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Rules for white men who submit to black cock

Many of you white men are constantly fantasizing about sucking black cock and having a black man fuck your ass.
First, let’s be perfectly clear. That is exactly what you should be doing. It’s important that you finally take action and start looking for black cock to serve. Put an ad on craigslist or stop by your local adult theater but do something to find black cock now.

Once you have the opportunity to serve there are rules you should follow that will create the best experience for you but most importantly the black man you are serving. Here they are in no particular order….

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Posted by puyallupman 11 months ago

My sons new school buddy

Over several weeks, I'd heard My son Ethan and his bf Shane mention the name Trent. When one day, I came home to find Ethan, Shane, and a blonde haired, blue eyed boy sitting on the couch. Now, all these boys are 18 years old, and have bodies and looks to kill for. I walked up to them and asked if they were going to introduce me to their new friend. Ethan said, this is Trent. He's new in town, started in our school about a month ago. Trent extended his hand to shake. I said very nice to meet you and welcome. He replied, thank you sir, nice to meet you. I must have been staring much too long at... Continue»
Posted by dab1953 10 months ago

Egyptian masseur fucks my mouth - Part 3

So after a sl**pless night thinking about what had happened I awoke knowing that I had to see him again almost to check that what happened really had occurred. Silly but you guys need to know this is a true account not some fictional bullshit so I was dealing with my feelings towards the wife and the fact that we were there for a two week holiday. Reality played a big part in how I dealt with this thing.

I mentioned there was a small gym area accessed thru the same Spa entrance which was open from 7am so whilst the wife went for an early morning swim in the pool I mentioned that I would g... Continue»
Posted by lacyboy 1 year ago

wet & juicy


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Posted by carlos_xl 2 years ago

Hegre Art fraturing Fabi Jaya by XXXME

Yoni and Lingam Massage!

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Posted by xxxme 2 years ago

[Story] My FIRST taste of COCK and CUM

My wife and I had been swingers for several years but had never had the chance for any male to male contact at all. It just never seemed to happen for one reason or another and we honestly had not even thought about it at all. One night, we were at another couples home and they weren't even swingers. We had some dinner and were watching a movie and we were getting a little turned on. It was only an R rated movie but had some really sexy scenes that I knew were getting my wife pretty wet. The other couple, Sara and Jim were sitting across from us and I noticed he had his arm around her and w... Continue»
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(pix) 4 Huge Black Cocks in a Hotel Room (fantasy)

WARNING: LOTS OF PICTURES OF BIG BLACK COCKS. Let it load before you read it... I hope you enjoy this gay sex fantasy of mine or at least these pictures of big beautiful black dicks. ;)

One night, I'd like to rent a hotel room to have a gay bareback orgy with 4 chubby mature black men with massive uncut dicks. 3 of them will have 9" cocks as thick as a soda can and the 4th one will have one the size of a Pringle's can. They'll all be hairy and they'll have big round bellies.

Their cooks will look like these...
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Posted by berrback 2 years ago

That phrase: 'beat your meat' gets me ro

My First French Kiss, or A Boy and his Redhead
Erotic True-Fiction by Outsfguy

(dedicated to my good friends and mentors, CigarDad4Dad, and Lovearub. Each continue to inspire me everyday, and in every way.)

That phrase that boys will say to one another: 'beat your meat' still gets me rock hard every time I hear it, and there's good reason why.

