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[Story] To you....

So we had been chatting for a while online, trading dirty fantasies of what we’d do to each other. She was an amazingly sexy woman, that knew what she wanted, and I knew how to get her mind swirling. They continued these talks late into the night, and on that particular night something in her mind made her need to have him tonight, so she did it, she asked him over. His laptop fell over immediately from the sudden erection, and he couldn’t respond faster. She sent him his address and he ran down the stairs to the car and off he went.
I pulled up outside her house about a half hour later, wal... Continue»
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[Story] It started with a message

It all started when I received a message from her online on this adult site I joined. We ended up exchanging a few steamy messages, which led to some more chatting and some webcam fun as well. After a while we decided to meet, but even tho we had been chatting for a while we still didn’t know one another, so we decided on meeting at a local bookstore. I got there a bit early, and started wandering around; looking around to see if she’d arrived yet. I grab a magazine and end up going to grab a coffee and sit down, as I sit down, I notice a woman across from me, she turned and smiled and I reali... Continue»
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[Story] Weekend camping

So, Jen and I had been chatting online for a while now, originally meeting from a Craigslist ad, we got to know each other and enjoy some hot times, I'm surprised that my keyboard didn't melt a few times. We had tried meeting a few times, but something always came up, well we were talking one night, and I mentioned that I was going to go camping that weekend, just outside the Twin Cities, and she was also planning to getaway that weekend, and was looking for something to do. That was when we finally planned out meeting. She was going to have her k**s with, so we'd have to keep it on the low, s... Continue»
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Met her online

So I met her online, through a local ad site, it started with a few short emails back and forth, then she asked what I was doing that night. Well that moved onto us agreeing to meet at my place. It took her about a half hour to get there, I was straightening up when the buzzer rang, I nearly jumped out of my shoes I was so nervous. I went down to the front door to let her in, she was a good looking, bbw woman, she was in her early 30s, blonde hair rolling down her shoulders to a nice set of 38 dds, I greeted her with a hug, and welcomed her over. We took the elevator up, and walked down to my ... Continue»
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Why is it?

Why is it I enjoy having a woman, grind her wet lips onto mine, why is it I enjoy her juices flowing down my cheeks, as she cums, why is it that I seek a woman to use me for my tongue, and leave me blue balled afterwards, why is it that every time I pass a older woman, all I can think about is what does she sound like during an orgasm, and why is it that you aren't here?
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