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[Story] My wife is the most exciting woman I have ever met

As I write this story my wife and I are in our mid 50s and it is a time to reflect on our lives and relationship.

My wife and I met at school when we were 15 years old, looking back at her at that age I can accept why older guys hit on her and why her male cousins and their friends ****d her over a long period of time.However she maintains it was not **** as she was an equal consenter to the daily sex she had with a group of about 10 young guys aged about 19.

I have always been very self concious and lacked confidence with the opposite sex which is why everyone was amazed when Suzy and I... Continue»
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[Story] went to a porn theatre

I got off the cab, walking down the street, looking for the right door number. I was wearing a tight black dress, pair of fishnet stockings, black underwear and black heels. I've put on my cats ears already in case some of the guys would wait outside. I've met one straight away, quite handsome, taller than me. Smelled nice, I think he was a little hesitant to get inside and share me with others.

We've walked in together, I dropped my stuff in a locker by the reception and we went down the stairs, into a very dark corridor. As I was walking through the darkest part, I could feel the presence... Continue»
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[Story] my slutty wife

A New York Tale

It was a typical mid week day for Susie, John her husband was away for a few days on business and the apartment was closing in on her.

It was late spring and the sun shone over Manhattan. She showered and decided to get dressed smartly and go down to mid town for lunch at MOMA. This was her favourite restaurant when she was on her own as she could sit at the bar and blend in with the crowd.

Most men found Susie attractive, she had a sex appeal that made men, and women, instantly attracted to her without thinking about it. Susie had carefully dressed in an Armani skirt,... Continue»
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