Cuckold record wife with BBC

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3 months ago
Boom. Ask and you shall receive. ext versionnnnnnnnnnnnn
4 months ago
I would like to get face fucked by that big black cock or have my wife jack him off in my mouth. I'll bet that he shoots a huge load, for me to eat.
4 months ago
im nächsten Leben bin ich FRAU
10 months ago
I wish there was more she wanted it by wearing garter and stocking
1 year ago
he's so fucking big love her moans too
1 year ago
Great movie - anymore of this scene?
1 year ago
Sexy af
1 year ago
Very nice.the wife is really getting into it,
2 years ago
Very nice, love to see a BBC like that being pumped into my wife's pussy.
2 years ago
Owning the white race one fuck at a time. I'm loving it.
2 years ago
i love him
3 years ago
Wow glad my hubby don't mind me watching this! Very hot!
3 years ago
After tacking His dick, She will for ever be a slut for BBC
3 years ago
A real pussy getting a real dick. Just how it should be
3 years ago
Pussy pleaser
4 years ago
look at that length, she's getting to that higher more J, great
4 years ago
4 years ago
Une bonne grosse salope qui aime se faire enfourner comme une truie. Avec ses seins en plastique, elle n'attend qu'une chose, se faire remplir la moule le plus possible. Chienne.
5 years ago
Nice Long Fucking that white Pussy.He owns her now.
5 years ago
more please! very hot stuff~!
5 years ago
weres the rest?
5 years ago
perfect, need more of her!
5 years ago
5 years ago
wish there was more of this one,,,you can tell it was good
5 years ago
nice one
5 years ago
A purrrrrrrrrrrfect 10!!!!!!!!!!
5 years ago
This vid is really sometinhg, i would give so much to see the rest
5 years ago
He walked away and typed goodbye and turned of the cam,
this next bit was private though she would not know

He rubbed soothing lotion over her back and ass, she
was almost purring under his touch,

"We are almost at an end but you did scream, I wonder
if I should get you another Master because I have to

He watched her slump lower on the bench, heard the
choked cry she tried to suppress. He smiled, she loved
him as much as he did her. There was the proof.

"Nothing to say bitch?"

What could she say her heart was breaking, he didn’t
want her.

She felt him rubbing her pussy lips she thought it was
the lotion not that she cared, then it started to
tingle and burn, she knew then it was toothpaste.

"Did you know Spock loves the taste of toothpaste, your
other Master," he clicked his fingers and she felt a
cold nose touch her upper thigh, then a wet tongue
snaked up and licked her, she didn’t move, trying to
get her head round the fact Master still wanted her she
was going nowhere and disgust and excitement at what
the dog was doing.

"The dog had eased the burning of the toothpaste, but
the harsh rasp of the tongue was causing her muscles to
tighten all sensation was centering at her groin, she
knew she was close to orgasm, her eyes flew open and
looked straight into Masters eyes who was kneeling in
front of her.

"Yes little one let it go," the dog was snuffling at
her clit while his long tongue was inside her, it was
her juice he was after now the toothpaste long gone.
She could no longer hold back the eruption of the hot
volcano inside her, she screamed with bliss, but Spock
never stopped his momentum for a moment another orgasm
hit just as strong as the first, She felt Master
pulling Spock away, as the after shocks racked her body
She realised yet again what a slut she was.

Suddenly something cool draped over her back, and she
heard Master Say up boy up. Two paws landed on her back
the dogs weight pushed her down again , automatically
she lifted her ass higher, She felt something against
her thigh, she was about to be fucked by her pet. She
was dimly aware of Master settling back in his chair
lighting a cigarette, he was going to watch and enjoy
her final humiliation.

She felt the dogs cock enter her, no finesse just raw
humping, fast and furious as if the Dog thought this
bitch would get away from him, she could feel his hot
breath and saliva on her neck,, lucky the leather was
protecting her back from his claws,, she was slammed
repeatedly into the side of the bench and tried to
shift to ease herself, this was rewarded with a soft
warning growl, She had never heard Spock growl she
froze, and heard Masters laughter in the background.
Suddenly another explosive orgasm hit, and yet another
and Spock showed no signs of tiring.

She hung limp over the bench, spent, a true slut, just
a body to be used as her Master saw fit.

She could not help the groan as the knot forced its way
into her abused hole, stretching her sore pussy lips
further than before. Spock pumped her full of dog cum,
before nearly pulling her of the bench as he turned,
they were locked.

"Oh slut you will love watching the playback of this
Spock looks very happy with his bitch as I am. So do
you realise now what you are, a slave, a bitch to serve
me and the dog, nothing else, unless we choose to give
it. Now I could throw cold water over you, but while
you are captive I think time to explain your new
Masters rules. While I am at work, he is in charge, at
midday you will play and put toothpaste on your cunt
and ass.

"This will be videoed I will set up timer, If Spock
wants to mate you let him, I will have a harness made
to protect you, As he gets used to idea he may nose
your cunt at other times. You let him by dropping to
all fours no matter what you are doing. Don’t worry if
I'm due home and he wants to fuck, can't think of a
more erotic sight to greet me."

She cried, no noise just silent tears tracking down her
face, she felt so utterly degraded so low, she was
nothing but a worthless bitch slut.

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