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Shoplyfter - Sexy Teen Learns Lesson After Stealing

4 months ago

Suspect refused search of backpak. LP officer found merchandise that could not be explained by suspect. Strip search then commenced and no further merchandise was found.

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Hey "smartbomb", your comments say something about YOU jackass. If you see them as crying, it must be because that is what YOU want, the rest of us normal people see them as enjoying themselves. You protest just a little too much.
2 months ago
You're a fag smartbomb, go die.
3 months ago
to tehn: No shit it's not real life, its not even real porn. This series relies on a horrible plotline, acting, even the entire premise is garbage.
I don't even understand what you mean, "they made her meat pussy and big ass hard not limp" ?? WTF.
If it's your dick they made hard, I would assume you'd get hard watching the golden girls too.

Enjoy this crap, they are going to chop this clip up into 20 different versions that will be spammed upon us for the next few months from their other spam accounts.. ie, SHOPLYFTERX, TEENSHOPLIFTERS, THIEFX etc. The producers of this shit are wasting all of our time and clogging xham with same ol shit.

I hope you paid for the 50 minute download.
It's already been posted here on xham.
to smartbomb: I downloaded the 50 minute version, it's not real life. The woman has a meat pussy and big ass they made hard not limp.
to o_ntonis: I agree, I'd love her bouncing on my cock.
Βeautiful girl and excellent ass.
3 months ago
3 months ago
If watching a girl pretending to cry doesn't make you immediately limp... kill yourself right now.
4 months ago