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[Story] The first meeting

It was a rainy Tuesday lunchtime.  We'd agreed to meet at a local pub you knew.  The 'first meet', an opportunity to check each other out, to ensure neither was insane, criminal or repulsive!  You had arrived slightly early and ordered a drink, sitting yourself near the warming open fireplace.  You allowed the heat to sooth your ice cold hands feeling the rush of bl**d flow towards your finger tips.  You looked up just as I came through the door, shaking my umbrella out, glad of the dry, warm, room I had walked into.  I looked around seeking out your face, then our eyes met.  Relief flooded yo... Continue»
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[Story] The Lunch

Both of us had the day off work and, since our other halves were
working and the k**s were being taken care of, we decided to go out
for a long lunch together far away from where anyone would
recognise us.  We arrived at the restaurant, an intimate little
italian place, and were seated at a cozy table for two.  As we had
nowhere specific to be for a while we ordered some champagne and
enjoyed the feeling of freedom and intimacy as the bubbles went to
our heads a little.  You were delighting in the flirting and
seduction and had dressed accordingly, a low cut summer dress with
delicate... Continue»
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[Story] The Lunch - Part 2 (The Threesome)

It was a beautiful summer’s evening, the sun had gone down enough
to allow a refreshing coolness to offset the blazing heat of the
day.  We had managed to steal a couple of days together away from
home and had booked into a lovely hotel with an outdoor swimming
pool.  We had spent the afternoon lounging by the pool sl**ping,
sunbathing and generally recovering from a night of hot,
passionate, love making the evening before, where we had explored
each other fully and cum over and over again leaving us exhausted
but deeply satisfied.  For sunbathing you had chosen to wear a very ... Continue»
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[Story] The Appointment

Only 2 days to go until your summer holiday!  The last week at work
had been hectic and relentless leaving you little time to prepare
and pack for your trip abroad.  You were looking forward to the
warmth of the sun bathing your tired body as you lay on the sand
listening to the gentle lap, lapping of the sea on the shore. 
Mmmm...you needed this break and now had 2 free days off work to
get ready.  You’d decided to pamper yourself prior to going away
and had booked in a ‘pre holiday’ special at your local beauty
salon.  You were going to be smoothed and massaged and made
bea... Continue»
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[Story] The Home Visit

I made sure I had packed my black bag well.  A home visit might
necessitate any type of examination or medication, so it was best
to be prepared.  I looked down at the home visit sheet I had been
given by reception.  Female, 37, pelvic pains.  Fairly standard
details so hopefully the visit shouldn’t take too long.  I ensured
I had a speculum and swabs with me along with pain relief as I set
off in my car.

After a short drive I arrived at the address on my sheet and,
parking outside, went to knock on the door.  After a couple of
minutes the door opened to reveal you.  A beaut... Continue»
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[Story] The Night Shift - a surprise visit

It had been a busy start to the night shift - two arrests and one
major RTA.  If the evening continued like this then you were going
to be physically spent long before handover at 7am.  Fortunately,
after an initial flurry of majors, things started to quieten down
and by 2am the workload had trickled into a gentle stream of minors
all of which could be handled by your junior staff.  You deserved a
break and decided to sneak out to grab a coffee.  Suddenly your
mobile vibrated, alerting you to a text message.  It was me. 
‘Hiya, lovely.  How r things going? xx’, you read.  You w... Continue»
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[Story] The Seduction

Imagine you're standing, dressed in a silky slip with stockings and
suspenders.  The silk clings to your body highlighting your breasts
and curves.  You close your eyes.  Slowly you feel my breath inches
away from your face.  I start to kiss your cheek, your forehead,
your closed eyes then... gently... your lips.  Then I move on to
your neck, nibbling at your skin.  Simple, sensual kisses.  I
slowly lift my hand to your waist and caress your body lightly.  My
hand moves under your slip and in small strokes I search out your
breasts.  Gently I touch your nipples, just enough to s... Continue»
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