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Using The Report Buttons In The Live Cam Section.

There are four ways to report a cammer for breaking the rules, this blog will explain what they are, what to report with them and how to identify when certain rules are broken.

Performer(s) looks under 18
This sounds obvious like if it's a ch ild on cam or the cammer's ki d walks across the screen but there are grey areas. For instance the cammer looks like they might be under 18 but it's hard to tell because they look so close. Ask them how old they are, usually they will say the truth. Don't start accusing them that they are under 18 because then they will say they are 18+. When you ... Continue»
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Models, Get More Tips, A Viewer's Perspectiv

I am sure some of the pro models will be like "yeah we already knew that" but there are a lot of models out there that are new and lost when it comes to the cams and tips. Like the title says "a viewer's perspective", take what you like from this blog and leave the rest. If any models or viewers have suggestions please leave them in the comment section I'm sure other models would be glad to hear them.

First and foremost it is important for all models to follow xHamster's rules while on cam. xHamster will ban models that do not follow all rules while on cam. The list of rules are at the ... Continue»
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My Thoughts About The Live Cams

This will probably be bouncing all over the place so please bear with me, it will come to a point eventually.

I've recently discovered the live cams and have become somewhat of a fan. I have always loved porn, magazines in the beginning then pictures when I got a computer and finally movies when the porn sites became more developed and internet/computer speeds increased. Now that I have found the live cams it takes porn for me to a different level. I don't jerk-off to them nor do I ever see my self doing that to cam shows, however it does stimulate my mind in the fact that I can actually... Continue»
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What is Your Upload Speed to xHamster?

A few of us were curious about upload speeds to xHamster from around the world. If you upload videos please take a second to tells us the speed (kbps = kilobytes per second) during your uploads.

The main purpose of this blog is to see what every one's upload speed to xHamster is. The way to find out is when you are uploading a vid, click the box by the status bar. When you click it it will show you: total time of upload, time remaining, upload speed and amount transferred... Continue»
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PRESS RELEASE: Trouble for Harley Motorcycle Co.

In the news...

Harley Davidson Faces Stiff Competition From Johnson Marine Who Introduces New Line

At a press conference late Monday, the CEO of Johnson Marine, makers of Johnson outboard marine engines and other recreational equipment, unveiled a new line of heavyweight cruiser style motorcycles designed to compete head to head with industry leader Harley-Davidson. Peter Long, Johnson's Brands Marketing Manager said, "We have studied the market and determined that Harley, while highly successful, has narrowly missed the mark when targeting motorcycle buyers." Long added, "We at Johnson ... Continue»
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sab Wants Everyone To Feel Welcome At xHamster

scabs-itch'n has to spam everyone, the attention-whore can't help itself (it'll be beside itself when it sees this blog)! Luckily the schizophrenic's other personalities don't do the same thing:

xHam's head(case) spammer:

The spammer's fakes/other personalities:

It greets the a... Continue»
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How to add pictures to your about me or blog

This will show you how to add pics that you've found on the web to the "About Me" section in your profile or into your own blog. The images that are in this blog are from adding pics to the profile but you can use the same steps for working on your blog in "Add New Post" or the "Edit" section of an existing blog. This will not show you where to get pictures, you must find them on your own.

The "About Me" section before adding a pic:

Once you have found an im... Continue»
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