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Morgan La Rue Topless & Upskirt Flashing Voyeu

Exhibitionist Wife #232 - Morgan La Rue Topless & Upskirt Flashing Voyeurs At Busy Public Park!
Morgan takes a casual walk and is making a surprise video for hubby. But wait, OMG! Is this lady for real? Did she just pull her skirt up and flash her ass at an unsuspecting stranger? Did Morgan really take her top off exposing some of the most perfect tits these guys will ever see and sit with her legs spread in front of surprised strangers while they tried to look up her skirt at her shaved pussy? She did! And she even took cell phone pics of her pussy to send to hubby. The voyeur on the rocks l... Continue»
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Is your wife an exhibitionist? VoyeurChamp Thinks

Does your wife wear less than the average woman when out in public? Does she ditch the bra and panties while wearing a short skirt and a white top leaving her hard nipples visible? Does she like going to the nude beach or events that allow women to be naked in public streets like carnival, mardi gras, and fantasy fest? When she goes to the nude beach she probably sits laying back reading a book with her legs wide open as stranger men walk past getting good looks at her shaved pussy! Does she go to fetish parties wearing a catsuit with her nipples only showing and a zipper that easily opens... Continue»
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Wife Betty is an Nude Beach Cock Tease!

Exhibitionist Wife #241(Part2) - Betty & Her Husband Go To The Beach! Hubby Helps Her Tease Voyeurs!
Betty likes to show off and tease strangers, especially in front of her husband. He gets horny knowing his wife is an exhibitionist wife like many husbands do. So he told her there are always horny strangers, perverts, and voyeurs at the nude beach and she did not believe him. When they got to the beach it was a little empty. She was one of the only women on the nude beach and most of the guys were wearing clothing. She needed hel... Continue»
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Exhibitionist Wife #240(Part3) - Slutwife Betty Te


Its every horny voyeur pervert husbands dream! To see his naked wife playing with her smooth cunt while strangers masturbate in front of her in a public setting giving hand jobs to random guys who they just met and dont even know their names! Hubby films Betty at the nudist resort with his hidden camera. She sits back in a chair playing with her smooth shaved pussy and soon draws a crowd of random perverts over from the ... Continue»
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Exhibitionist Wife Morgan La Rue Upskirt & Tit

Exhibitionist Wife #234(Pt1) - Morgan La Rue Upskirt & Tit Flashing Voyeurs In Busy City Park!
And now things are heating up on Morgans trip to NYC! She takes a break from walking around sight seeing and finds a cozy park in the busy city. Oh whats this? She is not wearing panties? Its okay since nobody would look up her skirt right? Well we are wrong because as usual, a voyeur pervert walks back and forth pretending... Continue»
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Sexy Wife Morgan La Rue Voyeur Spied on While Sun

We got a key to the front door from Morgan's husband. We were on our way to take her out to film and go shopping and hubby decided he wanted us to take some candid video of her sunbathing in the back yard! We snuck in while she was on the phone with hubby asking when we would be there but she had no idea we were already behind some tall bushes peeking our hidden camera through the leaves and getting the most amazing views of her perfect tits and smooth shaved pussy until she caught us. But once she noticed that were were sneaking around she acted like she did not see us and started to seduct... Continue»
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Exhibitionist Wife #184 - Vanessa Is Dared To Teas

After showing off her pussy at a coffee shop, Vanessa goes back to the beach after a call from her hubby. She told him she was going to make a video for him that he could jerk off to like any other voyeur! She knows he likes the videos on voyeurchamp and looking at other men show off their wives so he wanted Vanessa to do the same and she does as a bunch of construction workers get a show on their lunch break! She sits a few yards away from where they are working and goes topless and pulls her thong to the side to expose her pussy to the workers and any guys on the crowded beach that walk pa... Continue»
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Exhibitionist Wife #178 - Morgan Lets Everyone See

Exhibitionist Wife #178 - Morgan Lets Everyone See Her Naked! VOYEUR POV
Up to this point Morgan has only hung out by her towel and umbrella giving a little tease to all those voyeurs that ended up hanging out nearby! Morgan has had a great day in her first time at the nude beach. Her hubby hates the beach but loves to see her naked in public. So she draws the attention of several voyeurs in the process by going into the water and strolling along the shore in front of a few guys who have parked their beach towels nearby just to enj... Continue»
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My Wife Heather Sucking My Cock In Public!

Exhibitionist Wife #166 - Heather Teasing Cocks At Adult Store In Front Of Hubby! (Pt3) HUSBAND CUMS IN HER MOUTH! SHE DOES TEASE AND DENIAL OF VOYEUR!!!
FUCKING MARRIED SLUT! How could she? She teased a bunch of cocks in the park and one guy followed Heather and her husband to the adult shop. Then she plays with her pussy and teased all the guys that happen to be at the sex shop! Finally she SUCK HER HUSBANDS COCK until he CUMS IN HER MOUTH! Then she drools it all over her hand and wedding ring. One of the horny voyeurs could not take it anymore so he gets closer and closer the whole time sh... Continue»
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Exhibitionist Wife #174 - Morgan Pretends To Wipe

Exhibitionist Wife #174 - Morgan Pretends To Wipe Sand Off Her Smooth Milky White Pussy While Voyeurs Watch!
She was getting a little kick out of the attention that all the voyeurs were paying her while she laid out naked. She was teasing them the whole time while trying not to be too obvious. You know the kind of wife that goes to the nude beach just to "tan" their naked bodies. The kind of wife that pretends to wipe sand off her pussy when in reality she is just drawing attention to her kitty and touching it in public while you a... Continue»
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Morgan first time at the nude beach!

