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I just watched your akita videos again, I didn't see it happen in the video, and wonder, if you have ever been able to get that knot all the way inside your pussy? sure would be more painful than the real thing, wow. when your dog desides to breed you, he rears up on to your back while locking you into position with his sharp nails digging into you thighs while his amazingly strong fore legs prevent any escape, when it has reached this point, there is no turning back, for your dog now owns you and your pussy, his way after that is accomplished, is a mind blowing RAPID FIRE thrusting til he hit... Continue»
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Wife and His Surprise (his dog)

I did not write this, if you did and want me to take it down just say so.

His Surprise

The k**s were off to grandma's so they had the night to themselves. It had been a while since they had any real privacy, and at first they seemed lost in the silence that fell like a blanket over their otherwise frantic domain. Matt uncorked a bottle of good wine and suggested that they play a game of backgammon on the back patio and enjoy the sunset and each other.

While they played, their three dogs romped about the spacious acre of green grass that was their backyard. Beau, the black lab, was Ma... Continue»
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YOU are a Slut for Black Cock

You are a SLUT for Black Cock.

You are an otherwise intelligent, straight looking and acting white man who craves Black Cock.
It's become your obsession.
You are fascinated with them.
In terms of your arousal, your own little cock is insignificant; your ass has become your erogenous zone. It is your Pussy.
You NEED to be Penetrated DEEP and HARD by relentless Black Cocks that Fuck you DEEP in your very soul.
You NEED to be Pounded and Impaled by Powerful Black Cocks.
You are Consumed with thoughts of being a Sissy Boy with an insatiable pussy that pleasures scores of B... Continue»
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