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Mandy Majestic and Sillk Hate This Site!

3 years ago

Mandy shooting with Sillk at BBW fanfest. Free porn being their bugbear

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Porn will always be free fuck these hoez
12 months ago
I totally agree!! Support w/$ these SSBBW & BBW !!!
1 year ago
Good and true video but Mandy is more real
2 years ago
You've all got no idea how much traffic this video has got today! Like silly figures, 2,953 already. Compared to some other vids I posted that's phenomenal. Seems porn stars saying they hate it here gets people's interest lol
3 years ago
to gwensational: Indeed!
You know the one site I would genuinely think about putting money down for? 'Ultimate Surrender' (yeah I know, not everyone's thing lol). That is what I think of when someone says Hardcore pornography!
But I wouldn't have known about the site at all if not for people putting the stuff online for free (the previews are shit and incredibly short).

As a wrestling fan, porn fan, rough fan and lover of the lesbian, it's perfect and very different from any other site I know of. I know that during one match a girl legit broke a rib and they had to stop filming but I'm pretty sure she still sat in on the after part, THAT'S fucking hardcore!
From my understanding, they get royalties based on their subscriptions. PlumperPass is okay, but they have the same formula for their videos, so they tend to be boring. And they hit you with all sorts of hidden charges when you subscribe to those bigger sites. And then the smaller sites use all sorts of shady ways to milk more money from you.

I prefer more of the amateur SSBBW porn that floats around, but SSBBW anything is pulled pretty quickly around here. I get it though, they need to make money off their videos. Most of them do it as a full time gig.
3 years ago
Oh and fans who do support BBW performers will naturally always turn to free sites when the industry gets greedy. Naming no names but I bought a custom from one extremely well known and high profile BBW star who is of Mandy and Sillk's ilk last Jan at $50...I'm still waiting for it. I last heard from her this Jan...but a dozen or so emails since from me have been completely ignored.
3 years ago
to bland1245789: It's all just so superficial. It's a shame as the talent could be there, if people behind the camera allow a more naturalistic playing. Like I say I really like Mandy I think she's very pretty and with a great luscious body but I always have to turn the sound down on her vids! LOL
to cypherdeous: LOL! Sillk certainly couldn't make a career as an interviewer...not with the lack of interest in the interviewee and the constant messing about with the camera that's for sure!
LOL "don't go to" when Mandy has her own little account on this very site, perhaps Sillk could try being a stand up comedian if her current career choice fails :p
3 years ago
to gwensational: Actually yeah I'll take that I was partly wrong on that one, I am exempt so I forgot that other do still need to pay in some cases.

I mean I could have made a point that Americans or indeed anyone with perfectly straight bleached white teeth look unnatural, but you know :P
to specialgueststar: Ha yeah, no offense to them but I think the problem is more with the industry than the girls that are in it. Unless something changes we'll keep getting the same shit (the points made in my comment below I mean).
to bland1245789: PS, don't get me wrong I like her but her moans - I hear you
to bland1245789: To be fair, here in the UK dental work is free if you're exempt, but if you're working you still have to pay for most cases, but I totally agree and that point did make my chuckle
to bland1245789: Couldn't agree more dude. I like BBWs, but the amateur BBWs are just as good. I can walk down my street and see 5 women who look like Mandy Majestic - these girls are definitely nothing special.
"It's like, go to the dentists and ask for free work lolz" - In the UK it is free so sucks to be you ;D

Tips for pro porn? Stop fake moaning every 2 seconds even during a position change (seriously haha) and using the same shitty formula over and over for every scene, you MIGHT get more money.
3 years ago