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I'm:Onyx, a PussyLovin, CockSuckin Sex God,
From:South of LA, North of TJ, California, United States
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Kids:Yes, we do not live together
Occupation:I sit at a desk an make shit happen
Education:PhD/MD/Post doctorate
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Body type:Athletic
Height:5 ft 11 in (180 cm)
Hair color:Black
Eye color:Brown
About Me
BIBLKNHUNG... Hypersexual black man who explores the continuum of physical pleasure.... IS there anything better than the silky envelope of a juicy pussy, the immeasurable softness of warm breast flesh, the hard heat of a flexing cock, the muscular pull of a tight ass, the mysterious swirling of a hot mouth, and the taste of pussy juice and hot cum...For those of us who dont discriminate by gender, the bedroom is indeed a wonderful place...

Love playing with both bi couples, sexy versatile transsexuals, highly evolved women who appreciate watching two guys, and select guys who like a little MMF or MMM play every now and then...

I fucking love porn. I admit it freely. Cumshot facials, bisexual MMF threesomes, interracial stuff, role playing, t-girls, black women, some gay porn, big asses, cocks and tits, and female gangbangs. And when I see something on the screen that I like, I ultimately end up trying it myself...

***If you want to friend me, please have some content worth sharing. A useless avatar (or worse, the default hamster) gives me no reason for me or my friends to go to your page! YOU need to have at least 100 videos in your favorites, 250 friends, and NO AVATARS OF SINGLE DICKS.

By the way, I just love the female ass!

How can you say "no" to this?

And doesn't an ass look even better when its getting creamed?

I also love bisexual porn, like this. I love when everyone is in the mix, playing with no limitations! I love an advanced woman who can appreciate MM play and not freak out...

See the way she enjoys watching him get fucked? My kind of woman!

It was a black girl who turned me on to sucking my first cock.
Her fantasy was to see two guys working it out. When I did that
for her, she was forever grateful. And I fucking liked it!

What I like about Bisexual videos is that EVERYBODY gets fucked!

If you have never gotten your cock sucked while getting fucked,
its an experience you have missed out on...These three have
the right idea. This is how I party, bitches.

Now here's a bitch that just loves watching her man suck dick!

Damn right I love cumshots. Giving and taking!
Who doesnt love a multi-man facial all over a
hungry chicks face...

Just take all that fucking hot juice baby!...

If you're going to make the commitment to suck a dick,
then go all the way and stick around for the cum!

Look at her working for that cream....

I like facial cumshots on women, especially black women. The contrast is so sexy..
Its like they want every drop of whoever theyre fucking...

...and I even like them on guys faces too. If you gonna be a bitch,
be a total bitch! Dont half-step!

..Take it all, like this guy, right from the source!

You suck a dick, finish it off!

The first time I came face to face with a big clit, I sucked on that thing for a half hour straight..
There is nothing tastier than big; fleshy, pussy lips
and a swollen huge clit! Well, unless there's cum dripping from it.

Look how fucking delicious these are!

I could literally kneel and eat this for an hour. Literally!

XH member BlackMommy has the sweetest clit!! I could just worship it!!!

I love women taking dick.....and enjoying the cum....

This is Tia Ling. I love her work, and this is some of her best.
These three cocks never had a chance....

"Do you like cum, baby"?

Okay, lets get down to business. Interracial sex is hot. Fuck the sociological blather and the pyscho-cultural bullshit. Black people and white people get a extra thrill when they fuck. Its looks hot, there an additional spark, and then there's the whole raceplay dom/sub thing going on. Dont try to explain it, just enjoy the nasty!

White chicks love getting skewered by big black cocks (or they think about it!)

My current girlfriend is Irish/Italian. She loves anal,and it looks just like this...

Black chicks love getting white dick too...I love watching that...

White guys love black cock....

See how this white guy is holding it down for two huge black dicks? HE needs it!

..And black guys love white cock because they like seeing it
disappear into their hungry asses..

..or down their whore throats...

I like porn. And Gay Porn is porn, so fuck it and enjoy...

Look at this brotha worshipping this cock...

Besides, if youre open minded havent you ever thought of doing this??

Look at the way this black tranny is paying homage to that cock! That shit is hot. Like "she's" willing the cum to shoot...

Male, female, we all want cock...

...and pussy!

Now add in the dom/sub raceplay stuff - "Fuck my black ass"
-"Suck that black cock", or "pound this white pussy"..
Eat my white dick" ...Gay or straight, in any combination,that shit adds excitement.

So this black chick taking 2 white cocks....

..Or this chick getting ridden...yum! I like the element of race play...

or getting Dp'ed...

AND COLORED DRINKING FOUNTAINS""... And shes thinking "Just gimme
that black dick"!

And this one here knows shes a whore for black dick...

But the white girls just love the contrast...they cant help it...

And this white guy taking 2 black dicks...creates the same hard-on!!
He loves every black inch sliding in and out...

So cant we all just get along, and fuck!?
..like this hungry boi?

This is the way a porno star is supposed to drain four cocks! Oustanding!!

I like sluts of every color who can handle more than one cock.....black...

..or white...

...as long as their highly motivated!!!!

I like women with some meat on their bones...fucking a skinny
chick is like sleeping with a bag of glass...This is as big as I go, personally.

I could lick these until my tongue falls out....

This is just funny!

