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Police-CMNF Examination

6 years ago
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to Tallstrongdom: Yes, first search her thoroughly and then send her to be punished.
to Tallstrongdom: A woman is born to be used this way.
to Anne74: I would thoroughly enjoy it. Relishing her humiliation.
to Tallstrongdom: Because you will inspect her much more thoroughly. Her naked body is all yours.
to qester: I will happily take on this task.
to Anne74: I would take a lot more than 4:18 mins to inspect her.
to qester: Your wife will be lucky.
to Tallstrongdom: I envy her for this.
to Tallstrongdom: They should search my wife like this before she gets punished.
to Tallstrongdom: Yes, the way it should be. No rights at all for her.
to qester: A wonderfully humiliating experience for her.
All women should be strip searched like her.
1 year ago
if this was ever real they should be getting cancer on the balls
5 years ago
double team her
6 years ago
6 years ago