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Cumming of age

I remember it was the fall of 1964, I had graduated from parochial elementary school, and was attending public school for the first time, in grade nine. I was amazed at how much more "womanly" the girls looked in the ninth grade. The young ladies were much nicer dressed in public school. Even the same girls that I knew in Catholic school, that wore bobby socks or black tights back in Catholic school, now wore tight skirts with gartered nylon stockings with various height stiletto heels. A new uniform in a new school? Lucky me!
I recall having trouble listening to the teachers. I was distr... Continue»
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[Story] A TV in the Shoe Store

I work at a ladies shoe store at a large metropolitan mall.
My name is Jillian, though my friends all call me Jilly.
Those same friends also say that I am blessed with a
beautiful face, and an athletic body! Pretty heady for a 30
year old woman whose ideas of athletics never got beyond
sports illustrated and Cosmo! But friends tend to flatter,
that is why we are still friends! I tend to dress with a
flare towards teasing. You see I always wear my skirts and
dresses a bit shorter than fashion demands, and I always
wear sheer reinf***ed heel and toe stockings. A habit
started by a ... Continue»
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