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Back At Last

Due to PC Problems I have not been able to come back here fora while. So let me hear from all of you!
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"FACTS OF LIFE " ( told to My DOG) LOL

as I sit her with my Sassy who is my constant companion and best friend, She is a miniture daschund now 6 years old, Truely a gift from GOd and one of the God daughters who I also let know she is a gift from GOD.
sassy was but 6 months old and going into heat for the very time.

I was entertaining some friend from a small 5 block by 4 block town here in Iowa. Ihad one of my mugs with a bit of the bl**dy Mary in it and drinking with threw a straw.

I was very thirsty and board and concernd about my sassy. anyway and never thought to much about having the drink with some medica... Continue»
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BBPeople Welcomed to Join me or US!

I love BBMen and BBW to say the least and would love to share them with a good firend when he is available. Beings we are both BBPeople and smoke, and enjoy each other's bodies and dont mind sharing ours with others. SO please contacat us and enjooy what GOd gave us to enjoy.
Iam very open minded and am not afraid to use to strapon on anyone. So lets meet and greet and havea good time.
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