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[Story] Three For All

Stephen sounded a little d***k. It was almost midnight and I was surprised to get his call. He was inviting me over to have a couple drinks with him and Emily. I was awake and not doing anything else, so I went.

When I got to their house he and his wife were dancing to old disco hits in their living room. They looked like they had come home from some fancy dinner or something. He was wearing half of a nice suit. She had kicked off her heels and her skirt was riding up her thighs.

"Heyyyyy...come on in!" they both slurred at me as I came into the room. Stephen poured me a large glass of w... Continue»
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[Story] I fucked my best friends mom

So, me and this k** always hanged out as k**s, and he had this really really hot mom. One day when I was like 14, maybe 15, maybe even 16, she calls me up, tells me to come over. I thought it was wierd because it was like 5 AM. She says my bud wants me for something really really important. Also told me to just walk in through the front door which was left unlocked for me. His mom was pretty skinny, big boobs, decent thighs, and brown eyes.

So I went over, wondering what the fuck he wanted this early. When I walked inside, I saw nobody, but I heard his mom yell "UP HERE!" from the second fl... Continue»
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[Story] s****r Wakes Me Up

It was a few years back and I had almost forgotten about it until now.

I was four-teen and my s****r was eight-teen. I'll get all the f****y stuff out of the way first. My parents married at a young age when they had my s****r. A few years later they had me. We aren't the closest of f****y members but we keep in contact mainly for the sake of saying we're a good f****y. My s****r and I never got along. She always had the hottest friends and I watched them from upstairs as they had slumber parties and compared each other. And I had never had a thing for my s****r but more for the girls she b... Continue»
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