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A car ride with younger brother

Went to visit f****y one summer and my younger b*****r moved back into my parents house. Being a construction worker he was out of work and could not afford to live on his own. That being said while visiting he asked if I remembered how much fun we had growing up and winked. I said "hell yes, I miss those time!". Later that evening he ordered some food for the f****y to nibble on while we sat around and talked. He asked if I would drive him to get the food, I said sure. As we were driving he said we had some time to kill do I want to take a ride, so I said sure. He said lets go down to the h... Continue»
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Fun with Dad

When I was 15 my father asked me if i wanted to take a ride in the country with him on his bike, of course i said yes, I loved to ride on my dads motorcycle. We were out for awhile had lunch and was heading back home, I was kind of sad to see the day end as I was enjoying the feeling of the motorcycle and my arms wrapped around my dads waste. My dad pulled of the main road down a dirt path, when he stopped he said he had to take a piss, I said I did, too. My dad just pulled down his zipper and took out his c*ck and started to pee, I did the same but when I see his c*ck spraying that p*ss, I s... Continue»
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[Story] My best friend and younger b*****r

My neighborhood friend and I did alot together during our teenage age, the usually sl**ping over each other house, hanging out and talking about sex. we got to the point of experimenting at one of our sl**p overs, we started out jerking each other off, then each sl**p over we would try other things like givinge each other blow jobs and then taking turns fucking each other, I love to fuck his hot ass!!

Well on one occassian my mom said if I wanted to sl**p over my friends I should invite my younger b*****r who was two years younger than I to spend the night, which my friends' mother said ab... Continue»
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[Story] Caught

This occurred when I was younger. I loved to go downstairs in the evening when I know no one in my f****y would go down there to bother me as I would tell them I need to study and not be disturbed.

I really enjoyed the time by myself as I have 4 b*****rs and a guy needs some only time to jerk off! I was really horny so I unzip my pants and had my cock wrapped in my fist giving it a good hand job. My younger b*****r walked into the basement through the basement door not knowing that I would be down there, he said he heard me moaning in the study room and walked over to the opened door and p... Continue»
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