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My current situation

For me I currently have the best situation...a married guy lives about 20 minutes from me, his wife works during the day..he is Bi and about 10 years older.....he is completely shaved, he sends me an email...I go over to his house and knock on the door...he opens it freshly showered wearing nothing but a robe...we walk to the den and he lets the rob fall and sits down on the sofa....I get on my knees and suck his balls for a longtime he kind of directs me by holding the back of my head with both his hands...very hot for me...

When he gets ready to cum he stand up, hold the back of my head a... Continue»
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Well its been a while since i updated....as you know I am a very masculine acting and looking guy, married but....my wife and i have a very active sex life, like to watch straight porn together, she loves to watch gang bang videos where the woman gets roughed up a little...lots of oral and cum...she thinks I am turned on by the women but its the cum....anyway she is 13 years years younger, huge boobs very tight body...we have a great time and she has multiple orgasms....very hot...

I am seeing one guy now, he is also married about 10 years older then me, he lives in Moreno Valley and we get... Continue»
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Latest experiences

Well, I have to two friends, both married who live within about ten miles from my house. One is a guy in his mid fifties, ex Vietnam Vet, who is retired but his wife who is a younger Japanese lady still works days. I met him online and ended up going over to his house. He met me at the door, just showered with a towel around his waist. Said come in and led me into the bedroom....he let the towel drop to expose a completely erect 7.5" very thick cut cock and then he laid back on the bed and I got on my knees and was stroking his cock when he reached up and took the back of my head f***efull... Continue»
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[Story] My story on becoming Bi

I was on a business trip in Japan with the engineering manager of my company, I was the director of materials. This was in the 80's we were staying at the New Otani in the Akasaka area of Japan.

One night we were coming up on the elevator to our rooms, had a few drinks in the bar, we were both married at the time. He was about 15 years older, balding, bear belly, very hairy and VERY masculine, not someone who you would consider attractive. I had never had any experience with a man nor had any desire to, very heterosexual in every way....

It was still early so he asked me if I wanted t... Continue»
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