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Femmes Seules Pour Un Dragueur - 1982

3 months ago
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Another Great Classic!!!
2 months ago
I love this video
2 months ago
to mantle5: thanks for Carole Pierac etc.

Femmes seules pour dragueurs
- Released: 1982
- Director: Jean-Claude Roy as Patrick Aubin
Alternate Titles
- Désirs de femmes Alpha France VHS title, 1 hr 15 mins
- Femmes seules pour un dragueur original title according to the back of the Tabu DVD
- Rapporti Italian title
- Reise in's Zentrum der Lust Beate Uhse Platinum Video release on-screen title and Tabu DVD on-screen title
- Reise ins Zentrum der Lust DVD available Tabu DVD title


Carole Pierac as Fabienne Parc, one of the couple in the car
Claudia van Statt as Karine Risser for the role of Aline, plays Jean's wife, Marie Ange, and Aline
Diane Suresne as Diane Martin, plays Chantal
Isabelle Brell as Isabelle Bresles, plays Violette
Masha [3] as Masha or uncredited (depending on version), plays the girl in the porn cinema
Patricia uncredited, plays a participant in the final orgy whose face is never clearly seen

Males include -

Dominique Aveline plays Jean
Jacky Arnal plays one of the couple in the car
Some unidentified male performers

Excellent restoration of this classic!  Thanks 
3 months ago