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My secret fantasy

I have a secret fantasy. I never told anyone until now. It could be any woman.

I enter the bedroom, there is someone in the room. I turn on the light. The figure is unfamiliar. It is a Luchadora, A female Mexican wrestler. She wear a bright red and blue mascara with a matching sports bra and tight athletic spandex shorts. She is barefoot. Red and blue color her finger and toe nails. She s 5'9'', 140 pounds, B breasted and tight bodied. Her skin is a caramel color.

She motions me to come closer, I do so hesitantly. Her mascara is open bottomed, leaving the bottom jaw exposed. Reaching ou... Continue»
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[Story] The s****r of friend.

IT was the fourth of July. I was house sitting while they went on vacation. I stayed the night the night before so they could leave early. My friends f****y had girl.

She was beautiful. Dirty blonde hair, young and juvenile, or so she seemed. I wasn't an adult myself, I had a year or two on her. Or did I?

She had a corner couch in her room where I slept that night. Nothing could have prepared me for what happened.

I had no intentions at all. I was going t sl**p. Wake up. Watch the house.

In the middle of the night I awake. I her a rustling. I hear vibrating. I sit up.

She... Continue»
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[Story] A little freaky 2.


I had just got home from work, taking off my work slacks and company shirt I walk upstairs to my bedroom to lay down. Kate is in the shower. After some time I hear the shower turn off and Kate enters the room in a towel. We exchange the small time banter every couple does after coming home. She has a playful tone in her voice. She is plotting something.

During our banter I had sat up, she was going about the room, doing her hair and some skin care stuff. I got up to go downstairs for some food. She stops me. Shakes her head. Then she drops the towel.

She stood tip toe and kissed m... Continue»
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Dorm Room Quickie

This was one of my adventure with Mandy.

She had reddish blonde hair, c breasts, and LOVED sex. Any and every which way she could get it. I was probably only one of many lovers she had at any given time.

This was around dinner time. She found me on campus and took me by my hand, led me to her dorm. She keyed and signed me in and led me straight up stair. She was weather a purple sweater )it was fall) and blue jeans. She led me to her bed.

"quick" she said, "Fill me up before my room mate comes back."

She loved almost getting caught. Part of her thing I guess.

She hops on her be... Continue»
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[Story] Pregger-sex.


Same beautiful wife, jet black hair and 6 months pregnant.

She is pale skinned, my wife, with chocolate eyes.

She is a tight figure, small and dainty. Ever so my type.

It was a particularly hot July Saturday, noonish.

We were sitting on the couch, enjoying a movie and whatever cool breeze came our way.

I wasn't interested in the movie. My wife was wearing a bright orange bikini top and jean cut offs. She was bare foot, her toes painted black. I loved that.

I kiss her neck, only a peck and back away. N smiles but otherwise doesn't react. I do it again. This time I kiss... Continue»
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[Story] Preggo Bj


At this point on my life I had married a beautiful woman and several months later we found her to be with c***d. One night we were in our bedroom. She was about 7 months pregnant at the time and her hormones made her unpredictable, like this night...

I am sitting up in the bed, reading "Spring heel Jack", and she is lying next to my right side, she rolls over and turns to face me. She extends her arm and begins playing with me through my boxer briefs. I take that as a signal she wants some physical interaction.

I close my book and turn my attention to her. She was so beautiful. Mi... Continue»
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[Story] Her first time - Anal


I was dating a girl, Ellie. She had jet black hair, pale white complexion, and the body of a runner. Exactly how I like them.

We had been dating for a few months and moved in with each other. We were having sex weekly. She was all natural, a jet black bush. I loved that too.

One night we were settling down for bed and I began putting on the moves. Playing with her hair, making out, gentle kisses, hand brushes over her. She responded well.

She began to return the sentiments. Kissing me, touching me, playing with me through my boxer briefs. I slide her pajama pants down and begin... Continue»
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[Story] Halloween Adventure

One year on college I went to a Halloween dance. It took place in one of the male residence dorms.

I was a "friend" date, running interference for a female friend of mine who had a boyfriend but wanted to go out. I was not in costume.

I stood by her side, chatting her up when she was not dance with her female friends. That was, until, Batgirl caught my eye.

She was shorter than me, Jet black hair, shoulder length. Straight. The dance was dark, I couldn't see much else. I watched her dance, she was sexy.She saw me watching her. She just smiled and continued. She was wearing the black ... Continue»
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[Story] Her Freaky Side


I used to live with and date this girl, Kate. She was 5'6'' brown hair, a c breasts. And this girl could be a freak.

One incident comes to mind.

One of the first nights after she moved into my apartment we were in the bedroom making out. We decided on having sex. Kate was relatively new to thee realm of sexual possibility so she always tried whatever came to her little mind.

We wrestled our clothes off and lay together naked on the bed. Making out still she grabs me and starts jacking me. I slid two of my fingers into her neatly trimmed and oh so wet vagina. It's on from there.... Continue»
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[Story] The Beach House


This was with my, at the time, long time girl friend, Frankie.

