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the 2 question HOLLYWOOD ACTRESS version...

ok so as you all know i hav the 2 fun blog questions about what one porn star would you have sex with and what one would you get a blowjob from. a lot of you guys answered that question and i still hav a fun time reading all the answers coz i find it quite interesting how a lot of the answers are different but a lot are the same too... if you havent yet answered those 2 questions be sure to leave ur answers for those 2 questions under the the other blog on my page titled "My TWO fun BLOG questions for guys to answer"

This BLOG is the same 2 questions, only you hav to pick 2 Hollywood actres... Continue»
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Fat and Chubby girls that hav small tits...

i think this is a fun topic for discussion:

i find it interesting when i see a fat or chubby girl that has small tits in a porn video. it must take a lot more humility for them to expose themselves on video than say a BBW with BIG BOOBS or almost anyone else for that matter. its rare to come across a video that has a fat or chubby girl with small tits coz it must be really humiliating for them... i find it even more interesting to see a girl like that who is overly confident about her body. it intrigues me... they hav a whole different mentality going on. fat or chubby girls with small tits... Continue»
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anyone kno any good dirty songs?

i need a really erotic song with really dirty lyrics for a video comp im making

im thinking about making a mix up video with music of some of the best scenes in the vids in my favorites. i want to make it trippy and erotic and dirty, very lustful like... My only problem is i cant find a song that is worthy of making it with... ive searched and searched and no song seems to be just rite for it... i don't want to use rap or rock, more like techno or something, but it should have filthy nasty or extremely erotic lyrics...

Do any of you kno any really good techno songs that ha... Continue»
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what makes a really good porn vid?

my favorite kind of videos are the ones where u can truly feel the lust in them. where the people in it feel true and deep lust for the sex they are having in that moment. combine that with really good clear camera views of whats going on and u hav a REALLY good porn vid. true lust cant be faked. so if u asked me what kind of vids i like, that would be my answer.

the frustrating kind are the ones where u can really feel the lust in them but the camera operator ruins it for the viewer by being a jackass and constantly insists on getting the worst possible camera angle views of the action.
... Continue»
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Lingering on the close up penetration shot

i wrote about this b4, but im so annoyed by it im gonna write about it again coz i hav to vent this out one more time.

one thing i cant stand in porn is that the camera guy is usually obsessed with getting mostly extreme close up shots. usually of the penetration, and the back tight close up shot of the guy's hairy ass. when it shows a close up shot on penetration for so long it just becomes extremely generic, not to mention rip your hair out boring. it gets so redundant, it becomes very frustrating. seems like lots of times when im just starting to enjoy the camera angle coz its getting th... Continue»
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what is your #1 FAVORITE XHAMSTER VIDEO???

i had this question posted up on my old xhamster page, and ive gotten requests to bring this question back so here goes...

If you could only pick one single XHAMSTER video to have with you on a deserted island, what one video would that be?

It has to be a video found here on xhamster.

if your answer changes over time you can always post your new answer :)


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My TWO fun BLOG questions for guys to answer...

ok, 2 fun questions for the guys...

1) if you could only hav sex with any ONE single porn star, who would it be? think long and hard about your answer.

2) ok, now, if u could get a blowjob from ONE single porn star who would THAT be? would it be the same or would it be a different porn star?

i think it will be fun reading all of your guys answers to these 2 questions :o)

(they dont necessarily hav to be "porn stars" but if she's not a "star" and u dont kno her name and she is in a video on XHAMSTER then u can leave the link to the vid... but pl... Continue»
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