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Starting out as a young wanker

First Masturbation - from John

I started masturbating when I was 8, although I did not know exactly what I was doing. I saw my dad showing my uncle a magazine, which they would not let me see. Being curious I watched where my dad put it and worked out how to get to the top shelf of the wardrobe when he was not there. H & E and Penthouse, I discovered, and so started my regular fix, with me pressing my very small cock, whilst looking at the pictures. I wasn't actually masturbating in the traditional sense, but I was touching myself whilst looking at the pictures. As this was 1961 all of the ... Continue»
Posted by johnsinmarillion 2 years ago

Step b*****r - Lick my pussy under the table

I woke up one morning feeling ridiculously horny. Showered and put on my flowery dress. Text my step b*****r go under the table downstairs and wait to lick my pussy. My living room table had a cloth over it that fell to the ground, my aim was to have my pussy licked while eating my breakfast (just a quick 2 minutes thing). I got down stairs quickly made myself a cup of tea and moved to the table, at this point nobody was up only us 2. I sat by the table slightly lifted my dress to show my knicker less pussy. I moved to the end of my seat slightly so he could get his tonge in deep. I opened my ... Continue»
Posted by ninaslut4321 5 months ago

[Story] Passed Out Mom

Growing up my father was never ever home. Mom raised me, my younger b*****r and older s****r. Mom drank alot and would mix her alcohol with sl**ping pills. This would put her out like a light. Most of the time when mom did this she would end up naked before she passed out. I paid little attention to her body untill I hit puberty, then I would sneak a peak at mom's naked body.
I can remember one time coming down the hall, I could hear mom snoring and as I passed her room I noticed she was sprawled out on the bed on her back with her legs spread wide. I stopped and gazed at her pussy, the ... Continue»
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Hands free close!

So you may have noticed that in some of my pic sets I'm using a clear sex toy which sort of resembles a plug but has two prongs on it. This, my friends, is pretty much my favorite sex toy in my collection. Now to be honest my collection really isn't that impressive, I've got a standard plug, a vib bullet, a 5 inch vib dildo, the hamster, and of course the rabbit. I must say I enjoy most of them, but none as often as my two Aneros massagers. I own the Helix and the Progasm Ice, both which I highly recommend. To be honest I don't want this to come across as a sales pitch, but seriousl... Continue»
Posted by Lollibone 2 years ago

[Story] Finally Fucked My Auntie Pauline

True story from coljac another xhamster member

Ever since I was a little boy, I had a special relationship with my auntie Pauline, as she did not have c***dren of her own, I became her favourite nephew. I remember she would sit me on her knee for cuddles and take me places, like to see Father Christmas, as much as a treat for her as for me. I would go and stop at her house and we would play games and stuff like that and I can remember her tucking me in to bed on a night.
My f****y were a big close-knit bunch, always getting together for birthdays and such like at my gran and granddads big... Continue»
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[Story] Grinding our way to Orgasm

True story about causing an orgasm and having an orgasm for the first time with

another person
It is hard to believe that this story took place 10 years ago, but there are still so

many vivid memories that are simply unforgettable. It was the school year of 2000

and I was an awkward 16 year old. I wasn’t the most popular guy in school by any

stretch of the imagination but I had my small, tight group of friends made up of 3

girls and 3 guys.

Early within the year I found myself attracted to one of our friends Nicole. Nicole

was a cute girl about my height with fr... Continue»
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[Story] Public bus upskirt wank

