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Basic Questions

Is xHamster FREE?

Yes, is a free site with the option for paid Premium Membership and paid features in our Live Sex section.
How can I check comments and what does the Comment counter on my Profile page indicate?

The Comment counter displays the amount of comments YOU left on xHamster pages (like, for videos, in user profiles, etc.). To check all Comments left by YOU and other USERS on your Profile page and in Photo, Video and Stories section, go to Notifications >> Mark/Choose Comments on the right.
What does it mean when a friend's icon says RETIRED?

That means this user has closed his/her account. (There is an option to restore the account.)
How can I recover my username?

Use to get your username and password.
What are Favorites?

By clicking Favorite, videos and photos are automatically saved and stored for YOU to have easy access to them in the future.
I have an exciting idea for, how can I share it with you?

We appreciate hearing all creative/innovative ideas. Please send us a request with subject "Feedback", using this link.
How is rank calculated?

Rank is based on the amount of posted comments as follows:
0~50 Newbie
51~150 Porn Lover
151~500 Porn Expert
501~1000 Kama Sutra Guru
1001~2000 Pornstar
2001~5000 Celebrity
5001~8000 Pimp
8001~15000 Porn King/Queen
15001~25000 xHamster Legend
25000+ you'll get an option in your profile to customize your rank

If your rank has not been upgraded, please wait approximately 12 hours to get a new rank.
Can I download videos?

Yes, all public videos can be downloaded for free!
How can I recover my password?

Use to restore your password.
I forgot my username, how can I recover it?

Use to restore your username and password
Can I change my username?

No, if you wish to use another username, you must create a new account with a different email address.
A video from my favorites has been deleted. Why?

It has been removed either by the uploader or by a moderator due to abuse and/or other reasons.
How can I block a user from sending me messages and commenting?

You have to press the block user button (padlock) on his/her profile page or choose Block user from the dropdown menu in the message top right corner.
How can I unblock a user?

Please use the following link.
What is the maximum amount of friends allowed?

What is the maximum amount of subscriptions allowed?

How can I delete my account?

Log into your account, then go to Edit, click Delete account at the bottom of the page. If you feel like, tell us the reason, then enter your password. Now all you have to do is click Delete account.
How can I get rid of pop-ups on this site?

By creating a regular user account, which is absolutely free. Follow this link, log in and never see any pop-ups again.

Technical Questions

I can't leave comments to videos/photos/blogs/etc. What's wrong?

You need to verify your email address to be able to comment. To verify, please follow this link:
How can I watch videos?

We recommend you download and install the latest Flash Plugin Version, and then restart your browser. When it comes to browsers, we recommend to use Google Chrome. Please check if you have any ad blocker or ref blocker programs or extensions installed, as those can potentially block our video player. If you encounter ANY problems, please reboot your computer. If this doesn't help, please make a screenshot of your browser (example: ). After that please send us a report with subject "Video Player Problems" using the following link: with screenshot attached.
How can I watch xHamster on my iPhone/Blackberry/other mobile device?

Please check out our mobile version:
The movie keeps buffering while I'm watching. What's wrong?

This may be due to your Internet connection speed or due to a server overload on our side. We are constantly working to keep our servers up to speed.
My country has blocked xHamster, how can I watch my favorite site?

Please read this article How to unblock xHamster
I can't log in. What's wrong?

It is possible that your account has been closed (in this case you can see status "inactive" on its page) or if you have disabled cookies.
In this case you need to enable cookies in your browser, also please doublecheck your password. You can restore your password here:
How do I enable cookies?

Please refer to this article:
I have no sound. How can I fix it?

Please check the sound icon to see if sound is muted. If that is not the issue, please send us a report with subject "Video Player Problems".
Every time I make a selection I get an error box which says "An unhandled exception occurred in a 3rd party module and will be closed"

Please uninstall ANT toolbar, it's the reason for that error.
How can I add an image into ABOUT ME section of my profile?

You can add images to About me section right from your Profile page. Locate About me section on your page, click Pencil icon to edit, then click Insert image icon. You can choose an image to upload, or you can add link to an xHamster gallery. Take your pick, then click Add image button. Same can be done from your profile edit page.
How can I change my username?

Unfortunately, there is no such option available at the moment. The only way is to delete the current account and create a new one with another email.
How can I delete a video from my favorites?

Go to Favorites, click Trash icon on the video thumb, and then click Remove if you are sure you want to delete selected item from Favorites.
How can I delete a picture from my favorites?

