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[Story] .......Mt Frist Train

My First Train
There are so many sex terms used today it is mind boggling and each term has different meanings to different people. For example, “Gang Bang.” To me it means a women or a transsexual whom of their own free will copulates with three or more men. When a woman or a transsexual services seven or more strangers, she is having a train pulled on her. This is the story of my very first train.
A year after my wife found out I was a male-to-female transgender and I became her cuckold we both had a few new lovers. One of the guys I was fucking pretty regular call me up one evening an... Continue»
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[Story] How My Wife Found Out I Was A Slut, The Party

The night of the Halloween Party we dresses identically for the party as planned. Matching black leather mini dresses, red strapless bras, garter belts, black seemed stockings and black open toed four inch heels. Even our nails and lipstick matched— a nice whorish candy apple red. We looked like to identical sluts.
My wife had invited Ben, one of our threesome partners, to go to the party with us. Ben brought his wife Gerri. We had swung with them a few times in the beginning when we first met them. After our first couple of parties she would tell Ben to come see us without her as I did no... Continue»
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[Story] How My Wife Found Out I Was A Slut

I was fucked by many men before my teens, but that is a whole story unto its self. When I was about sixteen my mother took ill and I was sent to abode with my grandparents. I had many dates with the hickory stick and soon learned to act like a man and suppress my desires to be with men.
After high school the government required my services in the military— I did look dashing in a sailor suit. It was during this time that I meant and married my wife— still suppressing my female desires. Within the first year of our marriage we were swinging with other couples and other men.
Soon we were m... Continue»
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[Story] Adult Bookstore Dancer

Adult Bookstore Fun
At one time there were eight adult books in my city now there is only one. Makes me very sad as I loved dressing up like a twenty-five cent whore and visiting them on the weekends. I think I enjoy all the humiliating comments and condescending looks the customers would make about me in the front as much as I did sucking off cum filled cocks in the mini booths in the back.
One of stores had girls working in the front that would give you a privet dance, for a fee, in one of the many privet room available. I meant Ida there. I was in drab and looking at the BDSM magazine... Continue»
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[Story] Interstate Reas Area Whore

Driving down the interstate the sign said Rest Area one mile. My heart skipped a beat and there was slight stiffing of my male meat in anticipation of events to unfold. This interstate rest area was always packed full of eighteen wheelers as many as forty. Surely one or two of these truck drivers would be horny enough to over look the fact that this slut had a little something extra a top her nylon covered legs.
I had a black merry widow corset on that pulled my waist in a nice four inches. Eight garters held up my coffee colored FF nylons. I had on five inch red stiletto pumps. My bla... Continue»
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[Story] Glory Hole Orgy

Glory Hole Orgy
Driving down the street I spied my destination. A big yellow building with “Adult XXX” written on the marquee in front was on my right. I turn into the parking lot and drove to the back behind the building and park in the darkest spot I could find. Another crossdresser had told me that they welcomed our kind and even let gurls like us in the back where the video booths were located.
I sat in my car and lit a cigarette, thinking I would see who was going in and out of the store. Half an hour later I had witnessed four men and one couple enter and two men and the couple lea... Continue»
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[Story] Tranny Gang Bang

Gang Banged
I stood there looking in the full length mirror very pleased with the image I saw. I was ready for the evening and the first time I would be with more than two men at once. Freddy, had talk me into doing him and two of his friends in a sleaze motel.

Freddy had found me on my internet messenger. We had chatted for a long time and meant twice. Once at a small lake in a subdivision near where I lived. An Italian man about 40 with a bit above average dick. It was so exciting to get screwed in the shrubs around the lake’s edge with the lights from the houses softly illumining ... Continue»
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After my first night working for Mama T, I was hooked. At least once a week I was a worthless whore at her trailer. I would be at her trailer, ready to serve her cliental. Of course most the Johns picked one of the real girls over me, but there were the occasional guys that wanted some thing different or couldn’t wait. I didn’t mind. I just craved being in this sleazy environment knowing I was nothing more than a piece of useless meat on sale. After all I was tainted merchandise; I had a cock between my legs instead of a juicy cunt. The other gir... Continue»
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[Story] How I Became a Tranny Whore

First time as a Tranny whore!

When I was 30 with c***dren at home I would get dressed in the bedroom. When it was time to leave the wife would take the c***dren off for ice cream and as soon as they were out of the drive way I would head for my car. Of course when I returned home the c***dren would be a sl**p. The plan worked for years. The wife had it much easier. She would get dressed for a night out with the girls, and then meet her boy toys for a night of fucking.
On this night I wore a black lacy bra, black rubber thong panties (they always hide my package so well), tan thigh hi... Continue»
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I recently read a delightful account of a young gurl loosing her virginity to a f****y friend. Got me thinking about loosing my own virginity.

First, you should know, my mother made me a sissy. She took great delight in dressing me as a little girl, thinking back I can not remember when she did not. We lived in the country and most of the time growing up I played outside with my dolls in dresses. The only time I wore little boy’s clothing was when f****y visited or I went to school.

Everyone in town knew I was a very sissy acting little boy. I was bullied a ... Continue»
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Twas The Night Before

Twas the night before bond hearings, when all through the cell,
Not a inmate was asl**p not even the d***k.
Cocks in their hands, eyes on the crossdresser just locked up,
They hoped that she soon would put out for them!
The men were all stiff as they sat on the beds;
While visions of fucking this sissy danced in their heads,
And Vanessa in her mini and six inch heels
Had just dropped her panties she knew what they wanted.
When in the cell there arose such a clatter,
They sprang to their feet to see who would be first!
Away to the sissy they flew like a flash;
Tore open her panties ... Continue»
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Front Door Whore

I was just wondering if any others have ever ment a date at the front door and never got beyond there. And example: I have one customer that when he knocks on the door before answering it I ask thru the door, "Who is it?"
Her will then drop a gift thru the mail slot. I then open the door in some slutty outfit and go right to my knees. He insists on leaving the door open and after relieving his spunk turns and leaves. Never a words is spoken.
I think it is pretty strange. Just wondered if any others out there have had any guys want sex in a simular way?
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