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Chris Grffin pt 2

FetishSex HumorTaboo

... I climbed out of bed, yawning. It was Monday -brilliant. Everybody's favourite day, I don't think. At least I wouldbe able to see Clio and her s****r, my crush Jennifer again - they had been… Read more

Posted by wsgy411 3 years ago 1,090 100%

THE SHOPPING CENTRE - A "by request" sto

First TimeGroup Sex

... It was just after lunchtime and the arcade was quite busy with lots of people doing their weekend shopping. Pieter and Silva met in the little cafe they had agrees to use, when they had got talking… Read more

Posted by yachtmasteruk 4 years ago 3 1,327 100%

Agnes Sweet Dreams

AnalGroup SexHardcore

... Agnes slipped into her bed tired from the events of the day. She had spent the last couple of hours halfheartedly teasing her boyfriend Michael and his cousin Daniel. Somehow the three of them ended… Read more

Posted by YellowTowel 4 years ago 2 1,909 100%

Oink Oink

AnalGay MaleShemales

... It was a typical early morning. I always check my messages first, from the porno-social site which I belong to, then check the friends invitations, look over the “news” from the site before… Read more

Posted by prairieFreak13 4 years ago 6 1,856 100%

Me and John's Nan


... 9 years after we 1st fucked, June and I got together again. It was a few days before I was due to get married and I was at home and te door nell rang I opened the door and June was standing… Read more

Posted by Luv2fbfuked 4 years ago 2 3,273 100%

Great Life in School

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

... That summer in 1975 I had discovered my Dads Porno stash. Three super 8 reels of hardcore sex. I had viewed them over and over and I knew every frame of intense pleasurable raw sex. They were made… Read more

Posted by kbking70 4 years ago 7 5,208 100%

Geile Motorradtour

AnalBDSMFirst Time

... Am Sonntag bin ich mit meinem Motorrad unterwegs gewesen. An einem Bikertreff machte ich halt um einen Kaffee zu trinken. Am Nebentisch saß eine etwa 55 jährige Frau.Sie schaute 8mmer… Read more

Posted by biker1504 4 years ago 4 3,434 100%

A lot of u ask how.. me and Kejala make it work


... I got with my dom back in Dec 23,2012. Did not know i would hit a hard spot in a hardship, when I came to polly. When I came into polly I didn’t really think that I would have to really share my dom… Read more

Posted by VampGirl09 4 years ago 374 100%

The Chronicles of Krystal - My First Time

First Time

... Hey I'm Krystal. I am now 18 years old. Im 5 feet 6 inches, 40 D, black layered hair, and green eyes. I and going to tell you about my life. Let's start off with my first sexual experience… Read more

Posted by rime923091 6 years ago 1,001 100%

video fun

Interracial SexMasturbation

... Hello again, ive been flicking through M's diary again, to be honest Ive been encouraged by the response i ahe had to the stories so far, its good that some of you appreciate them. It also gives me… Read more

Posted by roman64 6 years ago 5 1,368 100%

the real me part three

Gay MaleShemalesTaboo

... Just then the phone rang and mom handed to me it was Mike he said that he couldn't belive it was me he seen at the store.I told him yes it was,then asked if he wanted to still be friends.He asked… Read more

Posted by cdpaula 6 years ago 4 1,469 100%

Hooters Girl Fantasy


... You work as a waitress at a local Hooters. I’ve been coming in to visit you on your shifts because of the way your curves fill out your uniform. There’s been some innocent flirtation but nothing… Read more

Posted by HornyAndy714 3 years ago 1,111 100%

Vegas birthday gift

AnalGroup SexVoyeur

... My wife gave me a pleasant surprise last week when she informed me my birthday present was a weekend in Vegas. We’ve both been working hard since college and I was looking forward to blowing off… Read more

Posted by bufffreak 3 years ago 4,930 100%

mi primer cogida vestida de mujer


... Mi gran secreto es, que durante el día sobretodo los fines de semana soy un hombre, delgado de pelo largo 33 años, estoy totalmente depilado, aunque no lo exhibo, varonil, sin plumerío… Read more

Posted by karlaguadalupe 3 years ago 4 1,741 100%

Time at Home


... My room is small, but comfortably furnished. A small desk and chair in the corner, a large wardrobe opposite. Its mirrored doors reflect our image as we sit side-by-side on the black sheets of my… Read more

Posted by fishyninja 4 years ago 855 100%

Freshman hookup turns into a surprise facial finis

FetishFirst TimeHardcore

... I was a freshman (1st year) student at my university, and I noticed a cute girl in my psychology class. I wouldn’t call her hot or gorgeous, but she had a cute innocence about her. She had brown hair… Read more

Posted by matt_good 4 years ago 1,284 100%



... I smoothed down the front of my piny. My uniform was looking sharp today. Mistress told me I must look my best for this special day. But that’s all the information I had been given. I picked… Read more

Posted by littlebiker 5 years ago 1 1,109 100%

Petit extra...a nouveau...

AnalGay MaleMature

... Cela faisait deux jours de suite que cette même personne revenait pour des informations sur sa tablette... Et visiblement il était contant de mes renseignements et attendait que je soit libre… Read more

Posted by dole1st 4 years ago 1 2,431 100%

sexy interlude


... i think i hear you say not to stop, but my ears are covered by your thighs and im too busy loving your pussy to care. im grabbing and squeezing your ass cheeks as i shove my tongue as far in as i can… Read more

Posted by fredwardj 6 years ago 782 100%

the Black limo

Interracial Sex

... Jim, my wife and I recently had an incredible experience that we thought you might enjoy reading about and if you'd like you can upload this story on your Wife Watch Collection. Maybe… Read more

Posted by alex_wd 5 years ago 1,733 100%