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The Miss-adventures of Michelle Section 1, Chapter


... Chapter 5 Memories of the first weekend with the guys and the girls together danced through my mind the following week. My cock strained against the fabric of my shorts as I tried to keep busy… Read more

Posted by Thickness38 1 year ago 1 954 100%

My slutty wife in school with a classmate


... This is a story about how slutty my wife was one day at school while I was at home with the day off. So a couple days ago she told me about how she had been lightly flirting with a guy from her class… Read more

Posted by fisher4890 9 months ago 1 2,813 100%



... 1 hot day I'm at work bored I get an anonymous text frm my ex. "What are doing" said, I replied "nothing at work bored" she ask am I around anybody I say a minute later I get pic of her pussy saying… Read more

Posted by therealfreak90 4 years ago 1 614 100%

Agora é a tua vez....


... Era o realizar de um objetivo… durante anos ansiei, poupei, juntei até que consegui comprar a minha autocaravana. Não sendo um topo de gama vem bastante muito bem equipada. Agora faltava as férias… Read more

Posted by hardfun2you 4 years ago 525 100%

Flugzeuge im Bauch (8)

AnalBDSMLesbian Sex

... MITTVIERZIGERIN BESTRAFT IHRE JUNGE FREUNDIN FÜR DEREN UNGEZOGENHEIT. Zum besseren Verständnis dieser Story solltest du vorher zumindest Teil 7 gelesen haben -> more

Posted by julietbravo 4 years ago 6 2,336 100%

Why Redheads Are Best (Part 1: Intro)

First TimeMasturbation

... This is my tale of why Redheads are best! Best at what you ask? Part 1: Intro It was mid fall. I was 24. I was working many hours a day and when I got home all that was left to do was sl**p… Read more

Posted by Chris-D-R 4 years ago 1 1,419 100%

Star Power

HardcoreInterracial Sex

... A singer, Rob couldn’t believe they’d picked a singer to co-star with him. Hell, his last picture had been nearly dragged down by a no-talent pretty girl, flavor-of-the-month blond. The director had… Read more

Posted by aidan1995 5 years ago 2 773 100%

Saturday Night

Group SexHardcoreMasturbation

... Once Jake (pizza guy) and I had finished fucking in the shower, we walked to my bedroom to see the playpen that Scott had made for us. He had a bunch of candles lit, a flick in the dvd player… Read more

Posted by loloishorny 5 years ago 3 1,137 100%

La nourriture et le sexe [part 3]

FetishHardcoreSex Humor

... Troisième jour... Je me réveilla vers 9h du mat avec une érection totalement inouïe ! Je sentais mon pénis dur comme de la pierre et mes testicules gonflées et lourdes. Je décida l'enlever mon slip… Read more

Posted by Gogo370 4 years ago 907 100%

BBC Gloryhole Adventure

First TimeInterracial SexVoyeur

... by BBCAddict My husband and I had been talking about glory holes and my husband Neil had wanted us to go visit a Glory Hole Club together for a while. I had never been that keen really… Read more

Posted by biguydd 4 years ago 5 2,997 100%

El estudiante

First TimeMatureTaboo

... El estudiante - PHOEBES Ha pasado ya algún tiempo pero aún no logro hacerme a la idea de que sucediera lo que sucedió. Podría decir que fue un impulso. Algo inconsciente. Una reacción propia… Read more

Posted by phoebes 4 years ago 22 2,556 100%

summer fuck


... Given that summer is nice to take a shower before a cold beer or lemonade .... After showering , where they are already licking and search the whole of your body , I'll take you to the bed , where… Read more

Posted by steroidxx 4 years ago 1,031 100%

camino de los infiernos 2ª parte

BDSMFirst TimeHardcore

... Cuando llego la noche yo andaba solo pensando, en lo vivido en los aseos, y con la polla morcillo, con unas ganas locas, que apagarán la luz y hacerme un pajote, pensando en todo lo sucedido… Read more

Posted by infielaratos 3 years ago 736 100%

Geschichten vom Ficken : Sex am Arbeitsplatz


... Wir lagen im liegestuhl im wohnzimmer im radio wurde das thema sex am arbeitsplatz behandelt.da erzählte mir meine frau über ihr erlebnis mit ihrem chef. sie arbeitet in einer arztpraxis… Read more

Posted by didu812 7 years ago 1 1,754 100%

Bad Swing Experience part 3

BDSMGroup SexTaboo

... Bad Swing Experience – Part 3 It was a good thing she was in such good physical condition. She does teach aerobics at the gym and works out every day. That accounts for her fantastic body for a woman… Read more

Posted by Greg1953 6 years ago 1 1,674 100%

Her - Where did she come from...


... "Hard Eight" was the call from the dealer, cheers went up and the table got paid. It was pure excitement, the table was hot... a crowd gathered to watch, the stick man passed the dice back to me… Read more

Posted by dood35 6 years ago 2 772 100%

My King's Day. Part 2


... My Kings Day. Part 2 As we showered together we touch. Enjoying the act of feeling each others body. He pushes me back, so my back is on the back wall in the shower. His 6'3" frame tower over my… Read more

Posted by submizzive 4 years ago 1 874 100%

Premier jour de vacances (Episode III)


... De retour au bungalow, alors que je suis sous la douche, je repense à nos séances coquines de la matinée. Faut-il que nous soyons fougueux pour ainsi risquer de nous faire prendre. A deux reprises… Read more

Posted by sophiemarc06 4 years ago 4 699 100%

For all of the straight perverts out there...OR...

First TimeMature

... Part 1 I live in the north of England ,the following story is for all of those people who have visited the lake district especially around pooley bridge & ullswater .I won’t name the place… Read more

Posted by LarTheHalfFoot 4 years ago 1,555 100%


Sex Humor

... 1. Cut your finger nails! This is such a simple little thing, but it goes a long way. You will be hard pressed to find any area on her body more sensitive than her vagina (inside and out… Read more

Posted by manaliheel 4 years ago 1,017 100%