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[Story] B6 Chapter 16 Rebellion

Chapter 16: Rebellion

After leaving the temporary quarters with Rhiannon, Barocca had met Jeanne in the hallways, as they both headed towards Dee Dee's lab. They were just about to turn the corner to Dee Dee's lab, when they heard a door opening.
"Hold it, Jeanne. Someone's coming." The two girls stayed out of view, until the door had closed again. Barocca stuck her head out, and cautiously peered down the corridor. She watched Dee Dee disappear in the opposite direction.
"It's Dee Dee. Looks like no one's getting much sl**p tonight. I don't know where she's
going, but now ... Continue»
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[Story] B6 Chapter 11 Tiffany, Clyda And Rayleena

Chapter 11: Tiffany, Clyda And Rayleena

After giving Jordan and Cleo access to a larger room, Tiffany, Clyda and Rayleena managed to make it from the banquet hall to Tiffany's quarters without any further delays.
Once inside Tiffany's quarters, all the formalities were dropped at once. Rayleena was out
of her clothes first, and she sat on the edge of Tiffany's bed. Tiffany and Clyda watched
her cock suddenly appear between her legs, and then grow to its full three-foot length, and
become rock-hard in a matter of moments. Tiffany was almost mesmerized.
"Rayleena's got a hard-... Continue»
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[Story] B6 Chapter 12 Barocca Duz Rhiannon

Chapter 12: Barocca Duz Rhiannon

After the events of the banquet, Rhiannon and Barocca were among the first to leave to
explore each other's bodies in private. They strolled through the corridors until they found quarters that Barocca were unoccupied. Barocca unlocked the door, and they were inside.
"I've been looking forward to this, since I saw you with your hard-on at the table," said
Rhiannon, as she licked her lips, while she looked at Barocca.
"The feeling's mutual," said Barocca, as she turned on her charm. "That piece of meat
between your legs is like nothing I've ... Continue»
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[Story] B6 Chapter 13 Summer Transformed - Summer Is Gifte

Chapter 13: Summer Transformed - Summer Is Gifted

Both Vantha and Rayleena had left their respective quarters, and were now roaming the
hallways of the Island, eagerly in search of new partners to satisfy their seemingly endless
sexual lust and excitement. Because of the relative closeness of Tiffany and Ebony's quarters on the one side of the Island, and the layout of the corridors, it was only a few moments before Vantha and Rayleena met each other in the hallway. Both girls instantly knew that there could only be one reason for meeting the other in the hallway in the night like th... Continue»
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[Story] B6 Chapter 8 Ebony Fucks Vantha

Chapter 8: Ebony and Vantha - Ebony Fucks Vantha

Ebony listened to Vantha's words with a mixture of shock and delight. She'd received
constant lectures and warnings from Tiffany, Dee Dee and other girls about forcing herself to hold back whenever she had sex with any of the girls on the Island, because of her tremen-
dous size difference. Up until now, the only time she'd really felt true release had been during her Milking session. And now someone was actually demanding that she pull out all of the stops and not show any mercy.
"What's the matter girl?" asked Vantha. "Didn't yo... Continue»
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[Story] B6 Chapter 9 Vantha Fucks Ebony

Chapter 9: Ebony and Vantha - Vantha Fucks Ebony

"All right Ebony, now it's my turn to show you how to fuck," said Vantha. "Get on the bed,
and lie down on your back." Ebony did as Vantha instructed. "Along with not being able to cut loose on the girls around here, Ebony, I can also tell that there's probably not anybody who can really fill you up either. Am I right?" Ebony nodded as she watched Vantha stroking her cock, keeping herself erect. Ebony's brain whirled with the absolute luridness of the thought, tremb-ling at what Vantha was capable of doing to her with her cock. Ebony... Continue»
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[Story] B6 Chapter 10 Jordan, Cleo, Dejah, Kristal

