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[Story] New friend

This is another true story that happened about four years ago I had a roommate and she introduced me to one of her guy friends, he was 24 so he was about 22 years younger than me. After my roommate moved out her friend would still come over and I didn’t think much about it until he came on to me one night. We were sitting on the couch watching tv and he turned to me and said something like “I hope you don’t get pissed off or freak out but, would you like to fuck around”. I was shocked but quickly agreed and I told him to undress and I did the same. As soon as we both were naked I told him to s... Continue»
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[Story] My TV Sex Adventures Ch 9 "The Grand Adult Th


Disclaimer: Part fiction and fact, this story is a collection of things I have done and things that might have been. It is chapter 9 of a 35 chapter (so far) continuing work. It is a bit long, but not really all that far fetched...please enjoy!

A good night at the theater usually tides my cravings over for a while. Of the cities I play in three have full size adult movie theaters. One city has a big screen TV theater in a large dark room. Another has a mini-Cineplex of carnal delights, and my favorite has an old classic theater with a number of personal side theaters and an arc... Continue»
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