Asian Wife indulges boss on business trip

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Asian Wife indulges boss on last night of business trip ensuring a successful trip for all parties

Published by tgr88888
10 years ago
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Yeah nice little Asian bitch loves cock 
This was very hot for both of them
He did a good job of licking her push and tonguing he clit. She got hot and horny and ready for di his cock. Her moaning and stiff nipples had him slipping inside between her pussy lips soon enough.

Her hot little pussy had him humping away and starting to breathe hard and commenting they he was enjoying her hot pussy.. "Yeah, yeah, oh fuck, oh yeah!!"

When he laid back and she mounted his hard on, She sat down on it and he immediately reacted with "Oh my god! Oh yeah!, yeah" as her hot, tight hole was squeezing his chick and dann it felt good!
He grasp her fine little ass and held her still so he could attach his hips upward and fuck her from below.

He asked her to get on the balls her feet and squat down on his cock. AND, Damn just as soon as she took this new positron, she insisted lowered her pussy all the way down his shaft till her pussy lips were wrapped around the base of his shaft and she started pumping up and down! He immediately reacted with " OH FUCK, OH YEAH, OH FUCK, OH YEAHHH, AHHHHH...OH FUCK..OH YEAH..OH MY GOD..AHHH..AAHHH..MMM" All this time she odd just pumping her little push up and down his entire throbbing shaft Her tight push is gripping his chick and each time she lifts up, her pussy walls milk his shaft and his cock head is stimulated by the depths of her fine pussy all along her pussy salad to her outer pussy lips! And she immediately reverses direction and impales her pay down and forces his sensitive swollen tip into her swollen and ever tightening pussy. As his cock penetrates in, it is being squeezed and milked by her right little pussy. Each time she raises up and squats again, his chick is subjected to more and more pleasure.

She never slows down, just constant pumping and you can her his cock being worked over by her wet juicy pussy. "OH MY GOD, SO WET BABY! AHHH..AHH..MMM...YEAH,.GOD..YEAH"

Once again he starts pumping up inside her from the bottom.He grunts and pumps her and stops and she starts riding again.

He gets her into a doggie position next. Instead of her hands and knees, she assumes the positron of being on her elbows and knees This, of course hz her fine, firm little ass raised high giving him complete access to Jr post for deep penetration. He places the head of his cock against he pussy lips and she immediately rocks back and forces his cock all the way in. Again he immediately reacts "MMMM..MMMM!"

He grasps her hips and steadiness her and he starts rapidly penetrating and withdrawing his cock. He is really enjoying the sensations her pussy is giving his cock..BUT ONLY 15 Seconds of this and he gasps.. "OH MY GOD! Oh MY GOD! OHHH!" He stops humping her. THAT PUSSY IS JUST FEELING TOO DANN GOOD! He DOES NOT WANT TO CUM YET. HE WANT WANTS AS MUCH OF THAT HOT RIGHT PUSSY SENSATION RUBBING NFL AND FORTH OVER HIS HARD SWOLLEN SHAFT AND TO AS HE CAN GET!

She starts rocking back forcing his hard on back inside her swollen pussy.

He humps rust fine ass, but he knows the end is coming and he can't stay inside that hot little oven much longer. Her pussy has WORKED his entire cock over and over. He's really trying to get as much pussy as he can! STEADILY ADDING MORE STRIKES IN AND OUT, BUT CONSTANTLY GASPING AND BREATHING HARDER "OHHH..OHHHHJ..OHHH GOD!"
He pulls out, sho turns around and grabs his stiff and very sensitive prick and IMMEDIATELY BEGINS FURIOUSLY BEATING HIS MEAT STROKING THE WHOLE SHAFT UPWARDS AND OVER THE SENSITIVE TIP.APPARENTLY he sprays her tiny breasts and rock hard nipples with cum.
When he recoves, he'll be back for another ball dragging draining by her.
Thanks for sharing
PLEASE add as a friend.
She is so hot! Nice body and nice hairy pussy.
to Icarusty : i think he's a white guy. maybe southern european .
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What will your kid say when you give birth to his half-white stepbrother?
poor girl, seeded by a terrorist
Love that he is fucking her bareback...The white stockings and very sexy and her little tits look amazing!
Love the prospect of these outcomes from trips!
My wife, your boss?