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Petites filles Au Bordel (1980)

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Open Nightly (1980)

Also Known As
- Dodo Petites filles au bordel (French DVD reissue by Blue One -- only 74 minutes)
- Dream Girls in a Brothel (Alpha France English title)
- Petites filles au bordel (French original released by Alpha France)

Scene 1. girl, Mandarine, Sophie Guers, Unknown Female 202797-A, Claude Frank, guy, Unknown Male 202797-A
Scene 2. girl, Sophie Duflot, Henry Darbac, Hubert Geral
Scene 3. Frederique, Tommy Taylor
Scene 4. Marilyn Jess, Etienne Jaumillot, Peter Von Inge
Scene 5. Sophie Duflot, Dominique Aveline
Scene 6. Julia Perrin, Cathy Stewart
Scene 7. Cathy Stewart, Hubert Geral
Scene 8. Julia Perrin, Cathy Stewart, Unknown Female 202797-B, Claude Frank, Jean-Pierre Armand, Richard Lemieuvre
Scene 9. Julia Perrin, Christine Lodes, Hubert Geral, Michel de Nyokinos
Scene 10. Julia Perrin, Jean-Pierre Armand
Scene 11. Julia Perrin, Sophie Duflot, Jean-Pierre Armand, Richard Lemieuvre
Scene 12. Julia Perrin, Sophie Duflot, Unknown Female 202797-C, Cyril Val
Scene 13. Cathy Stewart, Santos Cartier
Scene 14. Julia Perrin
Scene 15. Julia Perrin, Claude Frank
Scene 16. Julia Perrin, guy

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great! I love MJ
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great! one of the all time best! thx a lot!
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