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[Story] Happy Birthday s*s

I don’t really consider myself a sexually-active. I don’t enjoy watching porn (that much). And I don’t even have a steady boyfriend. But mind you that I am full-fledge female. I love to dress up. I love to keep myself tidy. I love to hang out with friends.

My short story revolves around how my b*****r-in-law f***ed himself into me and how it’s changed me forever.

In hindsight (which is always 20/20) I should have noticed his advances early. Real fucking early. Now I realize that he’s a fucking perv to begin with. I was 14 back then and he was recenttly married to my eldest s****r. (I wa... Continue»
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[Story] Walked in on us

I was sent to my wife’s hometown to check on the site operations for the company I was working for. This was the second time I’ve been sent home. The first time I had a rendezvous with my mother-in-law where we ended up fucking and anal fucking in my hotel room.

But that was not the reason I’m excited. If you remember, I also fucked my, then, barely legal s****r-in-law, Tina. I should say that she seduced me with the birthday gift I got her and we ended up fucking in my basement office. So on this trip my eyes were set on Tina and getting into the sack with her.

I arrived at their place... Continue»
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[Story] s****r-in-Law Models Panties

I’ve always had fantasies of my s****r-in-law, Kristie. She recently turned 18 but from the moment I met her I knew she would be a knock-out! She’s petite and skinny with A-cup breasts. Her nipples are typical Asian-type and very much the same as my wife’s, mother-in-law’s and other s****r-in-law’s. Brown, quarter-sized and pencil-eraser hard.

I also love shopping for lingerie...for my wife, that is. Whenever there is a Victoria’s Secret or Fredericks sale I would be all over it. In one of my recent purchases my wife decided to gift some to her s****rs when we flew back home to the Philipp... Continue»
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[Story] Just Fucked s****r-in-Law

I just violated my s****r-in-law’s virginal pussy. My cock lay in her still convulsing inner walls. My cum slowly started to spill out from her. And our mouths were locked and tongues swirling in the heat of passion.

I wanted to stay in that moment longer. I gently rocked in and out of her for a couple more minutes. I was sweaty. She was flushed. It was a lovely sight to see her face in tingling pink hue and her bust and neck area prickly red from her first fucking.

“That was amazing!”

I grinned. “No, you were amazing!”

“I didn’t expect how full the feeling would be inside me.”

... Continue»
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[Story] Watched my Mother-in-Law

I’ve always had the hots for my mother-in-law. She’s into her 50s but does not look a day over 35. Folks often mistake her and my wife to be s****rs with her being the younger one. This is why ever since I started dating my wife I also started fantasizing how one day I would be able to fuck her raw.

We live in another state far from my wife’s hometown and bought a house with a MIL basement for all her needs. The beauty of having such a setup is that it allowed me to put an HD camera with remote trigger in her shower. Think HD Hero type. And so my story starts...

My MIL visits us one spr... Continue»
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