Summers when I was young we took a f****y trip to Arizona. My dad had friends in Demming, NM who relocated to a small town in Arkansas, so the break between my eighth and ninth grades, we took a... Continue»
Posted by outsfguy 1 year ago

[Story] Oral sex with a masseur and ass fingering

I like someone doing massage for me. I like it especially when a masseur is a handsome man. Once I visited a salon for massage. Masseur was a man of my type: dark-haired, tall, with strong hands, humour sense and he smelled nice.
And the spiciest thing was I was absolutely naked. At first the masseur massaged me several times. He started from the neck and shoulders. I like man touching my neck, it turns me on so much. After he massaged my back tenderly and moved down to the buttocks. My pussy got very wet when he was massaging me. He saw it and moved apart my buttocks intentionally to see my... Continue»
Posted by ginamonelli 3 years ago  |  Views: 1137  |  

[Story] I went for a male massage

I am not sure why I was even there...but there I was. I have to admit, lately I have been wondering what it would be like to suck a guys dick...I have also thought a lot about what It would be like to get fucked. I read the stories all the time about guys blowing guys, guys fucking guys, swallowing cum...but when I read about guys kissing, and hugging, my hardon is gone!!...
So here I was, saw the ad on craigslist, made the call, trying to be cool, but nervous as hell!
The massage ther****t was very cool...probably seen my look a million times...showed me to my room and left. I undressed and... Continue»
Posted by clvsdude 3 years ago  |  Views: 904  |  

[Story] The Massage

*NOTE* this story is an original work by ME. copyright 2009. you can copy this and switch it around and change the names and make it your own if you wish. if you make money off it, consider cutting me a slice of the pie. this story can also be found enjoy!

I'm on the table waiting for the masseuse. My eyes are closed and in my mind I am working on another chapter to my "Sensual, Sexy Massage Ther****t" fantasy.

I watch as that hot little vixen goes down on my girlfriend when, in the distance I hear footfalls drawing near.

My eyes fly open and there I see ... Continue»
Posted by lucifersam69 2 years ago  |  Views: 1792  |  

My WET Favorites

Posted by besche 3 years ago

[Story] Mature gay men are so hot!

I was sipping coffee at the local cafe recently. It was a Saturday morning and quite busy, so tables were scarce. I was lucky enough to have a table large enough for four, so my newspaper was spread out and I was engrossed in the motoring guide. I was interrupted by a polite request to share the table, and I looked up to see a guy who I guessed to be in his 60's holding a coffee. There was more than enough room so I said sure and kept on reading. He sat down, and a moment later he made a comment about VW's so I looked up and began to chat. I noticed he was good looking, but not classically han... Continue»
Posted by sydguy 2 years ago  |  Views: 2203  |  

[Story] A Massage Or Not?

One of my straight friends called me to say hi and told me about a new massage center opened very close to his office. He said he went there twice and he would be going again and again as he had a wonderful experience. I was eager to ask when he invited me for the next time. I went to his office after work and we went to the massage center. There was a young asian boy at the reception and it was obvious that he was gay. He welcomed us warmly and took us to a change room where we could take off our clothes. He seemed he had memorized the words he said, I realized then he wasnt Turkish. I tried ... Continue»
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[Story] Me, the hunk, my Dad and the massage

I could feel my cock harden. The sight of his bulging swimwear was breathtaking. I watched him as he walked around the pool and found a sun lounge. He spread his towel, bending over to display his tight rounded ass and muscular thighs. His legs were perfect, well shaped muscular with a mist of dark hair down their length. I imagined licking up them towards his bulging package. Damn my cock was getting hard, so I put my magazine over myself.

Then, like he was trying to tease me, he faced me and stretched his arms back over his head, arching backwards. His whole glorious chest was disp... Continue»
Posted by yevedj 2 years ago  |  Views: 2428  |  

[Story] Sex Party

In my life, one of my biggest fantasies was to be involved in an orgy...four or more people, naked, horny and ready to fuck and suck in front of others and while other's fucked and sucked around you. Earlier this year, I met a man on another website who lives in my town. He is an older man, in his late 50's...we chatted online and even had a little cyber sex. He told me he was a member of a local club for gay and bisexual men who get together once a month for dinner and group sex. You have to be a member, but he told me I could go as his guest, we didn't even have to show up together...he ... Continue»
Posted by SEACANDY71 3 years ago  |  Views: 1070  |