I was waiting to get the bus home from work last week during the short heatwave we were having and sitting beside me at the bus stop was a pretty young blonde girl wearing a short skirt and tight top. She looked great and I was already imagining all the things I would love to do to her. The bus arrived and being polite, I let her get on first. She was right in front of me as we both made our way up the stairs to the top of the bus and me being the horny perve that I am, decided to look up and see if I could get a view of what was under her skirt. I wasn't disappointed! She was wearing a s... Continue»
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[Story] i watched as the landlord spanked my s****r

well it all started when i moved in with my s****r as i had broke up with the wife,things where looking up for me as id found a job with one of the nieghbours cleaning his house,well it was a bit weird as he wanted me to clean his house naked.anyway id come home from cleaning the nieghbours house for the first time,i was tired and a bit i walked into the house i could hear a mans voice and my s****rs.the man sounded angry,so i crept into the house to take a peep at what was going turned out to be the landlord and he wasnt s****r danielle didnt have the rent money and was... Continue»
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[Story] Spying on Mother

Spying on Mother

I had slept in my mothers bed ever since my dad had gone, and now as I got older it was just habit I would often wake to find myself there and not remember coming into her room.
Except on Saturdays, Saturday I didn’t have to get up for school and mum would let me sl**p in, I loved Saturdays I would wake as I felt my mother slip out of bed, the mattress would spring as her weight lifted fee then I would hear the bedroom door open and close as she went in to the bathroom.
As soon as the door closed I was wide awake, I would move in the bed so my head was on the end of ... Continue»
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[Story] The pleasure of unconcious wife

When we were younger the wife and I would go off with a group of people diving or cycling....always a group of us. Often the wife was the only girl there, just 21 at the time. She is tall dark long hair and a hairy bush, I like it like that but I trim it to keep it in shape.

My wife was quite shy with regards to sex and the things we did, it took me weeks to get in her knickers, we have been going together since she was 14 so work that out for yourselves. Intercourse followed within days as i was determined to fuck her hard...well I did in her mum and dads bedroom when they were at work, fu... Continue»
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[Story] Watching a girl pee

My story begins at a county fair in Montana. I was 14 at the time and had been at the fair all day just hanging around with my friends. It was getting dark out and I was making my way to the exit. I walked by a beer garden where all the adults were drinking and having a good time. Behind the garden were the rest rooms. There was a long line for the ladies and I noticed one of them towards the end of the line looked like she was in agony having to pee so bad.
She was standing with her legs crossed and her hand down on her crotch kind of bouncing up and down. She was really cute. Maybe ... Continue»
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[Story] Hypersexual Mother

My mother is the smartest woman I know.

She has a PhD from one of the best medical schools in the country, and she's currently one of the nation's top researchers when it comes to pharmaceutical d**gs.

Needless to say, she was thrilled I decided to major in the field of science, particularly in the field of environmental studies. She was so thrilled, that for the past 3 years, she made it a tradition that we would go camping during my Spring break so that we would always remain close despite our busy lives.

Now I'll admit, I've masturbated to my mother plenty of times in my life. At 4... Continue»
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[Story] My mum teasing.

I posted on here once about my mum teasing me when I was younger, I never realised I had a message asking me to go in to more detail till only recently, so I will tell the story, some will find it boring perhaps.

It started many years ago when I was still living at home, I was 18 years old my mum was in her early 40's.
Up until that time I never looked her as being sexy in any way, she was just my mum and that's it.
I was out of work at the time so was home a fair bit, this particular day I walked in the living room and got a bit of a shock, she was standing there in a black pair of tight... Continue»
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Still didn't get to cum. Getting desperate no

I am honoring a no cumming without permission policy. Still no cum at all since November. Working very hard to hold off ejaculating but HORNY AS HELL...and leaking tons of precum through my thick Jockey short and my thick Levis 501 button fly jeans. I need to cum so desperately. Please? At least some hope about when I MIGHT get to cum again?

