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Call or fold? What`s your next move?

xHamster is famous for its proactive approach, as we can`t keep calm.

Everyone can be a f0rce for change, and we proved it with the Brock Turner rule.

xHamster is taking a stand against 4ild sexual abuse. We aim at ridding the Internet of 4ild porn and spreading the word about paedophilia.

Time is now – what is your next move?

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xHamster story-teller wanted!

Dare to say you know xHamster well enough?
Well, prove it! A call for creative writers! Wanna work with xHamster videos and descriptions? Add your funny, extraordinary and crazy twist to our content!

What you need to do:

• Suggest a title and a description for the videos given below:

https://xhamster.com/movies/6692991/real_girl_gets_butt_fucked_by_dude_she... Continue»
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Trick or Treat, be so sweet, give us food to eat

This is a week which brings all the scary and dreadful experiences you`ve been longing for as the myth goes the dead will walk the earth on the 30th of October.

We thought you may be interested in some Halloween data so xHamster team has gathered them up for you from the other world!

- “Vampire” is the most favoured word in Germany, Great Britain, Brazil, France, Italy, Spain, and Mexico. It is also quite popular in USA and India

- The most popular word to search among the citizens of USA is “Halloween”. This word is popular in Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, and... Continue»
Posted by xHamster 9 months ago  |  120

Help victims of Hurricane Matthew!

Hurricane Matthew has already turned out to be the strongest Caribbean storm in a decade.

Recently it has caused tremendous damage in Haiti. Thousands of people have been left without any shelter, with their homes destroyed and hope lost.
If you want to help victims of the deadly storm, here is the list of some organizations you can contribute to:

International Red Cross: over 3,000 volunteers and staff of the Red Cross in Haiti have been mobilized to aid communities in the path of powerful Hurricane Matthew and are prepared to deliver first aid and other medical care, clean wa... Continue»
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Happy World Vegetarian Day!

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In the memory of Michael Kulich

The sorrow of the faithful

is not that of permanent loss,

but the tender sense of sadness

that comes in saying good-bye for now

to someone we love.

May today's sorrow give way

to the peace and

comfort of God's love.

May you rest in peace, Mike.

You shall be missed.

xHamster team

In the memory of Michael Kulich

While we are mourning the loss of our friend, others are rejoicing to meet him behind the veil.
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xHamster presents the New Era of Sex Education!

xHamster launches a new SFW project which will surely bring you an exciting revolution of sex education videos, where we demonstrate the questions everyone`s ever thought of but never dared to ask.

We invited famous influencers and bloggers to share their experience with you.

Get to know the real deal and explore it here.

Posted by xHamster 10 months ago  |  26

xHamstermon caught with the 10 grand win!

Dear xHamsterholics!

xHamstermon panic rush is over – congrats and $10k go to sirbarak!

We appreciate the dedication and effort put looking for it, luckily after spending a week looking through the categories, he located it in the Big Ass where the xHamstermon was hidden.

xHamster team sends out best wishes and congrats to sirbarak on the 10 grand win!!!

You played, we delivered!

On to the next challenge - be ready for it!!!
Posted by xHamster 10 months ago  |  10

Catch xHamstermon – get $10 000!

xHamster, the world’s leader in online adult entertainment has announced it has launched xHamsterland Go!
An online scavenger hunt on its website with a grand prize of $10,000.
The porn giant has created an xHamstermon – cute Pokemon Go like character and hidden it on a randomly selected video page.
The first xHamster user to find this rare "xHamstermon" will be awarded a $10,000 cash prize.

"We have been working on this project since we saw the craze with Pokemon Go! And we thought it wo
... Continue»
Posted by xHamster 10 months ago  |  128

xHamster Continues Rebranding With SFW Cartoon

As millions of users have already noticed a new logo on porn giant xHamster.com, the company has continued its brand makeover by releasing a new SFW Cartoon called xHamsterLand.

xHamsterLand follows the company’s mascot xHamster as he checks in on the best hamster videos from around the web.

An eclectic mix of raw humor, pop culture, and raunchiness gives this new cartoon two paws up.

“We have been in the works on our rebranding strategy all year and xHamsterLand is the cornerstone of this crowdsourced makeover for one of the world’s biggest adult sites,” said Alex Hawkins, spokesm... Continue»
Posted by xHamster 11 months ago  |  8

xHamster Announces New Logo!

