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[Story] THE Wife

"The Wife" Thats what I had been called by my husband for over 30 years. Ever since we were married when I was 25 he has introduced me as "The wife". Never MY wife always the wife. It pissed me off, but when I brought it up he always laughed it off as just a saying. It came to a head a couple of months after my 56th birthday. My husband had business in the city and had been booked in a a downtown hotel for two nights, Wednesday and Thursday nights. His secretary had asked for the week off so I volunteered to cover the office while she was off. Friday morning I had a call from the hotel and thi... Continue»
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[Story] Diary 2

After the movie we all went to a local bar and had a few drinks. I kept on thinking about what had happened yet nobody else spoke about it or even mentioned it. About midnight we decided to go to Cheryl's flat which was pretty close to the bar. We all walked and paired up as we had originally done at the start of the evening. When we got to her flat she put on some coffee and a bunch of slow jazzy CD's. after the coffee Cheryl got up and started dancing with Tom. He was all over her, caressing her back and ass and she leaned into him and was kissing his neck. Colin got up and pulled me up as ... Continue»
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[Story] Diary Memories 1

My name is Sheila and I recently found an old diary, from my late teens, while I was cleaning up the house. It was from the late sixties. I read some of them and then found one with a few comments which to someone else wouldn't make sense but to me it brought back a lot of memories. I was eighteen and had just started working in a Government office in Edinburgh. There were a lot of us young guys and gals working in the office but we were kept controlled by an older woman who was the supervisor. There were a mix of nationalities which was unusual at that time but we had a couple of Asian girls ... Continue»
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[Story] Shorts with Liz

Over the time we had our affair Liz and I had many meetings. Some were longer than others but many were of a short duration. As I said in first story she was insatiable at times and wasn't averse to taking risks which I found quite exciting too and also took these risks. The following is some of these short and sometimes risky meetings.
Liz and Ellen, my wife, the youngest of Liz's k**s, and myself, went down to the beach at the lake. It was a beautiful hot day and there were lots of Mums and Dads with their k**s on the beach and swimming. Liz, Ellen and I lay sunbathing while the k** played ... Continue»
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[Story] Adventures with Liz

Liz came into our life in the 80's. My wife, Ellen had met her in church. As new arrivals to our small town they had been introduced to everyone. She was married with three small k**s, two at school and one younger. He husband was very sick and they had moved here as his parents had a cottage nearby and they thought it would be good to live here and had the parents up during spring and summer. My wife being the way she is volunteered my services to them if they had any jobs bought the house that he couldn't do. I did a few things for them but at that time nothing happened and in fact I hardly ... Continue»
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[Story] Girls Night Out

My wife Ellen is a nice looking Lady with a good figure even at 60 years old. She works out regularly but our love life hasn't been the greatest for some time. I thought we were both just at that period in our lives where sex had lost it edge for her so I never pushed sex very often. How wrong I was finding out through an email sent to me anonymously with an attachment to a Blog called Party Time. I love looking at the xHamster site and have an especial liking for the "Party" and "Hen Party" videos. This Blog attachment was of a party, indicating it was for a young girl's 21st birthday and wh... Continue»
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[Story] s****r in Law

My wifes' s****r wasn't really any better looking than my wife. Little bigger tits but otherwise the same build. She used to have dark hair but in recent years she started changing to lighter colour and at time of this story she was light brown with blonde streaks. She was about 61 at the time but still looked pretty good. She always had a bit of a superiority look about her as if she was better than other people. And I had overheard her talking to my wife and telling her she didn't go in for any "funny stuff" such as sucking cock or any other position other than on her back. I had not planned... Continue»
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[Story] Hotel Service Was Excellant

We were down in the city for a few days as I had some meetings to attend. We had been fortunate to have an upgrade to a suite at the hotel which had a small settee , a TV and a fridge which we used to cool the wine and keep a few snacks. The first night there we had watched some TV in the suite and as they had videos available we had watched a movie. After the movie I had a quick shower before bed. While my wife had her shower I had found some porn videos available and had one playing when she came out. She was wrapped up in a towel and when she saw what was on she snuggled up beside me on the... Continue»
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[Story] Reluctant Wife

My wife Ellen had been adamant that we would never have a threesome. I had always fantasized about her having sex with another man , I wanted a black guy, She was not having anything to do with it and that was that. years had passed and she had never given in and she was now 62 and I figured it would never happen now. She still has a great figure working out at least three times per week. Our sex life had been pretty low for the last few years and with my medical problems requiring a lot of medication my cock wasn't performing as well as it should. We still have sexual times together but my co... Continue»
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[Story] She Turned it Around on Me

My wife and I had argued for many years about me watching her with another man, from when we were in our late thirties until now when I am in early sixties and she is 60. She still has a great body with 36c breasts. Our latest argument had been three weeks before and we have been been pretty cool since then. I had been looking at the videos on hamster and loved the "Wife's First Time with BBC. I told her that would be even better watching her with a BBC. She had got quite angry and slept in the spare room that night. This morning as she left for work she left a DVD on the kitchen table saying ... Continue»
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[Story] Mature Couple: Something New!