Exhibitionist Wife #172 - Morgan Rubs Lotion All Over Her Naked Body While Voyeurs Watch!
Just so you know we were texting with Morgan the whole time just to see what her reaction to all the attention would be. After settling in at the nude beach for the first time, Morgan started to feel the heat of the intense sun on her milky white skin. She approached us and asked for some suntan lotion while some of the nearby voyeurs and admirers gather around but out of view of the cam. They were all doing the same thing though which was watching Morgan put lotion all over her body. Rubbing it on her... Continue»
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Exhibitionist Latina Hotwife Vanessa With Ass Like

Exhibitionist Wife #182 (Part2) -
WOW! Its not often a Woman gets a guy horny enough to reach into his shorts and grab his cock! She was not playing around. She sat down on her towel, sprayed her perfect round tits, and soon enough a few voyeurs s**ttered around near her. She knew it and she is an aggressive exhibitionist as she looked in each voyeurs direction and made sure to give them all a very erotic tease! But before she gets really naughty she gives her husband a call just to let him know that she was about to FLASH her SHAVED PUSSY to any random goy who passed by! And several did as ... Continue»
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Exhibitionist Wife #149 part 2- Tatiana Lets Vanes

Exhibitionist Wife #149 Part 2- Tatiana Lets Vanessa JERKING OFF THE "Lucky" NUDE BEACH VOYEUR! He Shoots A LOAD of CUM on Her FACE!
We call him the lucky nude beach voyeur because he is always at the nude beach as a regular and he knows who all the exhibitionist wives are! So of course he follows them around when they come to the beach. He has been caught jerking off in the past but unlike other ladies our wives enjoy it and encourage it! They tease him as well as many other voyeurs including another regular at the nude beach who is an older guy who they have been teasing all day too! They e... Continue»
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Blonde Wife Sucks Black Dicks In Parking Lot &

Blonde Wife Sucks Black Dicks In Parking Lot & Dance Club!
A husband brings his wife to a nightclub knowing that a bunch of black men will be there . We noticed that his wife was dancing and teasing a group of black guys in the back of the crowded club. Her husband encouraged her to suck a few black cocks while people are dancing and partying all around them and she did. One black man with a long thick dick fucked her mouth and cums while she drools all over his cock pumping in and out of her mouth in full view of her husband and of everyone else with the music blasting and guys all around t... Continue»
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Topless Beach Voyeur - #3 Hot Beach Babes & Pu

First we start of with a very pretty girl with petite little breast and perfect nipples. Her friend with the juicy tits gets into a spat with the cabana boy while topless. I guess he just wanted a reason to get a close look at their yummy tits. Next we have a genuine pussy lip slip. A lady wearing a ping thong lets her pussy lip slip out of the side. She stays there sunbathing while her shaved pussy lips showing and she realizes it and adjust her thong after its too late. Finally we have thi... Continue»
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NUDE BEACH - Big Boob Blonde - Part 3 UP CLOSE &am

NUDE BEACH - Big Boob Blonde - Part 3 UP CLOSE & PERSONAL!!!

In the last two clips part 1 & 2 we get to look at a voyeur view of the sexy blonde woman who is laying out naked with her big tits at the the nude beach. At the end of clip 2 some guy decided to sit down and block my view. So what do we do about it? We get up and get in closer, let the cam run and ask the blonde chick some questions just as an excuse to get a good close look. At one point she grabs both of her giant boobs and licks the nipples... Continue»
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[Story] My Wife Teasing The Single Voyeurs At Our Nudist R

My wife and I enjoy going to our local nudist resort. We are regulars there and know the locals and most of the couples that also visit the resort from out of town. There is a great pool where all the couples like my wife and I like to sit by and enjoy sunbathing and taking a swim. Everyone is naked and most of the people who come to this resort are attractive, especially the women! My wife is no exception as she is slim with firm round breasts and a tight ass! She shaves her pussy right before laying in the sun of course and she likes to oil up and sit back in the sun. Its not unusual f... Continue»
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Wife Heather Could Not Stop Teasing At The Nude Be

Well, Heather got to the nude beach with her husband and best friend who is also married but her husband stayed at home. They get there and wives undress but Heathers husband stays wearing shorts while his wife lays next to him totally naked and exposing her perfect ass, shaved cunt, and sweet big round tits. Heather calls and text the camera man and tells him that she is going to touch her pussy and tease the next voyeur that passes by! And several voyeurs notice her teasing and one of them asks her if he can take her picture. She says yes, but before he takes her photo she starts wiping the... Continue»
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His Wife Tatiana Is A Nude Beach Tease!

Tatiana is a horny woman. Her husband takes her to the beach to enjoy her horny side and she is very much an Exhibitionist Wife! Especially when there are strangers looking at her. Walking past her and sometimes touching her...

Tatiana gets to the beach with her husband and is immediately followed over to her beach towel by several voyeurs. They are encouraged to look when this Russian MILF shows up with her husband with one thing on her mind and that is to get every cock on the beach hard! She lays back and lets her husband put lotion on her and swipe her pussy a few times as guys pass... Continue»
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[Story] Nude Beach Voyeur Jerk Off, Cums In Front My Wife!

Heather had the weekend off and I did not. She was going to the beach after getting her feet worshiped by a voyeur that contacted her in the last video. This time she was making me of her teasing strangers but it started to get cloudy and rain and she was the only woman on the beach filled with random men who did notice that she was alone. Once it started to rain she decided not to leave the beach but instead seek shelter under the life guard booth. As big as the beach is i... Continue»
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