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Thanks Y'all! 1000th days on xH

I would like to thank to all of y'all for amazing friendships and to those who are no longer active on xH, I still thank you.
I chat with several awesome users and are friendly. Sure some will take a while to respond, I know they're busy, better late than never.
Here on xH, have amazing videos and pics, some may be reposts, some share it with permission, some not.
Sure, there are rude and annoying users similar to facebook, and deserve to be reported and blocked, others don't meant to be rude and cross the line without realizing it until now.
Others are here to enjoy porn, share the videos... Continue»
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To xH user Wyfeswapper2

I don't mean to pass the line. I always respect women with care. Looks like rough sex is not for me. Your hubby John is cool, he is lucky to take care of your sexual needs. It is a nightmare for me because I'm still a virgin guy, not having a gf or fwb's to handle my sexual needs. I know you blocked me, it's ok, John is there for you so he can protect you. I'm not a violent, rude guy. I'm always a good guy, rough sex may not be my style, but passionate sex is for me.
I understand Melinda, just let you know that I apologize to you and John.

My apologies,
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[Story] My Indian Wife


After making a tribute to my good Indian friend ramyasasi's wife Ramya, I was imagination that I'm in India with his beautiful wife…she wants to be a whore, while her hubby wants his whore to be a wife to other men. Before we became xhamster friends…I read his true story that his friend cummed inside her pussy in the hotel room…hubby was watching his friend love-making and fucking his wife discreetly! The friend doesn't know that his was watching him fucking his beautiful wife…BAREBACK. And she was ... Continue»
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[Story] Me encanta Mexico

Yo siempre encanta viajando a mexico, olvide los tacos, tequila, cervezas, y encanta las chicas y mujeres lindas mexicanas q nacieron al otro lado...

Recuerdo viajando a Guadalajara, pero mi familia y yo perdimos a un pueblo cerca...acabo escuchar q mi carnal mayor dice q Guadalajara tiene las mas hermosas del pais...siempre viajaba y miraba hermosas mexicanas en celaya, salvatierra, tarimoro, aeropuerto d.f., guanajuato, queretaro, aeropuerto queretaro, altamirano, toluca, nvo. laredo, monterrey, san luis potosi (edo), san miguel de allende, angostura, morelia, michoacan y t... Continue»
Posted by mextreme09 2 years ago

Ganas pa' follar

Siempre tengo ganas pa'cer amor a la mujer...estoy buscando chicas y mujeres pa'cer amigos con derechos, estilo de vida de swinger y/o cuckold.
Yo prefiero mujeres q kiere una familia por q su pareja es lesbiana, no kiere una familia, no puede por q tiene mal salud, por q es tan pekeño pa' embarazarse, o solo kiere una familia aunque estas juntos con alguien mas, pero solo kiere m*****ar su hombre con un bebe q no es él...ven conmigo y echaré mi leche en ti pa'cer un bebe juntos.

Tambien estoy buscando esclavas y cubetas de leche pa' praticar haciendo nuestro familia juntos sin y con con... Continue»
Posted by mextreme09 2 years ago