As savvy porn fans may have already noticed, the xHamster brand is expanding and that comes along with a badass upgrade for our logo mascot.
"Our audience wants to see our logo evolve because they are connected with our brand, free spirited and wild at heart. That`s why we came up with this simple but sexy new logo version. We never want to become too comfortable with something we did well long ago. We always view our own success as a challenge to see what we can do to become even better and set new levels of accomplishment for xHamster in the future”, said Alexander Hawkins, C... Continue»
Posted by xHamster 11 months ago  |  47

xHamster Goes Brazil!

Hamster is well known for supporting causes and exposing data.

This time we are targeting the Brazilians and covering their porn consumption on xHamster prior to the Olympic games.

Catching the best moments from the beginning till the end.

For instance, since the start of Rio 2016 Olympics xHamster website saw the traffic increase of 2,11% (i.e. 200 000 users).

It is what the Olympic movement is all about, changing the world for the better.

See you all #xhamsterlympics!

Posted by xHamster 11 months ago  |  4

The User is Using xHamster!

Your website should be so simple, a dr^nk person could use it.

Check out Richard Littauer surfing xHamster website while drinking xHamster beer.

Get your gear on and hit the website to check our new daily updated content.

Nice way to double your pleasure and take your hamsterbating experience to a whole new level.

Stay up to date with our social media for new competitions and sexy content.

Don`t miss out on the huge update next week – more to come!

xHamster Team... Continue»
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Debbie Does Bernie

LOS ANGELES, CA – Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been ousted as chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee on the eve of the party's convention. It's an abrupt end to a chairmanship marked by controversy, which came to a head this weekend following revelations from leaked internal emails.

xHamster.com has extended a $50,000 offer to Wasserman Schultz to appear in a film alongside veteran male adult performer Adam Wood in a film called “Debbie Does Bernie”.

“xHamster was shocked at Wasserman Schultz’s actions to try to sabotage Senator Bernie Sanders at the Democratic National Conv... Continue»
Posted by xHamster 12 months ago  |  2

It`s time we treat the heroes

What is wrong with this world? All those American values of democracy, human rights and calls for open society are turning to ashes by the people themselves. Is it the price we pay for living in a free society?

Policemen are heroes who risk their lives every single day to save us from ourselves, to protect this mad world and try to make it a slightly better place.

Our nation`s heroes work hard and deserve a proper THANK YOU for their continued vigilance and sacrifice.

We keep our thoughts on those policemen whose lives have been lost during a protest in downtown Dallas.

xHamster do... Continue»
Posted by xHamster 1 year ago  |  14

xHamster Exposes Republican Porn Viewing Habits!

Republicans are coming for your porn!

Republican delegates adopted an amendment to their draft platform labeling porn a ''public health crisis’'.
The stats below show what the Red States are into. The numbers on the infographic indicate what ranking the state is for porn consumption in the US.

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Pokemons on xHamster 2016

Surprising as it may be, during the first week of July 2016 “pokemon” searches increased at 112% at xhamster.com.
This is the fastest growing search term for the whole xHamster history.

Go Pokemon Go!
Posted by xHamster 1 year ago  |  12

Football draw winners!

Congratulations to all the xHamster people taking part in the voting – you did a great job supporting your favourite teams all the way!
Here is the list of the luckiest fans to get the xHamster beer pack:

Wales vs Portugal:
su_skywalker, lokaso12 and Karsten15

France vs Germany:
tdarblacklick, shadok and zmaster81

Portugal vs France:
bigegoego45, ondorodo, kenzi8

Check your PMs for more details, will you?
[image]http://static.xhcdn.com/image... Continue»
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Organise your messages by filtering them!

Hi dears!

Focused on simplicity and usability, we are constantly improving xHamster website based on your feedback.
Today we added the option which now allows sorting your messages by "Unread". Hope you will find it useful:)

Every little helps – share away your thoughts and ideas – we`ll gladly realise them!

Always yours,
​xHamster Team
Posted by xHamster 1 year ago  |  13

Make your final EURO 2016 prediction!

Take a wild guess – who will become a champion of UEFA EURO 2016?

Win a pack of freshly brewed xHamster beer by making your match predictions!

Congratulations to yesterday`s winners – tdarblacklick, shadok and zmaster81 – check your PMs for more information!

Good luck to the rest of the fans and may the odds be ever in your favour!

Y... Continue»
Posted by xHamster 1 year ago  |  83