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How to play 'Bitch Poker'

Bitch Poker was created and designed to be played in prisons, but the game can be played by anyone in any location or setting.

Bitch Poker was designed to be added onto all normal games of poker like '5 card stud', or 'Texas Holdem'.

The mandatory rules of Bitch Poker are this:
1. The minimum number of players to start the game of Bitch Poker is 4.
2. The first player to lose all their playing chips is required to be the Bitch.
3. The Bitch can only be one of the players actually playing the game and the Bitch can not be delegated.
4. Once identified as the Bitch, the former player ... Continue»
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Fun times in college

When I was in college, I had a regular three-way setup with my neighbor's b*****r Nate, and his girlfriend Sarah.
Nate was a semi-pro footbag player from upstate New York and had the mussel tone like a swimmer.
He had long, dark hair and stood about 5'9, 155lbs maybe.
Sarah was from Arizona but looked like a stereotypical jewish girl from Chicago with a slightly big nose, long frizzy hair that she kept long because it would look very 'Annie' if she ever cut it short.
Where Nate's body was tone and hard, her's was nice and soft, but not over weight.
Sarah stood at about 5'5 and around 13... Continue»
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Best (perverted) Friends Forever !!!

I sure would love to have a guy friend who is as much of a pervert as I am.

In a perfect world, he'd be average height/weight with good hygiene and a fat, cut cock somewhere between 6.5 and 8.5 inches in length, with a huge set of balls hanging low to go with it.

We would have known each other for a while before he somehow finds out that not only am I as big a pervert as he is, but that we both have a fascination with straight blowjob porn, but for different reasons.

The best part would be when he finds out that while we both wish we could be in the hardcore oral scenes we love so m... Continue»
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Swallowing Cum

I personally believe that unless a man has a contractible disease or is trying to get a woman pregnant, all sperm and semen should be swallowed voluntarily by willing cum sluts. I know if there wasn't a social and religious stigma against being a cum slut, thousands of gallons of sperm would be swallowed every day.

If everyone felt that sperm and semen should be respected and honored, no one would turn down a random guy walking up and jacking himself off in your mouth, followed by you swallowing. No words need pass between the two of you, just as you would nod your head if any stranger mad... Continue»
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If You Could Be Anyone In Any Porn

I got this idea from an old 90's tv show called Quantum Leap
You have the power to leap into and possess the body of anyone from any time. The only catch is you can only leap into a porn scene. You can be the male or female performer from ANY porn scene ever recorded. You will experience everything they do. You will experience every taste, smell, sound and physical sensation that the person you are possessing feels. After the scene is over, you will return to your own body with no one but you, knowing what just happened. No need to be picky, you can... Continue»
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[Story] Your Cock And Me (warning: very perverted)

god damn you have an awesome looking cock. If you were my roommate, you'd never wear clothes around me except for a cockring maybe. The only thing I'd wear, if you wanted, would be valleyball kneepads because I'd spend so much time on them with your cock in my mouth. You could watch porn all day long and never have to worry about tissues to clean it up. The only place your sperm belongs is in my stomach, or on my face if you wanted. You would stop calling me by my birth name and insted make up things like, Cocksucker, Spermslave, Cumdumpster, Spermaholic, Mouthtoy, Semenslut.

If you wanted ... Continue»
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[Story] perverted fantasy

One day I was browsing a fetish website dedicated to cocksucking when something caught my eye. It was a personal add someone had posted, along with a few pics of the guy.

The add read, 'Wanted: long-term dedicated blowjob slave cockpig. Only serious applicants need apply. If you show up, expect to stay indefinitely to worship my cock. You will give me your mouth and throat to use and abuse with my giant cock. I will use you to fluff me for hours a day while I watch porn. You will swallow EVERYTHING my cock gives you. I will drink at least a six-pack of beer a day and your mouth will be ... Continue»
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Transexual Pornstars

Suzana Holmes-12inch 5'11 tall
Mariana Cordoba- 11inch (white big fat cock)
Summer Heat-9inch,36B
Natasha Koxxx-9inch,34DD (huge fat cock)
Tamya-11inch,34D (huge fat cock)
Mysa del Rio-10inch,38D (huge fat cock)
Mya Young-11inch,34A (huge fat cock)
Carmen Delicious-8inch,38DD (fat cock)
Lisa Cage-10inch,36C
Shakirah Allure-9inch
Kitty-10inch,34A (white) (fat cock)
Vo D'Balm-10inch,38DD (lat) (fat cock)
Prue-10inch,36D (white) (fat cock)
Cleo-10inch,34B (lat)
Babydoll-11inch,38D (uncut)
Mia Isabell... Continue»
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Female Pornstars

Alicia Angel

Allie Sin
Amber Rayne
Ann Harlow aka Erica Howard (5'2, small titties, super cute!)
Anne Howe aka Melisa Ashley (5'6, flat chest with a few freckles)
Annette Schwarz (German Super Slut does just about ANYTHING)
Annie Body (MILF Redhead)
Amia Miley (new)
Ashley Gracie - I don't know what mix a races she is, but she's hot never the less
Betty (no last name) - Queen Of Swallow (Brunet GGG/666 star)
Bisexual Britini/Britney (Max Hardcore Girl)
Brandi Lyons
Charlotte Stokely (skinny blond)

'Chi... Continue»
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