white slut step daughter two black cocks

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slutty white step daughter lisa with two black cocks

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2 months ago
Wish there was sound to hear you degrade and abuse the white slave slut .. post more soon !
10 months ago
Nice breeding session!
2 years ago
Well played!
2 years ago
Mine too when I was young, we would get so nasty with our roleplays I couldn't stop Cumming and craving my stepdaddys big black nigger cock
4 years ago
great video man... keep it up
4 years ago
Luv your vids.
4 years ago
yes, breed that white slut
4 years ago
I love black cum pumped into my married pussy. It is so hot knowing that I am a slut.
4 years ago
started grooming Billy, a married black guy a few
years older than us to be my partner in training my
slut. Billy is a mature black man, married to a large
white lady. He's a family man with two kids, but he
jumped at the chance to use my wife, especially when
he found out she was submissive. He got himself
tested, and predictably was totally clean as far as
STDs. It was quite easy for my wife to get into the
idea of being a married black man's slut on the side.
Soon, Billy would ride over to our home in his
motorcycle and use my wife on our sofa or living room

She loved taking his 9-1/2" down her throat or deep in
her pussy. Because he'd been tested and clean, he was
able to roughly use her bareback and would always
deposit a huge load inside her. Billy soon discovered
he liked being dominant, and progressed to spanking my
wife's cute ass till it was deep red. Sometimes, when
he came over, she would present herself in high heels,
a slave collar and leash, and clamps on her nipples.

One day, Billy called to announce that he and his
family had bought a house way out in the suburbs, and
that they were moving from their house in the inner
city. Of course, he called all of his friends to help
him move. His old house was in a run down, black part
of the city, and we worked all day moving all his
stuff to the suburbs.

After a number of trips, all that remained was a bed,
a table and some chairs. Billy and I decided that we
could manage the last load onto his rental truck, so
he sent everyone else home, and his wife and kids were
busy unpacking and arranging the new house. I told
Billy my wife and I would meet him at the old ghetto
house for the last trip.

Since Billy was driving the rental truck, my wife and
I got to the old house first. My hot wife changed out
of her working clothes and got into her mini, heels
and crotchless pantyhose, expecting Billy to give her
a long hard fuck in the empty house.

When we heard him pull up, we heard voices and saw
that he had brought George, his best friend. Now
George is also a married, black family man, about
Billy's age. Both guys are very fit and over 6' tall.
When George saw my wife sitting on an old chair with
her tits and shaved pussy exposed, he just couldn't
stop staring at her in lust.

She crossed her stockinged legs, and just sat there
wondering what would happen next. Billy came over to
kiss my wife and while doing so, started playing with
her nipples. He turned to his friend and said, "This
is the married white slut that I've been using, she's
a whore for black cock!" George, playing the
gentleman, told my wife, "Pleased to meet you, I've
heard so much about you."

My wife blushed at that comment, and we all laughed.
Meanwhile, since Billy has used my wife many times, he
knew all her spots to get her wet. He started pulling
and pinching her nipples, which stood out hard and
erect. With his other hand, he started fingering her
pussy, and soon, everyone could see her juices coating
his black fingers.

My wife, now panting with lust, reached over to my
pants and started unzipping me, while kissing me
deeply. All this time, Billy was mauling her big white
tits and pushing 3 fingers up her wet pussy.

I then ordered her to get up on the table and dance
for us. George turned on an old boom box and my slut
wife started to dance and gyrate for the 3 of us. In
her high heels, she paid a lot of attention to Billy
and George, and they were soon feeling her tits, pussy
and ass while she danced.

When Billy saw how hot she was, he decided to get into
his dominant role. He pulled out his big cock and
order my wife to get on her hands and knees on the
table. Then he stood just out of reach, teasing her
with his big black cock. She'd stick out her pink
tongue and he'd only let her barely touch the tip of
his cock. His cock was dripping pre cum and she would
eagerly lick what she could reach, all the time
moaning and begging him to give her his cock.

All this time, George was behind her, finger fucking
her pussy and occasionally spanking her ass. Billy
must have told him about her submissive nature, and
that was confirmed with my wife moving her cute ass up
to meet the blows while her slut pussy got wetter and

Billy then grabbed a couple of fistfuls of my wife's
blond hair and snarled, "You love to suck black cock
don't you, you married white slut?" I heard my wife
whimper "yes, I'm your whore, please fuck me!"

"Not, yet, you dirty slut. You have to earn the right
for us to fuck you. What will you do, to earn the
privilege of having our black cocks in you?"

"Anything! I'll do whatever you want, just fuck me

To hear these words coming from my wife's lips was too
much for me. I took George's place and started
spanking her ass hard. As her cute ass turned red, she
was whimpering and moaning loudly, so Billy turned to
his friend and said, "Why don't you shut the bitch

George got up, took off his pants to reveal a cock
even bigger than Billy's. He took Billy's place and my
wife greedily took this new strange black cock into
her cock sucking mouth. Billy got behind her and
continued to spank her ass. Now with a new black cock
in her mouth, and her black lover spanking her, my
wife actually raised her ass to get spanked harder as
she tried her best to show George what a nasty cock
sucker she was.

George reached down to her swaying tits and started
roughly mauling them, all the time using her mouth
like a cunt. I was enjoying the sight of two married
BBCs using my wife like a cum dump, and having her do
all the things they couldn't get their wives to do.
After teasing her for quite a while, Billy finally
slammed his rock hard cock into her hot, wet pussy.
The force of his entry caused her to cry out in
pleasure/pain, but her cries were muffled by the big
cock in her mouth. Once her pussy got stretched out,
my wife was eagerly thrusting back to get all of his
cock deep inside her.

