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Occupation:Job Site Manager and Supervisor
Education:Some grad school
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Body type:Average
Height:5 ft 6 in (168 cm)
Hair length:Medium
Hair color:Blonde
About Me
If you do not have an avatar DO NOT "friend me"
Just because I comment on your photo/profile, DOES NOT MEAN I WANT A FRIEND INVITE, I know how to click the button for who I wish as a friendship.
If you have more than 300 friends you are way too busy for to be my play mate-DON'T BOTHER ADDING ME!!
If your profile contains NO INFORMATION you are NOT FOR ME!
DO NOT PM ME with bullshit one or two word sentences, do not send me a link to see your little hairy limp pathetic dick as a conversation starter and ask me to skype before we have even had a real conversation.
I will delete block and report you!
I am here to meet people and have fun..not to be grossed out.

I am a !STILL! Bi-sexual female. I love to meet new friends from all over the world and do not accept friends with empty profiles.

I do not submit and when I play it is by MY rules.

I play as hard as I work and LOVE anything beach, water,boat,lake,sun,rum,oil,ocean,sand and bikinis.

I am open to all kind of play and friends of any ages sizes colors and shapes.

I DO NOT do any shit play. I find FEET and ARMPITS GROSS. I do not hit or beat a female, I Do not leave permanent marks on females, I Do not choke or strangle a female. For boys the rules are out the window and their pain is my pleasure.

I have a special place in my heart and bed for a mommie, milf, mommie to be, new moms and I LOVE mommie daughter role play IN PUBLIC ONLY! (or sister role play) In private lets just say I like the play without the role.

If you post GRAPHICS on my profile i will delete and block you! It is childish and stupid!

I DO NOT have skype-msn-aol-yahoo and will not open an account just for you!!

I HATE HATE HATE caption photos, "friend only profiles" and cartoons
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14 hours ago
mmmmm sexy profile ... would love you check my profile and comment
1 day ago
hi hows u lov too chat,mm,xx
2 days ago
I like talking to you, Serenity ;)
2 days ago
you ever lock your old man up

4 days ago
Like it all
6 days ago
I'm looking forward to get cut day:)
6 days ago
7 days ago
nice profile
7 days ago
I'm tiny dicked
10 days ago
nice profil :)
14 days ago
That huge loose giant and well pleasured pussy for sure- wow again so many men have kept her so very happy-------
14 days ago
What do you find "So damn BIG so damn sexy" the pussy of my girlfriend or our profile ... ;-)
Thanks for comment :-)
17 days ago
you definitely know what you want that's good a lot of people on this site are rude and alm0st unhuman with some of there comments. have a great day I like some of you videos
18 days ago
19 days ago
Hi, My wife loves to give blowjobs because of the feeling of power and control she feels
1 month ago
I must ask- WTF does this mean? I thought that i was fluent in 3 languages and understood many more INCLUDING Latin and even PIG Latin. This confuses the fucking hell out of me for sure
1 month ago
mark these words - delusions of grandeur will come hard in you one day - when u fill back as a virgin while punished.
1 month ago
he sure did

1 month ago
1 month ago
hi sweetie

2 months ago
2 months ago
2 months ago
lick my pussy baby
2 months ago
I really had NO INTENTION to writing to you. I like a sissy fag boy that admits what he is and what he desires. I need NOT a sissyfaggie that will let men fuck his asshole and mouth- then claim he isnt into men fuckig his ass- seems that you desire your ass fuckef from real men but are still too ashamed to admit to it- a dick is the same as a dildo and fucking your ass with a dildo while wishing it was a flesh DICK is fine for sure- Just admit to it and enjoy the feeling as the real men seed your pussy and call you sissy.......
2 months ago
of course not pm me I like being called nasty names xx
2 months ago
EXACTLY why id it you even ask? I am FOR SURE your dick isnt even close to the national average in your country of 4.75 Inches.
2 months ago
yep- lots of times- -- why is it you ask? are you the fag we seek
2 months ago
Hi. You said you do love a fag that sucks his own dick. Have you ever seen it for real ?
2 months ago
There are many many many of us here on x-ham that fully and wholeheartedly think that the girl in your story is for really YOU? It is great that you can and to take so many real men in your pussy and mouth- you are our hero-- NOT because you are just a fag at heart- BUT because you are not ashamed of living your life and being PROUD of your clitty and ass skills- we all await for more video of you gagging and breeding with the real men for sure- kisses and castration to all fakes.
2 months ago
yep i can sure tell that u enjoy it
2 months ago
all women know that size matters- but just cause it is big sure done make it able to satisfy????
2 months ago
thnx for youre hot comment i do love it:)
2 months ago
hi! love ur profile...so sexy
3 months ago
Hope all is well. Come hang out,visit, and check out my new hottie. ;) :)

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