We were staying with her parents in a beach house for two weeks over the summer.

To separate Frankie and me, they had us sl**p on different floors, with her room across from her parents.

One particularly breezy summer night. I was awoken in the middle of the night. The lap turned on. It was Frankie, in a robe. She leaned over and kissed me. She sat on the bed and let her robe flow open, she was completely naked. She slid over and lie next to me, we kissed passionately and desperately. She had dirty blonde hair, sun... Continue»
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[Story] No Protection


Frankie and I had been dating several months by now. She had recently start the pill and we were waiting to be sure before we tried anything. Se without a condom? I bet that's amazing.

We drove after track practice in her little purple neon until we found an abandoned parking lot to an old factory on a no name side road in our town. It was May, The sun was setting and the air was warm and fragrant.

She shut the car off and turned to me. We just looked at each other for a while. She was 5'7''. The track captain. Sun tanned skin, brown eyes looking through designer prescription gla... Continue»
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[Story] .A Candy Cane Aventure


Ana and I had formed a relationship by now, after being found out by her boyfriend. We decided to take a weekend retreat to a hotel room. It was December, Christmas time.

The weather was cold and icy. We lay on a bed together, flipping channels, trying to decide when to start fucking. I had a surprise for her. I bought her a present, a foot long one inch diameter candy cane. Neither she, not I, expected us to take the turn we did.

We made out, embracing each other's warmth in the cold weather. We started taking each other's and or own clothes off, she had a surprise for me as well... Continue»
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[Story] First Blowjob


Her name was Ana. I was 21. I had slept with approximately four other women by then. Not a one of them touched my penis with their mouths. Ana had a boyfriend that wasn't me. We were camping, deep in the woods. A tent was pitched and a fire build. We sipped on Kahlua and Rum.

We settled down in the tent for a d***ken slumber when she snuggled up to me. She mutters the name "Mat". It was her boyfriends name.She was either asl**p or in a d***ken stupor, or even playing me to get at it.

Her lips kiss my chest, being bare because of the combination of alcohol and summer heat. My nip... Continue»
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[Story] Camping Fling Pt. 1


My friend and college room mate, Ben, and I decided to go camping. I brought along a mutual, and beautiful, acquaintance, Mandy, and her tagalong nag of a room mate, Becky.

We set up a tent deep in the woods. We built a beautiful fire. And, like the college k**s we were, brought out the drinks.

We were having a good time, playing never have I ever, learning and humiliating eachother, taking cheap shots so the other team (boys versus girls) would have to drink. Mandy and I are sitting next to eachother.

We had a designated spot in the woods for boys and girls bathroom breaks. T... Continue»
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[Story] My First Time.


How I lost my virginity. I was a boy, only s*******n, coming out of adolescence and in my first relationship. Admittedly I selected this particular partner because of her reputation for promiscuity.

It started with some hardcore making out and wandering hands, mostly mine. She had golden blonde hair and icy blue eyes. She was 5' 7'', roughly 115 pounds, C breasts.

She let my hands wonder. Under the powder blue sweater she wore that October evening, around the lime green bra, unsnapping it as I pass and fondling her breasts, playing with the bright pink nipples of a s*******n yea... Continue»
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Road Trip - Short Story

Here is a short one.

My wife and I were headed to meet her parents for some holiday get together. IT i a thirty minute drive. I was moping because it was my only day off and I had to spend it with her f****y.

On the way there on the highway she was driving.

"Lean your seat back, I have a surprise for you." I did as I Was instructed. With the skill and grace of a pickpocket she reached over with her right hand, never taking her eyes off of the road, undoes my pants and pulls my cock out.

"How about this?" She asked.

"No complaints here." I respond. I slide my pants further do... Continue»
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The Caribbean Girl

In college I had a friend from the Caribbean. We were just commonplace social friends.

Until my senior year.

She was telling me about how stressed she was about finals so I told her to hang out with me, I had rum.

She agreed.

We went to our college's cross country trail and sat on a giant rock. We spent an hour talking about finals and drinking our destressor.

Once the rum was gone we goofed off some more, I noticed she was closing in on me.

Then she kissed me.

She had jet black hair, cocoa brown skin, and had a fruity smell. I went with it.

We were kissing, playing a... Continue»
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Camping Fling Pt. 2

The next night her naggy room mate left. We slept until almost dusk. Naturally we rebuild the fire and continue drinking.

Mandy and I begin our escapades once again, this time by the fire in the presence of my room mate Ben.

Mandy and I start making out. Her top comes off. Her Bra. She pulls my dick out and starts bobbing her head, up and down, priming me for our nightly event.

Ben is enjoying the show but he knows not to interfere. He pulls himself out and takes care of things his own way.

I remove myself from her mouth and pull her pants down, positioning her doggy style we go a... Continue»
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