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Czech hottie lapdances in hot pants

4 years ago

It is summer, every second girl wears this kind of short jeans…and it is quite difficult to hide a boner in your pants. Especially when you look at girl with bum like this one:-) Enjoy

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hell YEAH
4 months ago
very hot video
8 months ago
Hot chick, but you must hate her!
Only 60 seconds before the dude - who remember, contributes nothing more than his ability to keep breathing (no offense, I'd happily breathe that air) - appears even though she doesn't go near him for a few more minutes. Not a big deal except, while sitting there breathing, he's straight up in the fucking way!
She's teasing and doing what we just can't get enough of and she's being such a goood girl for us, and dude apparently can't wait to lose his virginity.
His hands waving in the air for her like he doesn't realize this is going to happen. Tell him to relax, don't speak and follow this simple rule - Act Like You've Been There Before.
I know, when it comes to women, rules are usually the enemy, but I'm not trying to sneak a peek on this fool and his girl. I believe, being a porn-fluent man, I was invited to enjoy this little display of hot-as-fuck, correct?
Follow the rule, because that poor fool no doubt, doesn't have the ignorance needed or skin thick enough to buffer himself from every shameless, recreational porn user, who clicked and of course cursed his dumb ass for being incapable of invisibility.
Big goofy, hairy hands waving in front of, and most noticibly, in between your starlet and the camera, i.e. me! Big goofy knees or legs or whatever, it may have been a sack of dirt for all I know- in the right place at the get-the-fuck-out-of-the-way!!-time.
Follow the rule.
She gets within reach of him and fuck-me if he isn't in a panic to get some before her dad comes home. You'd never guess this dude even noticed the camera.
She is totally hot, and like what, 130 lbs maybe? Not a big girl (ck out my favs tho, I'm a Big believer), his paws - or potatoes for all I know (was girl-watching when the sack of dirt came to life)- are all over her, blocking this curve, obstructing that curve.
I felt I needed to give them some privacy, because the last fucking thing I needed to see was more of him and his dismantling of the Kama Sutra. Sensing his boyish excitement and desperation, I knew I was about to witness either a non-negotiable cock-block (duh, 'eye-block' ?? would you even know to what I was referring?) or a straight up sexual assault- not a fan of either scenario, so with a cold, disgusted glare and a "fuck this shit!" blurted out, I stopped watching that eye-Disneyland of a sexy woman, and here I sit like some kind of fucked up defender of internet porn sensibilities - like someone pays me to clear up the bumbling around yall do.
I guess the cameraman is to blame, but maybe you did this "beauty eclipsed by the beast" on purpose.
Thank you bigly.
8 months ago
sexy baby
11 months ago