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FILF - My StepDaughter Needs to Learn How to Fuck

1 year ago

Tia's mom wants her daughter to go to school to learn, but first she needs to get fucked hard, and end up with a face, and cunt full of sperm.

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Kiss that ass! Xxx
5 months ago
Bombe :-) vg Christian
9 months ago
Love the knee-high socks on the young babe. She has a great innocent look but is a dirty slut nonetheless.
10 months ago
Great women. Very hot stuff
10 months ago
to tutje: Daz-rite, Tutje !!!! This nurd gurl is so cute in her nerdy dress, eyeglasses, plain Jane hair, with the minimal makeup look. On the other hand, she suddenly acted waay too experienced... like she knew exactly what to do next... to make sex more pleasurable.
......! ( ͡°__ ͡° ) !......
She's been there before. Disappointing, IYKWIM?
.....? (°╭_╮°) ?.....
Anyone know of any videos that more realistically play out this high concept? ...of virgin who wants to learn how... to enjoy sexual pleasure? ...in a safe haven? ...with a guy who is clean and safe? ...and a gentle teacher?
..... ? (°╭‿╮°) ? ......
Playin' the inexperienced nurd gurl role, that Lain O. girl did some really intense video with the Diesel guy and his crew. They took this high concept and ran away with it... but they could've gone further, IMHO. (PM me, if you want details.) Lain really played like she was innocent, but wantin' to be tutored by experienced guys. More interesting, she, as a white girl, was seeking a bunch of guys who were completely outside of any circles, who might know her. So... she went over to the dark side... of town, to find some BBC. Yikes!
.....! (⌾ _ ⌾) !.....
She was comfortable with Diesel and da'guys, who were completely removed from any circles of friends, acquaintances, and any other people who might know her. Better yet, they were thrilled to keep everything on the Q.T., in order to enjoy repeat visits from her. It's quite a fantasy, an enhancement of the high concept. That is, sexually innocent girl wants to be tutored, in the arts of love, in secret. In her immediate circles, no-one must know, that she is no longer a virgin. Perhaps she attends a rather strict boarding school? Oh my!
......! ( ͡° 。 ͡° ) !......
There are many other plot devices or MacGuffins that could be introduced. One that I have never seen, is vaginal dilators. That is, a graduated set of dildos, from virgin preppy half inch diameter, out to a diameter of two inches... all with plenty of lube, and an optional vibrator attachment. Yikes! But just what a nurd gurl vurgin needs. N'cest pas?
...... ?( ͡° ͜ ͡° )? ......
And... some dilators can be mounted on the legendary Sybian vibrating saddle. Mon dieu!
.... ! (°╭‿╮°) ! ....
And the eager pupil might encounter a pierced cock, adorned with barbell jewelry that puts bumpy studs on the sides of the shaft, or slides along the length. She might enjoy changing the barbell end pieces, to try out different shapes, for different sensations.
......!(◠ 。◠) ! .....
Anyone seen any videos with this high concept? Or are there any producers out there who might want to explore a new niche market?
......? ( ͡°__ ͡° ) ?......
They are both hot
1 year ago
Probably not ;-)
1 year ago
I don't think she needed teaching ;-)
1 year ago