I'm seriously desperate to ejaculate now. Cumming is about all I can think of.
Posted by wait4ever 2 years ago

[Story] Mother and me On Holiday Part 2

After we arrived at the Caravan,Mummy wanted a Shower after wetting herself on the way down. I got the cases in to the Caravan, and mum went to get into the shower. Very soon she was under the warm water. I was walking past the door and noticed it was a jar. and I clould see her. I know I shouldnt be looking but mum has a well kept body and I just stared. very soon I felt a siring in my pants. Suddenly the water went off and I scurried along into one of the bedrooms. I was lying face down on the bed trying to hide my hard on. Mum came into the room and went over the draw the curtains. Then she... Continue»
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Me and Mummy goes Shopping

Muumy wanted to buy herself a new outfit.I was promised a meal if I went along.
so after hours of trapsing round endless shops, she finally saw a skirt she liked. The Shop was a small back street boutique. It was a leather skirt about knee length. Mum went into the changing room to try it on. She hadnt closed the curtain fully and I moved my position so I could see her changing. Mummy's always had a great body. She is in her 40,s now but so sexy. She removed her old skirt and I gazed at her pulling up the leather skirt over her lovely long legs.
I admit I becoming aroused. Suddenly the curta... Continue»
Posted by moby999 2 years ago

[Story] Mothers Ruin

Every weekend my friends and I had the most incredible parties. We would alternate the party each week.This week it was my turn to host it.My Mother was at first horrified at the thoughht. I asured her it was ok and she knew most of my friends.She said that she would be around but not get in the way.
We all arrived as usual and the drink flowed. we danced around a bit and got merry.
It came to Midnight and it was games Time. We were to turn the lights out and get it on with the nearest partner.You could not see at all it was a total blackout. I was trying to get to the kitchen to get another... Continue»
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[Story] How to orgasm in a crowded environment (updated)

I was working in a town called Leicester. My girlfriend Christina had just finished a degree in French and Italian so went I decided to go off on an adventure and teach English abroad, I only looked in France and Italy and when I found a job in Sicily she came with me. She was fearless in the bedroom, very sensual, completely at ease with her sexuality and moaned and screamed uncontrollably when she came which was frequently, intensely, repeatedly (we’d even got complaints from our neighbours) and with much gusto.

So once when we were living in Sicily I had to cross the island to Palermo ... Continue»
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[Story] woman's son set me up with her

I met a young guy in a chat room. He was 22 and had a fixation with his divorced mum, with whom he lived alone. She was 44 and he sent me some extremely nice pics of her top less on holiday with him and even nude in a sauna that they had been to together. Clearly he did not have normal feelings for his mum and he spied on her when he could. She was very open about nudity and they would often be naked in the house together.

It was obvious to me that the mum was a bit perplexed by her sons interest in taking pics of her semi nude (you could she her embarrassment in the pictures) but she mu... Continue»
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[Story] Helping my pissed daughter.

For those of you that have read my previous two posts, you will know where im coming from....also pics on my profile will help you to see who i am referring to, and hopefully make this more imaginable x.

This is a fantasy i have been giving much thought to recently so feel free to add any feedback.

It starts one evening when i am home alone, and i get a phone call from a friend of my daughter telling me she is at a party, pissed out of her head and can i come pick her up.

Naturally i oblige and upon arriving i find her in a very d***k state.

I drive her to her house, and help her i... Continue»
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[Story] Aunt's knickers

When I was very young I used to stay with my aunt, who was quite a stern career woman and the one who made the money in the house. She had huge tits and often wore a tight white shirt with her trouser suit, which for me as a boy was too much; I would often sit there staring at those luscious big boobs while she walked around the house giving my uncle a hard time, then nip off to the toilet for a quick wank. Anyway, one evening, bored, while walking around the house, I made a discovery. She was so organised she used to set aside her clothes for the next day, including her underwear, on the chai... Continue»
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holding off cumming since July 31

Been holding off cumming since July 31. It's getting harder every night. Wondering if it's too soon to start edging, at least? If I wait too many days to start edging the cum is ready to explode within a couple minutes. Ideally best time to edge is when very horny but still able to hold off ejaculating long enough to enjoy all the sensations of edging for a couple hours. And maybe then cum, or maybe STOP (if possible!) and resume edging some more tomorrow. An overnight delay after hours of edging tends to produce spectacular, mind-blowing orgasms with ejaculations spurting several feet. Sooooo... Continue»
Posted by wait4ever 2 years ago

[Story] I Like To Play....

playing with wife when she d***k and cumming in her knickers when my balls are full , BBW's with fat shaved pussy, girdles, hairy mom, auntys, big uncut cocks, save my load, teasing big clits, unloading in the woods... ..flying load across the room, or over shoulder and hit the wall.

also love to catch wife with her hand down her knix messing with her pussy, felt the bed shaking a few times, she had a play when she thought i was sl**ping and masturbated when she was d***k!

