking at xHamster data has given us some surprising insight into human sexuality, but could the same be said for White Walkers and Dragons?

In honor of the Game of Thrones finale, we took a look at the top search terms from Westeros, Essos and beyond!

Top Search Terms in Westeros

"We looked deep into the search habits of each of the Seven Kingdoms," said Alex Hawkins, Vice President of xHamster. "We found that it didn't matter if you were Stark or Lannister, whether you accessed us in King's Landing or the Free Cities, we're bounde... Continue»
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Porn Eclipse!

Traffic to xHamster Plummets During Eclipse.

Traffic to xHamster went this across the country during today's solar eclipse … but the differences, like our porn preferences, were regional.

Porn traffic from with a complete or near complete eclipse — like Charleston, SC and Nashville and Portland, OR — dropped as much as fifty percentage points, while cities with less complete eclipses, like New York, Los Angeles and Miami saw much smaller declines.

Below the percentage drop in traffic for the peak hours of the eclipse:

Nashville: 43%
Charleston: 36%
Portland: 35%
Miami:... Continue»
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xHamster Reveals New Web Design for Public Testing

Based on feedback from users like you, xHamster is unveiling an entirely new redesign.
xHamster has always been a social community of individuals and friends. We are powered by huge number of people, from different backgrounds and beliefs, who came together to shape the future of the website. Through it all, our motto remains: “Just porn no bullshit”!
Meet new xHamster, based entirely on your feedback!

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Sense8 on xHamster?

With Netflix unwilling to renew the series, but with the story left untold, xHamster is offering the Wachowskis an unusual, but maybe fitting production partner — us.

Sense8 on xHamster?
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xHamster International Beer Day Arithmetic

Buy 2 xHamster Beer - get 1 Free!

Some things are forever, this offer is not. Hurry up!

xHamster International Beer Day Arithmetic
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Comic Con Search Data

Every year, hundreds of thousands of fans descend on San Diego to indulge their fantasies at Comic Con. Mainstream studios use it to gauge fan interest, so we thought it was a great time to look at the most searched superheroes on xHamster.

xHamster’s Sexiest Superheroes by Search Volume for the recent month.

Comic Con Search Data

Most Searched for Superheroes — Female
1. Wonder Woman (35,710)
2. Harley Quinn (25,845)
3. Supergirl (19,144)
4. Catwoman (11,100)
5. Poison Ivy (7100)
6. Mystique (1748)
7. Rogue (6915... Continue»
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We Offer Sean Spicer a Four-Year Porn Contract

xHamster is pleased to offer former White House Spokesperson an unprecedented $179,700 a year for a recurring role in their upcoming Trump parody series — matching his salary at the Trump White House.

“It’s hard to find someone so talented at repeating scripted, nonsensical lines,” says Alex Hawkins, VP of xHamster. “When we saw that Sean was no longer working for the White House, we knew we had to have him. We don’t know what he’s hiding under that ill-fitting suit, we’re willing to take the chance.”

xHamster recently cast similarly untested porn star John Brutal to play the role of Tr... Continue»
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Why We’re Still Opposing the Digital Economy Act

In April, the United Kingdom began the process of implementing the 2017 Digital Economy Act, a wide-ranging act that will require porn fans in the UK to register in a special database if they want to access sites like xHamster.

The Digital Economy Act has a laudable goal — to prevent minors from accessing adult content. Unfortunately, the way they are doing it puts millions of adult visitors at risk of shame, embarrassment and real harm. 

Why We’re Still Opposing the Digital Economy Act

The Digital Economy Act requires all adult sites in the UK to verify a visitor’s ag... Continue»
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Meet the “Night Mode” of a New xHamster!

We're proud to announce the debut of Night Mode, a revolutionary new mode that allows you to watch xHamster in the dark, without alerting the neighbors, roommate or your wife. When you set xHamster for Night Mode, the site switches to a low-light black background. 

Meet the “Night Mode” of a New xHamster!

“xHamster fans deserve privacy when they’re watching, uploading or chatting,” says Alex Hawkins, Vice President of xHamster. “We know most of our users visit the site late at night, and too many... Continue»
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10 years of no bullshit gifts!

