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La puberte sensuelle (1983)

8 days ago

Beautiful classic hardcore french porn with lots fo group sex

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to Stellar_: I’ll be checking that one out then, this was great. The shaving scene and girlie threesome were fabulous
to robertsechrest: It's avalibe in Tubepornclassic.
to Stellar_: thanks. do you know where i can watch it online?
to robertsechrest: You're right. There is not much information about her either.

Anyway, she really looks like a schoolgirl here.

If you like this theme, I recommend you "Les 14 ans D'Aurelie". It is a very similar movie.
to Stellar_: La Puberté sensuelle

- Released: 1983
- Director: Michel Ricaud
- Notes: Laura Video Productions, 70 minutes, phot: Georges Coulombe

Alternate Titles
- Schoolgirl Tricks 1986 German version, 58 minutes, Color Climax, Blue Climax 466

- Anna Lombardi plays une lycéenne (a schoolgirl)
- Lydie Marlene plays une lycéenne (a schoolgirl)
- Marie-Christine Lourdesse as Christine Verger, plays la fille (the daughter)
- Sandy Wilson plays la mère (the mother)

Males -
- Jacques Marbeuf plays le père (the father)
Eric Dray as Sylvain Ray plays l'amant (the lover)
Corado Martini plays un ami de l'amant (a friend of the lover)
Geremy Teel plays un ami de l'amant (a friend of the lover)
Bob Oroff plays le satyre (the satyr)

to Stellar_: yep i looked for the rest of her vids but sadly she didn't feature in many at all. like a couple others. a lot of these videos you listed are reused footage.
to robertsechrest: According to EGAFD, her name is or was Marie-Christine Lourdesse and she made a few more films: "Les 7 Pécheresses", "Fantasmes pornos d'une novice en chaleur", "Fesses trop belles, petits trous forcés", "Humidités secrètes pour mouilleuses précoces", "Petits culs vierges pour gros vicieux" and "Pucelles chaudes et ouvertes pour folies sensuelles."
7 days ago
what a classic. i only wish the main girl had done more films.
8 days ago
I love this movie so much.
8 days ago