We are a mature couple, I am 64 and Ellen is 60. She still has a great body with 36C breasts which are still quite firm. We used to have a pretty good sex life but in recent years my health has taken its toll of that side of our life and although we still have sex my cock isn't up to staying hard for very long and most of her pleasure comes from my mouth as she does enjoy me eating her but I know she misses a good hard screw now and again. I had spoken about having a threesome earlier in our lives but she was against it and it never happened. What I am about to write about wasn't planned, it j... Continue»
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[Story] MILF and Daughter

I was going around the grocery store and when I went to turn my cart ran into a woman's cart coming the other way. There was a crash but no damage done. I joked we should send for the police and I made the comment "Women Drivers!" she laughed and said "Typical Male Chauvinist." We split the carts up and continued on our way. when I turned into the second aisle down I about half way down I past the same woman going in the opposite direction. we joked as we past about keeping in our own lanes. The next aisle was the same and the next two also we appeared to be going down the same aisles except ... Continue»
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[Story] Chinese experience

When I was in my early twenties and single I was visiting Canada and had taken a bus down to Niagara Falls. When I was waiting on the bus to return to TO I met this young Chinese woman. She had long jet black hair and looked so exotic to me. She had come down with some friends to go over to the US but as she was a Chinese national and had no visa they refused her entry. She persuaded her friends to drop her at the bus station and to continue with their trip which they did. We chatted all the way to TO and before we parted we arranged to meet the next day.
She said to met her at the subway st... Continue»
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[Story] Party Girl part 3: One side of story

I will tell this story in two parts as it is longer than before;
It had again been about two months since we had been at our last party when we received am email from Sharron. She said she was planning a party in about two weeks and would we like to attend. She also said she had something special for this one. Ellen and I agreed to go and about ten days later we got an email with an address in one of the upscale neighbourhoods in TO. On the night we turned up and parked in the driveway of a substantial house in the area. Ellen was dressed in a white blouse which should a nice bit of cleavage ... Continue»
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[Story] Party Girl part 3: The other side of story

About two days after Sharron's email a package arrived at the house while Ellen was out and when I opened it up there were two DVD's. One entitled "Ellen's wildest Dreams" and "Ron's Amazing Night". I quickly put the one on Ellen into the DVD player. It started off where I had left them on the settee where they had quickly stripped each other and were now on the floor all three of then naked and sucking kissing and nibbling on each others vaginas and breasts while fingers were in and out of each others vaginas and anuses it looked like three octopi having sex, with arms, fingers and tongues al... Continue»
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[Story] Party Girl Part 2

My wife Ellen had had her first experience of a swinging party which really surprised me and said she would go again if the opportunity arose. About six weeks after the first party Sharroen sent an email to say she was having another party the following Saturday and we were both invited. She said that a few of the guys were interested in Ellen s they had not had the opportunity the first time.
When we arrived at the party some of the previous couples were there and they came over and chatted. Tom and Adam and their wives Alice and Karen came over and during the conversation Tom said he would ... Continue»
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[Story] Door to Door

I had just had a shower when the doorbell rang. When I opened the door a couple of k**s were there asking for a donation for their high school trip. One of the mothers was just behind them as chaperone and when I told them I had not been to the bank and had nothing she asked if i would donate later once I had been to the bank and I said yes. I finally got dressed and end uptown and did what I had to do including getting money from the bank.
It was about nine o'clock that night when I heard the doorbell again and when I opened the door the mother who had been with the k**s was standing there. ... Continue»
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[Story] Extract from Wife's Diary

I took this from my wife's diary as she told the story much better than I could: She was 55 at the time and I was 58.

David my husband, had been away on a training course for a week and he asked me to meet him in the city on the Friday night so we could see a show and have a nice weekend together to make up for being apart for the week. Friday night we just went out for supper a couple of drinks and then went to bed and had a nice reunion. Saturday we did some shopping and went to the show which was very good. After the show we had a nice meal and were sitting in the bar chatting away and m... Continue»
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[Story] Fantasies come true

A number of years ago when my wife, who was about 50 at the time, we spoke about our fantasies. I told her I always fantasized about a threesome with her and another guy. She wasn't too thrilled about that but I pushed her about what her fantasies were and she said she had always fantasized about a black man and wondered if what they said about the size of their cocks were true or not. We spoke about these on other occasions with me hoping we could manage to get them to come true.
About six months after we originally spoke about it we were in the city over the holiday weekend where we went to... Continue»
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[Story] Wife became the Party Girl

I had been chatting online with a woman called Sharron in TO and she told me about her boyfriend Adam and her's experience at a party they went to. It started off like any normal party but late in the evening when only about six couples were left it got into a wild party of swapping and swinging. I had always fancied that but my wife, Ellen, wasn't ready to do it so we never did get around to it and being 60 and Ellen 57 didn't figure it would happen now. Now I must let you know she may be 57 but she has a good figure and nice breasts.
As it happened we were going to TO just after Easter and ... Continue»
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