On the day of its 10th anniversary xHamster prepares tons of fantastic gifts for all friends!
Only on July 14-21 you can get xHamster Store merchandise with incredible discount! xHamster Beer and Fifi only half-price!
And 35% off xHamster Doll, our beloved xHamsterina!
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Celebrate Ten Years of User-Generated Porn!

xHamster is celebrating its tenth birthday this month, marking over a decade of helping horny, exhibitionist xHamster fans a place to upload and watch personal sex videos. That first video — a sex scene filmed in a sauna— launched a company which now boast over 30 million daily users, and ranks as one of 100 most visited websites in the entire world. 

“That sauna helped launch not only a business, but a lifestyle,” said Alex Hawkins, VP of xHamster. “Unlike other tube sites, we don’t depend on studio content, but rather have built a community of two billion likeminded users who enjoy sharin... Continue»
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xHamster Joins Fight for Net Neutrality

xHamster Joins Fight for Net Neutrality

xHamster will participate in today’s Internet-Wide Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality an effort to oppose the FCC’s plan to slash Title II, the legal foundation for net neutrality rules that protect online free speech.

“Without Net Neutrality twenty years ago, we wouldn’t even have an adult internet,” said Alex Hawkins, VP of xHamster. “And without adult internet, we wouldn’t have ANY internet. After all, porn is the only reason most people bothered to get an internet connection in the first place!” 

On July... Continue»
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Last week, we looked at how those big pride marches affected porn consumption. This week, we get to the dirty stuff.

We thought we’d wrap up Pride Month to give some insight into the gay community in 2017. By which we mean, look at excitingly dirty data about what we watch, upload and search for when no one’s looking. 

xHamster gets over two billion visitors every year, from nearly every country on the planet. As we kick off a new Pride Year, we crunched the data on visitors to xHamster’s amateur gay videos to figure out what’s in demand, who’s getting laid, and (of course) where all the... Continue»
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xHamster Designs Doll Who’ll Watch Porn With You

xHamster has partnered with IDOLL to create xHamsterina, the first doll who’ll not only watch porn with you, she’ll blow you while you do it! You can order her HERE only for $ 2990.

In the tradition of Eve and Smurfette, xHamster staff has designed what we think is the perfect companion for watching porn. In fact, we looked at the preferences of our most active users to find out how to design the perfect xHamsterina:

• She’s pretty!
• She sexy!
• She doe... Continue»
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JAKARTA — In conjunction with World Refugee Day, and Pride Month in the United States, xHamster is launching an initiative to connect LGBTQ people living in repressive regimes with resources to help learn about emigration options.

Starting immediately, visitors to xHamster’s gay channel in Indonesia will be presented with a pop-up alerting visitors about the recent government crackdowns, and directing them to resources about legal aid and refugee resettlement programs. 

The program was launched after a series of... Continue»
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National Pride Marchers Choose Politics Over Porn

The National Pride March in DC (as well as Los Angeles's #ResistMarch and Atlanta's Equality March) led to major dips in porn viewing, according to reports from xHamster's traffic team.

National Pride Marchers Choose Politics Over Porn

"In cities where the LGBTQ marchers took to the streets, we saw significant dips in visitors, as marchers chose Pride over porn," said Alex Hawkins, Vice President of xHamster. "Good for them. We believe that political speech and sexual speech are both important components to the movement, and governments that censor one almost always censor t... Continue»
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A knock-out! COMING SOON!

The porn giant xHamster launches the second season of its HAMSTERLAND animated series – now even more provocative, more aggressive, more fuckin’ wicked!


You’ll see Justin Bieber (yeah, you heard it right - Justin-motherfuckin’-Bieber!) play the son of the Lord and of course trump up, witness LGBT and BLM protest clashes and… much more!

Wanna join the HAMSTERLAND crew? Welcome aboard!

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Surf xHamster safely with minimeyes

We have a long history of users telling us about their problems, asking for tips and sharing fun stories. No message goes unanswered, and we’ve always strived to help whenever possible. While these messages take many different forms, in the ten years since we launched xHamster, there has been one particular issue which has plagued our users  — getting caught!

“My BF opened the bathroom door and saw WHAT I was watching on my smartphone. He was really pissed!”

“I was on my lunch break, and was about to have a good time with xHamster. Suddenly my boss rushed into my office with an... Continue»
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