Chapter 10: Jordan, Cleo, Dejah, Kristal

As soon as other girls began departing with partners for the evening, Jordan and Cleo
immediately seized the moment, and each asked Dejah and Kristal if they would like to spend
the night with them. The answer was an enthusiastic 'yes' from each girl. "Why don't the four of us go somewhere together for the night?" asked Dejah.
"Great idea," responded Jordan. "But we'll need enough room for all of us."
"Let me ask Tiffany," said Cleo. Tiffany and Clyda were anxiously getting Rayleena ready to depart with them. As a result, Tiffany was... Continue»
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[Story] B6 Chapter 5 Dee Dee Duz Calista

Chapter 5: Dee Dee Duz Calista

Dee Dee and Calista left the banquet hall together. Dee Dee opened the door to her quarters as they arrived for fun and games. But as they strolled through the halls, Calista had
gently prodded and asked her, if she could see her laboratory facilities first.
"I tell you what, Calista. You show me that you know what to do with a cock, and I'll tell
you whatever you want to know about my lab. Is it a deal?"
"And how! But first, let me get ready for you." Calista quickly pulled off her clothes, so
that she was naked. Dee Dee followed her lead ... Continue»
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[Story] B6 Chapter 6 Vantha Eats Ebony

Chapter 6: Ebony and Vantha - Vantha Eats Ebony

Ebony and Vantha arrived at Ebony's quarters shortly after leaving the banquet hall. Ebony immediately shed her clothes, and embraced Vantha in her arms.
"Well it's nice to see you aren't wasting time on formalities, girl," said Vantha, after she
returned Ebony's kiss.
"After watching you on the table tonight, there's only one thing on my mind," said Ebony.
As she embraced Vantha, Ebony was amazed at the power and strength that she could feel
coursing through her body.
"I can sense what you're thinking, Ebony," said Vantha... Continue»
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[Story] B6 Chapter 7 Ebony Sucks Vantha

Chapter 7: Ebony and Vantha - Ebony Sucks Vantha

"Prepare to be impressed, Ebony," said Vantha. With that, Vantha exerted her mental concentration, and her naked slab of cock meat appeared as if by magic in front of Ebony's eyes. Each girl admired the other, as Vantha's cock grew rapidly to its full length and hardness.
Ebony tossed her head back, smiling and radiant, as she stared at Vantha. And Vantha drank
in Ebony's features with approving lust. Ebony's dark black hair flowed down her back. Her
complexion was dark, her cheekbones wide, and her tits were heavy, yet firm, sta... Continue»
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[Story] B6 Chapter 2 The Contest

Chapter 2: The Contest

It was now Sunday, the day of the first of the challenges or events between Jeanne and Jordan, to determine the ultimate fate of the Island. Both Barocca's group with Jeanne, as well as Tiffany's group, represented by Jordan, had filed onto the stage in the auditorium. On the opposite side of the stage, the other amazons on the Island filled almost every seat. No one wanted to miss the show.
"All right everyone, " said Tiffany as she addressed the audience, "I want to thank you all for showing up here today. As you know, this contest is to determine who will ... Continue»
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[Story] B6 Chapter 3 Accusations

Chapter 3: Accusations

Jordan and Jeanne had just finished their session in the Milking devices. Because of the extra help that Dee Dee had given Jordan's balls, Jordan was the clear winner in this event. Both Barocca and Jeanne had finished viciously insulting and accusing Dee Dee and Tiffany of cheating of some sort.
At this point, Rhiannon and the Vectran girls entered the auditorium from the side. Rhiannon decided to make a bold entrance, and called out, "Well, well! Is this a private party, or can anyone join in?"
Everyone in the auditorium turned to face the new arrivals. ... Continue»
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[Story] B6 Chapter 4 The Banquet

Chapter 4: The Banquet

The assemblage of women was seated around the large banquet table in the cafeteria, which Dee Dee and Tiffany had ordered set up for the occasion. A crew of serving girls from the kitchen had cleared away the dishes from the evening meal, which had just concluded. All of the women had eaten heartily, and drank the wine. The Vectrans, because of their different metabolism, had consumed and drank more than any of the other girls present.
Rhiannon pushed her chair back from the table slightly, and stretched her arms out, as she let her food settle. "Dee Dee, Tif... Continue»
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[Story] B6 Chapter 1 Discovery