After about 20 minutes, Billy let out a loud grunt and
starting shooting his load deep inside her. That
triggered her orgasm as she felt his hot seed deep in
her womb. When Billy pulled out, his semi hard cock
was covered with a combination of his sperm and her
pussy juice. A river of cum started seeping out of her
pussy. Nudging George out of the way, Billy approached
my wife's mouth, and told her, "Clean it up, bitch! I
know you love the taste of black cum, and I bet a
freaky whore like you loves the taste of your own

Yes, Yes! I love your cum, and I love the taste of my
own pussy!"

Hearing this, George turned to me and said, "Damn!
You've got a real slut for a wife!"

I replied, "That's why I married her, and I trained
her this way"

Can I fuck her? the horny George asked.

"As long as you've got a rubber, go ahead."

George obviously came prepared, as he slipped on a
rubber and got behind my wife. When my wife felt the
new cock entering her, she got even more excited and
started grinding her ass back, trying take all 10" of
the new BBC. Billy and I watched as she was fucked
long and hard, and I knew at that point that we had
just added another BBC to our stable.

After George came, my wife without being told, knelt
down, took off the rubber and licked her new black
master's cock and balls clean. We took a short break
as we've used her for over an hour nonstop. Her hair
and makeup was a mess from all the cock sucking. Her
tits had little bruise marks and her nipples were red
and swollen. Her pussy lips were hanging loose from
being stretched and Billy's cum was drying and
overflowing from her shaved pussy. Her ass was
definitely going to be black and blue tomorrow.

By now, she was a happy, well fucked whore, totally at
ease with being naked and used by the two married
BBCs. We took her into the bedroom, where Billy
produced a 10" black dildo. This thing was huge, and
order her to fuck herself for our amusement.

My wife eagerly got on the bed, spread her slut legs
to show her swollen red cunt, and proceeded to work
that black dildo deep into her pussy. Soon, she was
near orgasm and the dildo was shiny with her juices. I
then decided that this was a perfect time for a first.
We had never done double vaginal penetration, and with
Billy's cum and her own juices lubricating her
stretched and well used pussy, it seemed like the
perfect way to end the evening.

Before she could cum, I made her lay on top of me as I
entered her hot pussy from behind. My 8" easily
entered her wet pussy, but then Billy got on top and
started to squeeze his BBC also into her. She cried
out that it was way too big and would tear her. Billy
just ignored her and kept working his big cock in, a
little at a time. My submissive wife was begging us to
stop, but all the while, we could feel her pussy
getting hotter and wetter. To shut up her protests,
George put his erect cock into her mouth, and she
eagerly started to suck him off.

At that point, Billy and I knew it was just role
playing, her hot wet pussy doesn't lie! After about 10
minutes, we were all surprised to see that Billy had
managed to get all 9-1/2" into her, alongside my cock.
Now her pussy rings were stretched way out, as she
experienced 2 cocks in her pussy at the same time. She
was no longer protesting, just moaning around the
black cock in her mouth.

Soon we saw her thrust back as us, encouraging us to
get into a rhythm and fuck her. It was still very
tight, and her pussy felt like an oven, it was so hot.
She was the first to cum, letting out a wail around
George's cock. This excited him so much that he pulled
out and sprayed a huge load of cum on her face.

She frantically tried to catch the spurts of cum and
swallowed a lot after the initial spurts covered her
nose and cheeks. With cum coating her mouth and face,
she was now able to concentrate on fucking the two
cocks stuffed in her pussy. I came first, since I had
yet to cum for the night, and she moaned as she felt
her insides flooded with my seed. Then Billy added his
second load inside her, and that triggered yet another
orgasm for her.

When we pulled out, her pussy was ruined. Her lips
were red, swollen and would not close. A river of
combined cum was leaking out of her gaping pussy. It
was so nasty, yet so sexy. Again, my exhausted wife
got on the floor, and cleaned off every inch of
Billy's BBC and then lovingly cleaned me off.

I told her to "Clean those black cocks good, bitch.
They have to go home and fuck their wives tonight!" By
now it was way past midnight and for a final
degradation, we wouldn't let her clean up or get
dressed. We made her walk out to the car in heels,
crotchless pantyhose, and dried cum on her thighs and

In a black neighborhood, if anyone saw her, they would
know she was a black cock whore. She was still in her
submissive role when I got into the car and started
driving home. She put her high heels up on the dash,
and scooped the cum leaking out of her pussy. Smiling
contentedly at me, she was slowly lick the cum off her
fingers all the way home.
5 years ago
ohhh daddy
i think my future will be black
5 years ago
5 years ago
nice !!
5 years ago
Hot stuff!
5 years ago
i remember my step dad giving it to me like that 2 or 3 times a day while my mom was at work,but was much much younger:)
5 years ago
sexy video
5 years ago
They should have spooned up that cum drippin out of her slut pussy and fed it to her. Better yet, feed it to me!
5 years ago
dirty , kinky , love it
5 years ago
Repost..but it's STILL HOT!..I'd like to make her feel MY HARD Black Cock DEEP in that pussy,and Fuck her to a Screaming Orgasm!
5 years ago
5 years ago
wishing I had a stepdaddy to bring that home to me !!

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