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Welcoming Committees and CryBabies


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Hail The Fucking Cow

Reviewer hater nr.1 and full of bullshit.....

Last upload 27.08.2011.......17 galleries......



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@ Huuvaa, you realize you have it set so your PS's can't be returned.

Reviewer/Mod same difference. It's also a guy pretending to be female. Their only power is reviwing submissions however they tend to be ass-holes and can make life miserable. There also seems to be a whole diffrent level of enforcment with those who actually have power. If you... Continue»
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West Side Story

Just hanging `oose with my buds.....

I like swimming in my big ol` pool...

This is my favourite week, I get to meet my buddies.......

Sometimes I even get to hang out with the Fat Stones....( but I say Rolling Stones to my fellow moose, `cause they don`t know....hihihi...)
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Behold- The Blankwanker Is A Donkey

My ever so cool "wanna-be-hitman" Thai-Sandy up to no good again......guess his 7000 "girlfriends" didn`t like him when he ran out of money. After his numerous profiles have been deleted he has created another donkey profile.
This time "Blankwanker".....I guess that`s all you can do.....no more pussy for you....not like that you`ve ever had any.

Tranny-Andy has called out user pixietrix(http://xhamster.com/user/PixieTrix) as a "fake".....
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My Serbian Valentine

As most of you know, today is Valentines day, February 14.th.
It is the day of love and romance.

Since I can`t send my love, my true love, princess, empress and queen, a Valentines Card (guess I`m blocked....lol:)), I thought I`d just as well post it here.

This is my Valentines gift to you, my dear Scabby.


- I love to pick a fight- wait till you see me on fullmoon night
- I greet you with spam- come meet me on my tranny cam
- I love to copy and paste- you`ve probably seen my taste
- If you think I`m foxy- wait till I change my proxy
- I have a gia... Continue»
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Funny signs

A little collection of some funny signs from our lovely planet....

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Sexy poses

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Guess who?

Guess who?

I thought I`d have a contest between us good users of xham. This blog I have decided to call " Guess who?"

Packmans = Big Mike The Fake

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