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tease...until today

What a Fabulous day at the gym today. Actually the tease began earlier this summer. I had seen the woman in the gym, made eye contact, smiled etc. One day at the pool, I was sitting along the edge, and she walked over and sat near me, feet towards me, and I could not help but look, even stare, and get hard..hoped she didn't notice. after a few minutes my son swam over and I went into the pool and swam away.

The friday before Father's day, I bumped into her at the deli counter of the local store. This time we talked a bit, she asked about the deli, and what types were better than others. It... Continue»
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About 6 years ago, I had a weekend to myself (for a change) I decided to meet some friends for dinner at a Micro Brewery in Elgin for dinner, then figured I head out on the town on my own and see what happenes. At dinner our waitress was a beautiful young lady, dark features, short thing great eyes amd smile. She had this fabulous little giggle/laugh, and we seemed to hit it off through dinner.

After dinner, my friends left, and I went into the bar area to watch the basketball game. Near the end of the game, Mia walked in. She saw me and walked over and joined me at the bar. I bought here ... Continue»
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[Story] at the pool....a first time story

When I was younger.....I enjoyed getting to our local indoor pool all year round. It got to the point, I just have my folks drop me off, and have them come back at closing time. One night, I was the last person in the pool but for the lifeguard. At that age I was growing...almost 6' tall, thin, little bod hair. I guess a 'swimmer build". About half an hour before closing Vince, the lifeguard said he needed to take a break and asked if I could get out of the pool for about 10 minutes till he was back. I did,and sat out of the pool for a bit.

After a few minutes, I went into the locker room ... Continue»
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