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FILF Mommy Shows me How Its Done

2 months ago

Dana DeArmond has a rough time resisting huge cocks and lucky her, her daughter Yhivi really knows how to pick em. She teaches her daughter just how to make a massive dick shoot it’s load all over.

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to marco_191: just think, he gets up everyday and does porn. 
J'ai bien aimé ça........grande vidéo !!!
1 month ago
2 months ago
2 months ago
Lol, that's a ugly cock for sure.... to long and thin
2 months ago
to Arbeitslos: family... got it
to marco_191: That IS a paradox, Marco. Twinkie Man is a ghost from the past. Hard to believe that back in the 1970s, his very masculine (LOL) hairstyle was widespread... rather ubiquitous. At a US military base, I saw OCS (Officer Candidate Students) wear such hair... but not for long... no pun intended.
(。°‿◠ 。)
Perhaps, Twinkie Man is trying to send a message, that "my cock is so BIG and long-lasting, I can style my appearance as effeminate as I want... and still get girls."
......! ( ͡° ͜ ͡° ) !......
Back in the 1970s, men's magazines would compete with raunchy stories and "documentary" non-fiction, about bi-sexual and effeminate men who would nail anything with two legs... mebbee your wife. Were such legends fact? ...or myth?
......? [ °__° ] ?......
That was before HIV-AIDS or herpes surfaced. (sigh!) Now, you can't be too careful. The effeminate look on a man might be a sign of danger! in what the public health experts term, a bi-sexual bridge, or vector!
......! ( °__° ) !......
to PantyBanger: Daz rite, PantyBanger! AND... Thanks, FILF !!! This particular buxom petite girl is so alluring... short but shapely legs and arms, with a bodaciously thick torso and tits. I love to hear her cries of pleasure, and watch her facial expressions of "agony yet ecstasy". Anyone else see or hear that? Or am I a hopeless fetishist? ...acousticophiliac?
......? ( °__° ) ?......
And I love her incongruous pairing with that weird guy, whom Marco called "Twinkie Man". That pairing adds a bit of erotic mystery. What does she see in him? OMG... it's the big cock... a long, AND long-lasting cock... plenty of time for her (and mom) to enjoy several female orgasms.
......! (。◠__◠ 。) !......
Hey Guys! Don'cha love it at 3:50, when daughter gets cock-drunk with pleasure, from gettin plowed in doggy? But mom needs to tell daughter, several times, "Don't run from that big dick, Don't run from that big dick!"
.....!(^ 。^ )! ....
And at 5minutes, the switch from daughter to mother IZ so hot! ...fave fantasy is to see a mom and daughter share... whomever! LOL!
.... ! (°╭‿╮°) ! ....
I love to see a sexually liberated mother encourage her daughter to enjoy... responsibly!!! (LOL) ...and safely. IMHO, these mother-daughter videos could really be kicked up a notch, in sexual intensity, if mom discussed how to enjoy sex responsibly, with a man who is clean and safe. That is, he has had a vas, to eliminate any chance of pregnancy. And... he plays only with mom, and a few other trustworthy girls. He has been tested and can be trusted, to be clean of any STDs.
......! ( ͡° ͜ ͡° ) !......
Or... is that level of realism a turn-off, for most guys?
...... ?( °__° )? ......
Just wonderin' why that kind of dialog, sexual tension and subtext never appears in any sexually explicit video. Or has it?
......? ( ͡°__ ͡° ) ?......
Anyone care to share your thoughts? ...opinions?
The little one is cute as a button, and really enjoys what she's doing. I'd love to see her rectum reamed...
2 months ago
to aaachteren: Hey, Aaachteren !!! AFAICT, FILF means, in its narrow sense, a "Father I’d Like to Fuck", the Seinfeldian opposite sense of MILF.
..... ? (°╭‿╮°) ? .....
Or less specifically, FILF might mean a "Family I (wood) Like to Fuck". YIKES! Entire family?
.....! (⌾ _ ⌾) !.....
Anyone else know of any other meanings?
..... ? (°╭‿╮°) ? .....
what´s FILF?
2 months ago
Just think, that twinkie man gets up every day, looks in the mirror and says yeah, my hair looks good.
2 months ago