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Storia di due ragazzi - Capitolo die

First TimeGay Male

... Capitolo Due Enrico e Matt presero della Coca cola, riempirono un piatto di hamburger e ritornarono a sedere sul divano, con gli uccelli semi duri che sbandieravano nei boxer. Nella mente… Read more

Posted by aramis45 1 year ago 2,624 100%

Sex Ed 101 by loyalsock

Group SexLesbian SexMature

... Helen Boyer glanced up at the clock on the classroom wall and with a couple of hard raps on her desk with the butt end of a ruler, quickly brought her fifth period Human Sexuality and f****y Planning… Read more

Posted by loyalsock 2 years ago 3,067 100%

Tami, My office manager, Part IV


... It’s probably apparent I’m hot for Tami, even if she’s not a beauty queen model look. She’s down to earth, has the right curvy and in and out bits and she likes her dose of cock, which I’m happily… Read more

Posted by badasian 4 years ago 912 100%

Na het korfballen - 5

First TimeGroup SexLesbian Sex

... 5. Yogalerares Anne was tevreden. Alle vriendinnen van haar dochter Judith die vanavond op het slaapfeestje waren, stonden helemaal open voor de lesbische lust, die zij ook op die leeftijd had leren… Read more

Posted by john30adam 3 years ago 3 1,167 100%

Felici e contenti (leggere prima "Il Matrimon

First TimeSex Humor

... Ho chiuso la porta, il Liga sta finendo di cantare. Ti guardo, sei ancora più bella di oggi e di ieri, sei affascinante, una meraviglia. Indossi una felpa , dei leggins tipo tuta, un paio di converse… Read more

Posted by ululiulula 1 year ago 2 1,567 100%

Dress up with my s****r priya part 1

First TimeMasturbationTaboo

... This all happened when my s****r was 18 and I was four years younger. I was starting to have sexual feelings for girls and couldn't resist staring when a girl with a nice body walked by. My dick would… Read more

Posted by akashuk 2 years ago 4,690 100%

Ready to Please


... Pat loved her man. She mostly loved to please him a lot. She loved sucking his big cock and he loved that she was so good and could suck him for hours. Today he walked naked in the room with his cock… Read more

Posted by koksukker 3 years ago 655 100%

3 Sara Ficken Geschichten hier =


... Montagmorgen. Sie öffnete gespannt den weißen Karton, den sie gerade zugestellt bekommen hatte. Drei große asiatische Schriftzeichen zierten den Deckel. Darin befand sich ein Paar weißer, hoher… Read more

Posted by igermanx 3 years ago 1,087 100%

Eat My Heart Out

First TimeMasturbationSex Humor

... I sat down on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn in my hands. The hot bowl felt nice against the bare skin of my belly, since I was only wearing the usual sports bra and boyshorts. Dylan, my… Read more

Posted by bi-lover88 3 years ago 1 1,693 100%

New Girl

Lesbian Sex

... Mary is 19 her first day at school first time away from home. Her mom and dad helped her move in two days ago but now it was real no one to fall back on. Thing went pretty good till History… Read more

Posted by shotguner 3 years ago 3,068 100%

For Kristen with thanks

BDSMInterracial SexTaboo

... I still do not know where he went but he came back with a travel bag full of clothes. I suspected he saw you Kristen. About a half hour before making the front door he called, wanted to be sure I… Read more

Posted by andrea0817 2 years ago 1,074 100%

handi man 2

First Time

... Fred stopped wanking his cock and played with his erect nipples,teasing them with hi finger tips,pulling them stretching them to there limits,making them very sensative.This made his cock so sensative… Read more

Posted by greentomato 2 years ago 1,300 100%

Suzy's Squirt Hole Exploration

FetishFirst TimeHardcore

... This is from an email I got from Mistress Suzy about her and her new fuck toy. This is the entire email - 100% from her. You can see why we get along! LOL Ok so here's my story I've been… Read more

Posted by lrjustaguy 4 years ago 2 1,519 100%

Damian y su amigovia

AnalMatureGroup Sex

... Damián y su amigovia Dos semanas después de la tremenda fiesta con los amigos de mis vecinos, todavía me dolía todo el cuerpo. La cola me ardía y sentía que no podía meterme ni un dedo en mi concha… Read more

Posted by Anitaslut44 1 year ago 2,128 100%

The shopping trip


... Cass exchanged a long slow kiss with her husband as they sat in the car park of the shopping centre , it was broad day light and cass still kept an eye out for anyone coming to close to the car… Read more

Posted by cass35uk 3 years ago 6 2,228 100%

En voyage à l'étranger (histoir


... Il y a peu je suis aller à Hong Kong pour le travail. C'est déjà la 4e fois que je vais la bas et j'ai bien sympathisé avec les personnes qui travail sur place. Dont Aurélie avec qui j'ai déjà… Read more

Posted by gronico1 2 years ago 2,482 100%

Op vakantie met een cam vriend - Deel 5

AnalGay MaleHardcore

... Na de geweldige middag zitten we nu heerlijk te eten bij een restaurant. Iedereen is nog in extase van wat er die middag heeft afgespeeld en daardoor praten we in het begin weinig en kijken we elkaar… Read more

Posted by xstyle69er 4 years ago 1 918 100%

Bakici Kadin - 3

AnalFirst TimeMature

... Daha önce Bakici Kadin ve Bakici Kadin-2 adıyla bebek bakıcımız Necla ile yaşadıklarımızı anlatmıştım. Bu sefer size o güzel götünü nasıl siktiğimi anlatacağım. Karım şüphelenmesin diye bu sefer… Read more

Posted by dynosis 4 years ago 2,985 100%

io e alby - parte 1

First TimeMasturbationTaboo

... premessa: questo è la prima volta che scrivo. perdonate lo stile. tutti i racconti sono storie vere. prossimamente cercherò d postare foto! io e alby ci vediamo solo d'estate perchè io abito… Read more

Posted by jimmica90 4 years ago 1,267 100%

visiting a friend

FetishFirst TimeMature

... I call by one day on the off chance you are in, just to see how you have been keeping, and find you busy doing the ironing and laundry, you great me with a massive cuddle and make me feel that you… Read more

Posted by charlesgibson21 4 years ago 3 1,025 100%