Love to be teased by men and women till my full balls are empty..

desperate too Cum, I will tease your cock n bal... Continue»
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bursting to cum!

I just teased my cock head for a hour to see how far my cum would fly, put the mirror on the floor then teased till i could not take it any more and my cum shot across the room hitting the mirror, i had a cum fountain... I have had many a cum fountain in front of my ex in the past, it was a shame she never liked to see me wanking and shooting off!

While we were watching the tv I would be bursting to cum, if she was half d***k, I would just take my hard wet cock out and slowly wank, as she turned around to see what I was doing I'd shoot a huge load over myself, I'd wait a few wks then the sa... Continue»
Posted by nightlore 2 years ago


My son was down for the weekend and had bought his girlfriend Tracey with him. Tracey was 25 years old and was rather plain looking but had a stunning body.

Susan and I took them out for a meal on the Friday night, and between us we got through several bottles of wine, needless to say Susan was getting very d***k and so was my son who has never been able to drink much. We had a superb meal and we were soon in a taxi on the way home.

Once we got home I opened another bottle of wine which we soon managed to get through, another bottle swiftly followed and my so suddenly decided that he did... Continue»
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Exposing my feelings for Mom (updated Apr 2011)

APR 2011 update: posted new clip in which I express my feelings (and more) on a real photo of my pretty Mom 40 years ago.

* * * * *
I am happy to be able to post myself jerking off for my mother, calling out for my mommy like a real Mama's boy. If there are any other men who have done this on xhamster, I am not aware of it (let me know).

* * * * *
I don't think my little 85 year old mom Beth has had sex in decades with anybody else, nor even seen any other man naked in all that time. How I love to show her my penis, erect for her! Even though I am in my mid-50s, I ... Continue»
Posted by michael1michael 3 years ago

[Story] quick encounter

Last weekend I was enjoying a nice wank looking at voyeur vids. I normally keep the curtains drawn because the house behind mine is only about 30 feet away and the bedroom windows are level with eachother. Anyway I decided to open them and look out with my cock on full view. I opened them and stood there. There was no light on opposite nor in any of the other windows, so i returned to my surfing and kept an eye on the house opposite. It was dark so the light was on and i was sitting in full view masterbating. I was almost about to cum when a dim light came on. I couldnt see anyone but thought ... Continue»
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[Story] Walk in the woods

My marriage had been going stale for a while and the wife and I were on the verge of breaking up. Things just weren't right, we hadn't made love in nearly a year and slept in seperate rooms. We seemed to have just drifted apart.

One day we were both off work and the k**s were in school and it was a lovely June day.I said that if she came out for a picnic, we could talk about what was going on with us. She agreed and we set off.

We were setting up in a clearing in the local woods and I saw a guy walking past, he looked like a forest ranger or something, all big, butch and rough looking... Continue»
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[Story] Friend Touched sl**ping Wife

I have been waiting years for the opportunity, because my wife rarely drinks and never does d**gs, even head ache pills. I had to wait for the right moment.

I had been teesing her for a couple of days masterbating her to nearly climax then stopping and i knew she was gagging for it.

This Friday night we went out for a meal and she decided to have a few glasses of wine and a couple of rums, (quite unheard of).

We got home and as soon as we walked through the front door, she was naked and laying back touching herself.

I kissed her and my finger went deap into her wet pussy, within a ... Continue»
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