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Favorites among favorites...

Here is what I like:
- Hetro, slightly male dominating but NOTHING rough

- Sound. Beds squeeking. Wet sucking sounds of mouth and pussy. Grunts. Groans. Farts. Quifes. Dialog before, during and after fucking. Laid back. Casual. Background story. Talk about what feels good. How good it looks. How tight it is. How cute. How wet. How horny. The first time. The most mind blowing time. Hell, talk about the weather. Communication.

- Facial expressions. I love to see the pussy/mouth/cock POV every once and awhile. I want to see her face most of the time. His face occasio... Continue»
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[Story] Needful son (true story)

I was not doing well in school. Just kinda walking around in this haze of lust and imagery: Sheila's tight little butt, Mary's ample cleavage, Ginny's labia showing thru her gymnast uniform, Jill's blushin gsideways glances at my erection in study hall to name just a few.

I couldnt think, let alone concentrate. I had nearly constant erections. We didnt have much money to buy looser fitting clothes so I wore oversized button up shirts with the tails out to cover my embrassment. Jacking off helped but I was milking it constantly. Once in the morning, sometimes in the stall at school an... Continue»
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