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Geoff joins in!

He gets up and greets Geoff as if it’s the most normal thing in the world to be getting up and leaving a practically naked woman behind. He introduces me as a damsel in distress that he was just helping out! ‘So I see’ says Geoff.

He shakes my hand and looks me over, he looks nice and I can see a little bulge in his trousers. They chat a little about their loads, where are you off to that sort of thing and all the while they are watching me. Their faces are saying much more than their words – looks of do you think she would from Geoff! I think she might from him.

Well why not I think an... Continue»
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Continued . . . . . .

I reach over and rub his cock through his trousers, he feels hard but I’m sure I can do better!

I unzip him and remove his cock from his clothes, mmmm it looks like it will fill me nicely and I move to take him in to my mouth. He gasps as I run my tongue all over his shaft, making it wet and slippery so I can fuck him with my lips. I devour his length in one and open my throat a little to take him as deep as I can.

‘Oh fuck’ he says as I gently grasp his balls and use my mouth like a pussy, riding him hard and stiff.

‘Let’s go back outside’ I say, ‘I like to feel the breeze on my wet ... Continue»
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I'm glad I know nothing about cars!

I must be watching too much Eddie Stobart I think but I keep having this recurring fantasy about being fucked in a truck by, of course a complete stranger!

My latest is that I am driving home from a meeting, the motorway is shut and so I am relying on the sat nav to help me find a way around the traffic.

The car has been sitting for a while in the traffic until I got to the exit and could turn off and so smelt quite hot. As I turn along a quiet road, it starts to make an odd sound and a light came up on the dashboard, ‘great I thought’ I was miles from anywhere and it was getting dark!
... Continue»
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All I seem to do lately . . . . .

All I seem to do lately is apologise but things have been crazy busy with one thing and another and then I couldn't sign in to my account for a while but I had to come back for a porn fix and also to share something with you.

Not sure if anyone has noticed but I have a stranger sex fantasy ....... no really O hear you all say!

Well it's sort of no longer a fantasy!

I can't believe what I did but on the day I was just soooo horny and well one thing led to another and......

We didn't have full sex but I would have but for the lack of a condom, well you have to be a safe slut in real... Continue»
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Just wanted to say sorry for being missing for a while but things have been a bit busy.

I love writing on here and acting out in my head all the slutty things I fantasise about and truly love all the feedback I get from you lovely people, so hope you can bear with me if I'm missing for a while.

Also love chatting with you dirty boys!
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The service

I’d missed a couple of slut club meetings, so by the time I next went it was my turn to step up and receive a challenge. We had been talking about how hot the weather was and I laughingly joked that my annual boiler service was due, the word service raised a few laughs and it dawned on me just what my next challenge would be, I would seduce the boiler man!

The day arrived and thankfully it is boiling hot and so I can just slip on a tiny sundress. It has thins straps which tend to slip off my shoulders and expose a lot of my tits if I don’t wear a bra and it is almost thin enough to realise ... Continue»
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[Story] The train

It was a hot day and even the fine sundress and gossamer thin lacy undies weren’t keeping me cool as I rushed to catch my train. I was so pleased to be going to see Lucy, her house was great and in beautiful countryside, seeing my goddaughter and spoiling her would be fun and long chats in to the night with Luce would be just what I needed.

Thankfully the train was empty. A young couple sat snuggled up, they looked like teenagers maybe going on their first weekend together, I mused. An older woman sat knitting, her hands flashing as she sat watching out of the window, not paying any attenti... Continue»
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[Story] The hotel

I’m sitting in the hotel bar when my text pings, it from the friend I’m supposed to be meeting. I have known her since uni and we always get together when I’m in town.

We were going to have a meal in the new celebrity chef restaurant and I had used all my connections to get us a table but she has some sort of domestic crisis with her c***dren and can’t make it!

I try not to feel annoyed, as it’s not the first time she has done this but text back ‘oh no hun, hope all is ok let me know. How bout coffee tomoz, I can come to you?’ I ring the restaurant, they are gracious but I’m sure they wi... Continue»
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[Story] The Slut Club dog!

The last meeting of The Slut Club had been a fun one. One of the girls had bagged tickets for a male strip thing, not usually my sort of thing as I find the reaction of the women a little cringe worthy but we’d had some fun and one of the girls had an unexpected fantasy come true – she was fucked by one of the strippers in the alley outside the club!

We drank a lot of cocktails and chatted about our various exploits and as I had been quiet since the gangbang, I chose to tell them about my fascination with dogging.

Awash with Tom Collins (the cocktail, not a stripper) I agreed that would... Continue»
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Just a quick request!

Hi guys and gals!

Just a quick request for you to read my new profile info.

I will happilly keep writing my fantasies and hope you want to keep reading them but as my profile says, Im not wanting more at the moment.

Thanks for all your lovely comments, for making me wet chatting and for those who don't want to carry on chatting - you've been a blast, loved every min!

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[Story] The tube

I barely made it onto the train but managed to squeeze myself in to the inches of space as the doors closed.

I tried not to look around (as you do in London – don’t make eye contact) but couldn’t help noticing the younger man standing next to me and smiling. He was dark haired, dark eyed and wore glasses; I have always had a thing for men in specs!

We went through station after station, moving to let people in and out until we were pressed against each other. I wasn’t complaining, I hadn’t had a cock for a few days and was hornier than ever so the feeling of a nice tight bod against me ... Continue»
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The bang

I looked around the room at the guys playing pool and wondered if our little game was getting beyond the joke it had started out being.

Six men were in the back room, two were playing and the others were chatting and drinking their beer as they watched. They looked up as I entered the room and asked ‘can anyone play?’

They looked at each other and one guys said ‘ of course, come in’

I walked into the room, drink in hand and sat down, crossing my legs and waited until they game they were playing had finished. One of they the guys racked up the balls and asked if I wanted to play the w... Continue»
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[Story] The truck

It’s quiet in the services, which doesn’t help in keeping me awake!

I open the window a little to let in the balmy night air and look at the news channel on the TV. The latte has hit me and I begin to feel a little perkier, maybe another and then I will hit the road again.

I return to my seat and notice another night owl entering the seating area. He catches my eye and comes over to me – ‘can I join you? Seems a shame to sit alone like Billy no mates if we can chat instead.’

I laughed and say ‘why not’ after all it might wake me up.

He introduces himself and we chat for a little wh... Continue»
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[Story] My first fantasy

I pop the bonnet and wiggle the spark plug lead until it is barely holding on, leave the bonnet up and wait.

It’s not long before a guy pulls up in a van and asks if I’m ok. I look at him a bit forlornly and tell him my car has conked out. He asks if I want him to take a look and I tell him how grateful I would be – a very loaded statement, which he smiles at, a very loaded smile!

I introduce myself looking him up and down, telling him how much I appreciate him coming to my aid. As he looks at the engine I lean on the wing of the car, ensuring I stick my ass out and squeeze my tits toget... Continue»
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