Chapter 1: Discovery

Rhiannon led the way into the Island complex with the five other Vectran girls following closely behind her. "Nice layout they've got here," she remarked.
"They certainly didn't cut any corners when they built this place," said Rayleena. "It's all carved out of the solid rock of the Island."
"All right," said Rhiannon. "Whatever it is that they do here, they aren't hurting for money; that's obvious. Let's concentrate on finding our missing technology, and then getting the hell out of here."
The Vectran girls strolled through the various corridors, passing ... Continue»
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[Story] B5 Chapter 22 Dee Dee's Confession

Chapter 22: Dee Dee's Confession

The incredible sexual encounters continued for both Jeanne and Jordan. Each girl was pushed to her limits on a daily basis, with a variety of partners, and constantly varying sexual acts. By the time the contest was near, each girl felt as though she could fuck the living daylights out of anything that lived.
When she wasn't helping the other girls putting Jordan through the sexual wringer, Dee Dee continued to go through all the files and programs on Barocca's computer in her spare time.
Several days before the actual contest with Jeanne and Baroc... Continue»
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[Story] B5 Chapter 23 Dee Dee's Magic

Chapter 23: Dee Dee's Magic

The two girls left Dee Dee's quarters and headed over to her laboratory, which was located close by.
"I want you to relax and lie on the padded mat of the machine, Jordan." It was the same place where Jordan had lain for her operation that had given her her new cock. Jordan climbed into it and settled down on her back.
"I'm going to get started, Jordan." Dee Dee pressed a series of buttons on the control panel. Jordan heard the soft whir of machinery before she realized what it meant. Restraints were slowly and hydraulically lifting up through the pad... Continue»
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[Story] B5 Chapter 24 The Vectrans Arrive - Part 2

Chapter 24: The Vectrans Arrive - Part 2 (Or: Now You See It, Now You Don't )

The next day, the landing party beamed down to the Bahamas successfully, and they managed to mingle with the population without incident for the most part. To the rest of the townspeople, they appeared to be six other women who were on vacation, and they paid them no undue attention. Unfortunately, along with not being noticed by the locals, the six Vectrans had spent several days on the Islands, with very little success to report so far. The girls gathered together at a fast food restaurant for lunch one afte... Continue»
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[Story] B5 Chapter 19 Jeanne's Wild Night - Jeanne�

Chapter 19: Jeanne's Wild Night - Jeanne's Backdoor Is Banged

"All right, Barocca," said Jeanne. "Everyone here expects a lot out of me. I know that. And I'm not gonna let you down." Jeanne zeroed in on Domonique's cock. "I'm going to suck you off." Jeanne gathered herself and then crawled under Domonique.
Domonique stood perfectly still. An occasional moan and flicking of her head were all that she did. Jeanne cupped her nuts. "Mmm," she said, talking aloud so that Barocca and everyone else in the room could plainly hear. "Nice and heavy with cum."
Jeanne opened her mouth and f... Continue»
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[Story] B5 Chapter 20 Jeanne's Wild Night - Both Ends

Chapter 20: Jeanne's Wild Night - Both Ends Burning

Now Barocca stood before Jeanne, stroking her cock. Jeanne gazed at her through almost uncomprehending eyes.
"Good grief, Barocca," Jeanne muttered. "You mean you've still got more in store for me?"
Barocca promptly laid out on the bed on her back. "Get over here and sit on my cock, Jeanne. You're gonna have to satisfy several of us at once, and then we'll see about calling it quits for the night."
Barocca's cock was now hard and throbbing, after watching Jeanne's ass nearly be destroyed by Domonique. Jeanne settled on top of Baroc... Continue»
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[Story] B5 Chapter 21 The Vectrans Arrive

Chapter 21: The Vectrans Arrive (I Knew We Should've Taken That Left Turn at Albuquerque)

The starship Delphi 4 pulled into orbit around the earth. Long before the starship had come within range of any detection devices on earth, the Vectrans had activated a cloaking device for the ship.
"Cloaking device activated, Commander," said Rayleena. "We're now in orbit about the planet. They'll never know that we're up here, unless something should happen to hit us, and our sensors are too sophisticated for that to happen."
"Very good, Rayleena," Rhiannon replied. "All right. Rayleena, ... Continue»
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