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Me and Mummy goes Shopping

Muumy wanted to buy herself a new outfit.I was promised a meal if I went along.
so after hours of trapsing round endless shops, she finally saw a skirt she liked. The Shop was a small back street boutique. It was a leather skirt about knee length. Mum went into the changing room to try it on. She hadnt closed the curtain fully and I moved my position so I could see her changing. Mummy's always had a great body. She is in her 40,s now but so sexy. She removed her old skirt and I gazed at her pulling up the leather skirt over her lovely long legs.
I admit I becoming aroused. Suddenly the curta... Continue»
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[Story] Mummy and me on holiday part 3

On the third day it was raining and dull. We really didnt have much to do but watch tv. Mummy decided to take a trip to the Shop situated just off the camp. the one on site didn't sell alcohol.
About 30 mins later Mummy returned with some vodka and some larger. We sat drinking and talking. Mummy was sitting opposite me and I clould'nt help looking up her skirt. She could see I was trying to look. Sh then blurted out "Do you want a proper Look". With that she opened her legs Wide. God I know its wrong to look but I couldnt help myself.
Just then the latger got the better of me and I rushed t... Continue»
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[Story] Mother and me On Holiday Part 2

After we arrived at the Caravan,Mummy wanted a Shower after wetting herself on the way down. I got the cases in to the Caravan, and mum went to get into the shower. Very soon she was under the warm water. I was walking past the door and noticed it was a jar. and I clould see her. I know I shouldnt be looking but mum has a well kept body and I just stared. very soon I felt a siring in my pants. Suddenly the water went off and I scurried along into one of the bedrooms. I was lying face down on the bed trying to hide my hard on. Mum came into the room and went over the draw the curtains. Then she... Continue»
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[Story] Mother on Holiday (True) part 1

Recently my mother and I went away for a week, Just for a Break. We Booked a Cravan at a Holiday Park in Essex UK. We drove down on the Saturday Morning and caught the usual holiday Traffic. We were on a busy Road when all the traffic came to a halt. We Found out later there had been an accident. We had been sat Stationary for about Thirty Minuets, When Mother became Restless and was moving about on her seat. When I asked what was wrong she Said "I wish i hadn't had those two cups of Coffee this morning" "Because Now im Dying for a wee"
As the time went on she was becoming more desperte. Bef... Continue»
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[Story] When my neice stayed for Xmas

This Xmas my mother invited the f****y over. My neice ive always had the hots for. she is young vibrant and a beauty.
They stayed longer than planned because of the bad weather,it snowed very bad.
Two nights ago all the f****y went out. I was left alone. icouldnt resist i went into the bed room where my neice had been sl**ping and there on the floor was a pair of her black dirty knickers.The smell was amazing i took them to the bathroom and wanked into them. The pics are on this site. Then today i found another pair in the bathroom floor and had to do the same again wank into them Pics again... Continue»
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[Story] Wifes Aunty (True)

The wifes Aunty joyce lives a two hour drive away. It was a friday afternoon and I set off to pick her up. The wife satayed at home to prepare the meal.

I arrived at joyces house her bags were packed in the hallway and I Loaded them into the car. Joyce always tried her best to look nice. She was 55 and her figure was a more rounded shape. she was wearing a bright red Skirt Just above the knee.Black Tights and A White silky blouse with her ample boobs pushing through, With red High Heels to match. It was a warm evening so Joyce put her coat on the back seet.
Most of the jouney is on A road... Continue»
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[Story] Mothers Ruin

Every weekend my friends and I had the most incredible parties. We would alternate the party each week.This week it was my turn to host it.My Mother was at first horrified at the thoughht. I asured her it was ok and she knew most of my friends.She said that she would be around but not get in the way.
We all arrived as usual and the drink flowed. we danced around a bit and got merry.
It came to Midnight and it was games Time. We were to turn the lights out and get it on with the nearest partner.You could not see at all it was a total blackout. I was trying to get to the kitchen to get another... Continue»
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[Story] When aunty Came to stay

Mother came off the phone and announced Aunty Joan is coming to spend the weekend with us. Aunty Joan was in her 50,s and looked after herself after her husband died 5 years ago.I was always drawn to her massive breasts and shapely legs.
Joan arrived late on friday and decided on an early night after her journey.
The following morning Mother and joan set off for a shopping trip. I was dozing in bed when they set off. I became restless and was thinking about aunty Joans breasts.I suddenly got up and went into the spare room where she had been sl**ping.
There on the bed were joans Dirty pant... Continue»
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[Story] When Aunty Came

Aunty Joan is comming over to stay for the weekend called mother. Aunty Joan is about 50 years old. She has looked after herself and has a great body. Im always mesmorized by her massive breasts.
When aunty Joan arrived i had to carry her suitcase up to the spare room. It was now quiet late and she had had a long journey so wanted an early night.
I Layed awake touching my cock thinking about aunty Joans Breasts just the other side of the wall.
The Following Morning Mother and Aunty were going into town for some shopping.
When they had left my imagination got the better of me and i went int... Continue»
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