karen gets fucked by coworkers

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i love black cock

Published by liz_sucks
2 years ago
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I've been her before :smile:
to lvdb23 : Dude it's over for Me I knew that when I was in High School, and no Girls had anything to do with Me I'm ugly and I'm man enough to admit it and I am also man enough to admit that I'll probably never get to have or enjoy sex because of My small penis it is what it is and there's nothing I can do about it No Women likes or wants a ugly small penis man it's over for Me 
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to Aaron_Spencer41 : https://youtu.be/E3L7UragAk8
found this randomly but the point is that given the hand faith has clearly dealt you, you didn't have to just accept it
and for the record, no i don't have one, no i am not a virgin but I do sympathise given how you can't help what you were born with, but can help doing something about it,

+ in the end your poor me attitude is the exact thing every single girl is turned off by, 
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to lvdb23 : Like I said surgery is out of the question because I don't have the money for it, and I don't want some tube inside my penis because deep down I would know that's not the real Me it would be a fake penis and once a woman would find out My penis is fake and my real penis is really small, she would not wanna have sex with Me because I wouldn't have enough inches to satisfy Her with so I might as well give up and accept the fact I am probably going to be alone for the rest of My life and end up dying alone because Women just ain't that interested in Me otherwise I wouldn't be a 43 year old virgin whose never been on a date or had a girlfriend or even My first kiss yet.
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to Aaron_Spencer41 : if you don't care nobody else will, also penuma does indeed add a lot, it inserts a tube which permanently increases your size, it is not a standard surgery where they simply pull out part of your penis that was internal, 

but dude, you are doing the least attractive thing possible, giving up
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to lvdb23 : Dude surgery is out of the question because I don't have the money for it and what I've heard it only adds maybe an inch if I'm lucky which means I would still be small so it would be a waste of time for me to get surgery. Prostitutes ain't going to happen because believe it or not but I do have morals and values and I'm sorry, but My morals and values won't let Me sink that low as to pay for sex Yours might but mine won't, so I guess to summarize the whole thing I'm pretty much doomed to be alone single dateless and sexless because no woman wants a small penis man like Myself Guys like Me should not have been born We are mother nature's cruel joke and rejects 
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to nove354 : dude, it is greatly exagerated but I know black guys try a lot more, and they act like the right type for it, many white guys do that to, also why not go to east asia, apparantly somewhat handsome white guys do well there
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to Aaron_Spencer41 : just spend the money for surgery, penuma should work or just go to prostitutes 

if it turns out that the cause is lack of testosterone treatment with testosterone has apparantly fixed the issue, weird as it may sound, 

stretching is ultimately bs, you can stretch it temporarily but you probably just dammage tissue in the long run, 

seriously man at the end of the day you are one of the few cases where having that surgery is worth the 10 k o so it would cost, but don't think doing it wil simply make girls jump you or anything, you need to work on yourself on all levels and in fact just doing that could well get you a woman anyway, you can please a woman with your fingers, tongue, there is a gel that gives women insane sensitivity and quick hard orgasms, 

basically, it is on you at this point, you choose to live feeling you are worthless because you are not doing the utmost to change that, 
if I were you I would start with perhaps going to prostitutes and getting some experience at least, and maybe if you have done that getting a surgery, I hope you are at least have some economic success by now because I don't think you are redeemable if you don't even have that, sorry to say it

I sympathise though, you are not out of the game yet, fight, go to the gym just do something and keep doing it
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LOOL 🤣🤣🤣🤣
to Nylon-Muschi-Freund : Sounds like you crave black cock. Most white guys that go on with this type stuff are the ones that actually want to take a dick.
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