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Dumb, but funny porn comedy
Woodyanders9 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Satan (robustly overplayed with gloriously hammy brio by Paul Dodge) sends his two sons to Earth so they can corrupt beautiful young women and take their tainted souls to Hell.

Director Al Mamar keeps the enjoyably silly story zipping along at a brisk pace and maintains a blithely inane tone throughout. The sex scenes are fairly hot and explicit, with the sequence in which an eager virgin (adorable petite fox Suzanne Fields) goes all the way for the first time rating as the definite arousing highlight. A dynamic nude dance by tasty (and aptly named) brunette Lotta Goodbody likewise seriously sizzles. Kudos are also in order for cute buxom blonde Judy Angel and pretty brown-haired gal Anna Travers. Ron Darby and John McGaughtery chew the scenery with giddy abandon as Satan's sons. The rough cinematography, cheap sets, cornball film library score, and cut-rate (less than) special effects all give this flick a certain lovably asinine appeal. A dippy hoot.
2 months ago
The Devil's Sons Seduced!
Hans-566 November 2009
In hell the devil and his two sons are enjoying their daily portion of torturing women. Then the devil receives a message: the next shipment of souls is smaller, for some people were considered to be good after a new examination. The devil sends his sons to earth to investigate and to corrupt as many women as they can. But the modern women turn the parts and seduce the devil's sons.

This is the storyline. It may sound ridiculous, but it is not as ridiculous as the movie itself. Cheaply made, no script, no money to pay actors, cameramen or other crew apparently. The porn is ridiculous as well. In most scenes explicit action is nowhere around. But then suddenly there are a few hard core scenes. After which it is back to soft core. And it doesn't look like the hard core scenes were added later. So whoever edited this movie (or directed it) couldn't make up his mind what to produce: the worst comedy of all time, or the worst hard core porn movie of all times.

The version I saw was the one published by Something Weird Video and ran for just 49 minutes. There were no credits at the beginning, nor at the end. I didn't recognize any of the actors. And this movie is so bad, that I even don't want to know who are in this monstrosity.

Thanks to firms like Something Weird Video we can enjoy the sleaze and camp from the '60's, '70's and '80's. But there was no need whatsoever to dig up this flick. Neither porn lovers nor camp or sleaze lovers will be interested in this mess really.

I rate this one 1 out of 10, mainly because that is as low as I can go here on the IMDb.
2 months ago
Pretty Bad Porno Film
Michael_Elliott26 October 2016
Hotter Than Hell (1971)

* 1/2 (out of 4)

Ultra cheap porno has Satan and his two boys getting it on with women in Hell. The women are tortured with dildos but soon the old man decides to send his boys up to Earth where they have sex with countless other women.

HOTTER THAN HELL is a pretty darn bad movie no matter how you look at it. If you're a fan of these 70's pornos then you know that there were several hundred made for no money and they were just meant to be shown in a theater for a week or two and that was it. This film here doesn't have too much story and the horror elements are minor but at the same time you'd think that the filmmakers would have at least delivered on the sex. Well, they certainly didn't because this was one of the most poorly filmed pornos that I've ever seen. The entire thing is quite ugly and the cinematography is poor. In fact, they show so little that they might as well had made this a simulated film.
2 months ago
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