Then I started getting an itch for older women.
I fuckin love women in their 40's and 50's
who fuck like their 20!

Hear how this MILF just loves the black cock? And isnt afraid to
say it! Love dirty talk!!!

A well preserved 50-something that still takes it in the
ass gets me hard all the time...Thats whats up!

Take it, MILF honey Kelly Leigh!

And just when I thought I had it all figured out, I fucking found a hot ass transsexual.
And when it came to sex, I was never the same again!
All the softness of a woman, and a bit of hardness from a man..

This has got to be the best Shemale orgy of all time!!!

The first time I saw Brazilian TS Susannah Holmes...lawdy!

I love watching Transwomen take dick!

For a while there I was a whore for tranny cock and ass...Thats why I'm versatile..I still am!!
Do you know what its like to suck a cock while feeling 2 womanly breasts, or have this 92% female creature fuck you with the other 8%?
Its unbelievable, that's what it is.

Watching white ass get pounded by black tranny cock is a winner all the time!

This is so raw and natural!

And then you throw a woman in the mix, well hell, I cant go back to just regular fuckin!

You know, for a cartoon find this strangely mesmerizing.
She only has one cock in her at any time...

THIS is what you call cock worship!!!!

Yes I believe given the right circumstances, I would fuck a midget.

Absolutely. No doubt.

This is just incredible. I can watch these two all day.

Just when you thought you've seen it all...A fist, a mango, 3 wine bottles and a dildo.
Geez, I'm not sure if its a turn on, but I cant look away!

And then there's this, the sexual equivalent of a 3 fatality car wreck: anal prolapsing!
A) Why would anyone do this on purpose?; and B) no matter what it is,
in porn there's always someone available to lick it.

But as as I said in the beginning, I just love female ass...

More to come. Look for my true journey and some fiction in the blog and story areas.
I mix my content up, so there is hetero, gay, tranny, cumshots,
women, all in the same galleries and favorites..so dig away...

By the way, does anyone know where this lady lives? LOL

I just CANT look away!!!!


Know who my favorite pornstar is? The Fabulous SINNAMON LOVE!
Yeah there are other chicks that have other talents, might be prettier, make more money, been in more films, etc, but she has always just.. spoken to me, know what I mean? Just a top drawer babe that
seems like you could get with her in real life...

Always puts on a great performance...

Sinnamon took black dick....

..White dick....

...in all holes...

...like a champion!

She had a beautiful ass...

..a pretty smile...

always bought her "A" game...

..and was classy!

Check out my Blogs for profiles of other favorite Porn stars...


This is what traffic would be like if we had self-driving cars...

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1 day ago
This page is incredible!
1 month ago
What a page! Reading your profile and statement had me grabbing and gripping my white cock, which got harder as I scrolled down.

Whether it's cream in the coffee or chocolate in the milk, we have quite a lot in common with Interracial sex and porn.
1 month ago
thx for the invite! Kool profile.
1 month ago
hot profile, luv the mmf videos,,,
1 month ago
1 month ago
Best profile I have ever seen on Xhamster ;) It's great to have such a wide interest in sex.
Teach us how to be so open minded!
1 month ago
Thanks for accepting the invite - great page, excellent collection...from a fellow SDian!
2 months ago
nice proff
2 months ago
Very nice profile page! Thanks for the invite.
2 months ago
DAMN!! Thanks for the invitation! love this profile!!! wow!
2 months ago
thanks slim
2 months ago
This is definitely the hottest profile I've run across in a long time!!!
Love the bisex!!!
2 months ago
Thanks for the invite.
2 months ago
Thanks for the invite and I love your profile and avatar'
3 months ago
I like the variety of your profile.
3 months ago
Thank you!
3 months ago
Great profile, keep it up!!
3 months ago
And you and your page is superb!!!
3 months ago
thx 4 invite!
3 months ago
Welcome friend, and thanks for the friendship add. Hope to chat a lot more with you soon. XXX
3 months ago
you have been faved
3 months ago
Thanks for the invite... Kisses... :) :)
3 months ago
I would love to get your cock down my throat and suck the hot cum out of it being the cum whore and slut that I am! I'm glad to be your friend! Please leave a comment on my profile page if you have not already and leaves some comments on my pictures if you like then and if you want to. I look forward to hopefully chatting with you when I have the time!
4 months ago
This profile is fucking nasty.

I like the way you think!
4 months ago
so nice profile perfect
4 months ago
thank you for the invite ^_^
4 months ago
Thanks for the invite - accepted!
4 months ago
wonderful profile, amazing content
kisses from Kiev
4 months ago
thx for a very good profile
4 months ago
Hi sweetie,

many thanks for your invitation which I gladly accept.

If you like my videos and pictures I warmly invite you to visit me at my website:

Just click the direct link to my website which is shown on my profile or click the banner which is displayed below my videos.

There are quite a lot of damned hot amateur videos with me. Also I got some horny girl friends who are in some of these clips as well. Here at xHamster I will show only a few of my videos to introduce myself - mostly shortened.

If you enjoy watching my videos I would be very happy if you could help a little and if you could vote “thumb up” for them. I am a real amateur and there is none of these big internet porn companies supporting and pushing me. Each little help counts! Especially regarding my clip " My Incredible Fuck with Julia" which has been voted down by someone continuously. Thank you very much in advance.

See you, kisses Tekohas