Choose a Gallery or a Photo, then click Trash icon and click Remove if you are sure you want to delete selected item from Favorites.
How can I add avatars?

On profile edit page click Upload main photo, then click UPLOAD PHOTO or TAKE PHOTO, after that click Save button. Same can be done by clicking your profile picture in the left top corner of the profile.
I'm from Singapore, and I can't watch any videos.

Unfortunately, most of ISPs from your country have blocked our site. To unblock, please read this article How to unblock xHamster
My photo gallery niches have been changed to Men. How can I revert them?

Please note that if there is a solo male picture in the gallery, then the whole gallery will be changed to niche tag "Men". Please avoid posting such images in the heterosexual galleries.


My video has a green screen, what's wrong?
I've uploaded a video, when will it become active?

Your video needs to be converted, usually it takes approximately 4 days. The status of your video can be checked in your profile.
Why was my video/photo deleted?

We remove videos and photos that violate our Terms Of Service. Never upload:
- Copyrighted videos/photos or videos/photos for which you don't have the legal rights to post
- Watermarked videos/photos (nobody likes them)
- Videos/photos with shitting, pooping, etc.
- Videos/photos involving animals
- Videos/photos involving underage persons, also videos/photos with persons looking underage
- Videos/photos with violence (rape or harm to body)
- Incest videos/photos or videos/photos with incest related titles
- Very bad quality videos/photos

Also, we remove reposts and broken files (files with conversion errors).
I've uploaded a video, and its status is "Conversion error". What does this mean?

It means that your video codec was not recognized by our system, please convert the file into another format. Supported file types are mpg, avi, mpeg, wmv, 3gp, mp4, mov, asf, flv. Avi and wmv files would be the best choice.
I uploaded a video, and its status is "Repost". What does this mean?

It means that your file was posted in the past (maybe it was even deleted later), so it's not the original one.
Why are channels changed for my video?

We move men only videos to either "Men" or "Gays" in order to separate the content from "Straight/Heterosexual". Please select correct channels for your videos. Also, please don't upload solo male videos to the "Bisexual" channel.
I can't change category of my video, what should I do?

We don't allow category changes for videos in "Men" channel. Please post solo male videos to "Men" channel ONLY.
I can't upload videos because your upload form is closed.

Unfortunately, our servers disconnect from time to time in order to enable conversion of enormous amounts of uploaded videos. Sorry for the inconvenience!
My video has a solid gray screen or the video is distorted. What is wrong?

Unfortunately the video codec of the original file is not recognized by our software. The only way to fix this is to convert the original file into another video format and upload again.
What codecs are suitable for uploading on

Click here to see the full list of codecs supported by our FFMPEG converter. If you don't know what codec was used in your video, you can check it with special software. The list of such software is available here.
One of my uploads has had the status "converting" for 5 days now.

Unfortunately we had an error during conversion of this video. Please re-upload it.
How can I restore movies / pictures / stories / blog posts that I have deleted?

Unfortunately there is no way to restore them. You will have to upload again.
How can I remove my video?

If you're certain you want to delete something, choose video from your list, click Trash icon on the thumb, and click Yes. Alternatively, you can switch to Edit mode in your Video list and click Delete under the video description, then choose Yes.
How can I remove my pictures?

Use the following link, click Pencil icon to Edit Gallery, click Trash icon on the Photo thumb to delete Photo from the Gallery.
Could you add a movie titled "***"? Please help me find the movie "***".

xHamster is a place for user-generated content. Uploads are not made by us.
I've uploaded a picture or a video for the Introduction, but it has never appeared. What's wrong?

Probably it was not compliant with our rules. You can check the status here: and
I would like to prove that I am a real person, and get the verified user stamp in my profile, but don't want to show my face.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. The only way to get the verified user stamp is to upload a picture or video that is compliant with our rules.


Someone sent me spam via comments/private messages

Please report the spammer via the button on the user's profile page or via the button in the comments.
I see my copyrighted content on xHamster, how can it be removed?

Please send us a request with subject "DMCA/Copyright Infringement" and the direct link to your content (for example
I see a movie with me uploaded on xHamster, how can it be removed?

Please send us a request with subject "DMCA/Copyright Infringement" and the direct link to your content (for example
I see illegal content (rape, zoo, cp) on xHamster, how can it be removed?

Please send us a request with subject "Report Inappropriate Content" and the direct link to the movie or picture (for example
Someone is sending spam through Cam Chat Rooms.

Please report the spammer via the button in the user comments.