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[Story] μαλακία σ&

Εγω καφριλες πενταημερη και τριημερη δεν εκανα γιατι δεν πηγα...αλλα ω ναι αυτη την καφριλα (ισως η μονη) την εχω κανει....και κανεις δεν πηρε χαμπαρι τιποτα.
Ηταν Γ γυμνασιου θρησκευτικα oπως ειναι γνωστο στα 14-15 χυνεις φαντασιωνόμενος οποιαδηποτε, αυτή ηταν η 45ρα θεολόγος του γυμνασιου τιποτα το ιδιαιτερο νοικοκυροφατσα, αλλα ειχε κατι βυζαρες η ατοιμη (ανηκε σε κατηγορια bbw)
Εγω ως φυτο κλασικα καθομουν πρωτο θρανιο το οποιο ηταν κωλλημενο σχεδον στον πινακα για να φτυνει ο διπλανος μου μαλλι απο τα ρουχα του και χαρτακια στον πινακα (ηλιθιο παιχνιδι χωρις σημασια εκεινη την μερα ελλ... Continue»
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[Story] Taboo expenditions on omegle

You're chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You and the stranger both like i****t.
You: hi
Stranger: 35m
You: 20 m
Stranger: into?
You: s****r
Stranger: how old is she?
You: 22
Stranger: you do anything with her?
You: no just fantasizing
Stranger: i messed around with my s****r a little when we were teens
Stranger: no sex though
You: define "messed"
Stranger: mutual masturbation
You: oh
You: fun
You: how old were u back then
Stranger: 13-15
Stranger: then she got a bf and i got a gf
Stranger: and it just stopped
You: yeah
You: i can imagine
Stranger: we laugh about i... Continue»
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[Story] wow omegle delirium....... whatever fits everyone

Επιλογή γλώσσας ▼
18,703 strangers online
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Question to discuss:
How many penises does your ideal mate own?

You: ????
Stranger: um...
You: i cant really get that
You: i ll say 20
Stranger: too little
Stranger: 50
You: i am raising my bid to 70
Stranger: 90
You: 100
Stranger: 150
You: oh i cant beat that u win
You: 150 1
You: 150 2
You: 150 3
You: the ideal mate goes to stranger 2
Stranger: yaay
Stranger: *feels proud*
Stranger: in your face sucker I won
You: fuck
You: i lost
Stranger: now what wil... Continue»
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[Story] omegle spy mode chat delirium

question to discuss:
are u sick of "horny people" on here too?
D: let's send them to conversex and clean omegle up!!!

you:i am horny
stranger:Me too
you:whats conversex?
stranger:no idea
you:sounds good
you:i am sick of all non horny
you:whats the reason of web chatting if there is no sex involved?
you:or nudity
you:i mean come on
stranger:Come on!
you:i was holding my peepee in my hand
you:and i was trying to show it to the girls
you:and i forged my likes list
you:and put Bieber and one direction etc.
you:a... Continue»
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[Story] My First Blowjob

(well the actual event took place 5 months ago and i won't write the real names of the people that took part because the story itself is far from real)

Well I am a normal (every person is normal in his own way) guy from Greece, i am quite eccentric and very shy (you all know the gy that never says hi or good morning, that is me). I never had friends, only people with common interests with whom i enjoyed long talks without any meaning. From what you 've read so far you must have rightly guessed that i never had any sexual contact or foreplay with any kind of human, the only thing i 've been ... Continue»
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