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[Story] My favorite black girl

My favorite black girl is an e****t that I will call F. She's a single mum, late thrities and stunningly beautiful with a gorgeous size 6-8 body but tits that are a D cup. Ok, so they have been enhanced but they feel and look amazing. She may be an e****t but we have met loads of times now and we are more friends than anything else. I still pay for my time with her but she lets me see her for half her normal rate and provided she doesn't have anything else on I get to stay for as long as we are having fun.

One time I saw her I didn't have long, only half an hour but it was long enough. ... Continue»
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Giving Oral

I don't know what it is but I just love giving a woman oral. Nothing beats it. The taste, the wetness, the sense that you are giving so much pleasure.

Different women respond in different ways though and maybe it's just my experience but black women seem to be able to cum over and over again whereas white women seem to build up to one huge orgasm. As I said it could just be my experience but I love both.

I can tease, kiss, lick and suck a woman's pussy and clit for as long as they want and i've had some fantastic experiences. Some slowly get more and more aroused, building up until t... Continue»
Posted by goldfish73 2 years ago

Awesome Bodyshots


I added a video called Awesome Bodyshots to my favorites this morning. I am so jealous. I would love to cum like the guys in this video. They shoot so much cum and can blast it several feet! I think they all must have a medical condition called Hyperspermia but it is a condition I would love to have!! I rarely shoot more than a couple of spurts and it never travels that far. I was with an e****t a few weeks ago who gave me an amazing handjob that resulted in me shooting three shots, two of which travelled about three feet but that is rare for me. She was absolutely gorgeous thoug... Continue»
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When I joined this site I was just interested in checking out some porn and seeing sexy girls in action. I then posted a video of my own. I didn't think it was very good but I got loads of requests for tributes. I have done a couple and really enjoyed it. I never thought there would be girls out there who would want to see me wank over their pictures or videos and see me cum on them but I was wrong! Well if it turns you on why should I deny you your pleasure. I have a feeling if things carry on like this I will be doing tributes fairly regularly.

Bye for now.
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