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I'm:Mr. DontGivezA Fuck, 26
From:Michigan, United States
Languages:AmeriKan, Vulgar Profanity
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Body type:Athletic
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Eye color:Green
About Me

FTW88 = fukthaworld88

I am a very BELLIGERENT and OFFENSIVE person.
I keep it real. Im down to earth,
and at tha same time..

fukthaworld88 = FTW88

FTW88 = fukthaworld88

Check out my video and photo uploads
or search FTW88.

Whore_Punishers - "No Mercy For Whores!"

Gonzoholic - Founder Of Tha W.P.C.

FTW88 = fukthaworld88

FTW88 = fukthaworld88

Tha Ripped Rectum Mixtape! By: fukthaworld88

Thanks To Tha Filthy French Fucker Casseur2Q For Tha Logos.

fukthaworld88 = FTW88

asenalx Uploads Tha Best Anal & Gaping Compilations. Thanks For GIF below.

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19 hours ago
pfffff, incredible profil.
plese adding me.
1 day ago
another taste of the Chief with a classic intro...have a great weekend https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpmHlGM_DTc
1 day ago
Happy Friday muthafucka! RIP MCA.

2 days ago
my word!, quietly faintzz
3 days ago
The first time I managed to fit my fist up my shitter was watching one of your videos! Thanks for the motivation
3 days ago
I have a new vid to help you get rid
That throbbing hard cock you couldn't keep hid
Just pull it out all fat and stout
I'll suck the shit out of it no freakin doubt
5 days ago
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-9qI1b6bXQ the lead track from the mythological album by Big Chief lead singer...the "sexual intellectual"...fucking hilarious rip...pour some courvoisier for this jam....
5 days ago
I'm no troll....


...I am the scarecrow.
5 days ago
Behemoth! I fucks with them forsure!
6 days ago
btw you should start uploading again, there are since weeks not any good DP videos on xHamster... sucks! ^^
6 days ago

Zig Heil! Zig Heil! Zig Heil! With der Schnapz un Beer!
Ich bin der Kraut mit der grozen Schnitzel!
Zig Heil! Zig Heil! xD
6 days ago

May the Lord be praised!
8 days ago

8 days ago
I play russian roulette every day with bullet called life
9 days ago
10 days ago
Bad ass deer in the hood.

13 days ago
I love your fuckin profile! Your a fuckin king dude! I love that you got 420 friends. Delete one of them and add Mr please.
14 days ago
Happy Valentine's loverboy, from your secret admirer...Blah, who am I kidding, it ain't no secret :P
14 days ago
great page
14 days ago
Little envious of you...wish some women would buy me some firepower....ha ha
14 days ago
To your new comment on buffy86's page - So right the only good TV of the 80s and 90s consisted of Miami Vice, Crime Story, and Tour of Duty. The rest...it was just fluff.
15 days ago
Maybe I'm sick but when reading this:

"At least 20 killed, dozens injured as train, bus collide in Mexico"

but... youtube.com/watch?v=ym4VmVwd24c

Impressive! Mo-mo-mo-mo-monster Kill! :D
15 days ago
i'm a virgin to Ill bill. Like it
15 days ago

15 days ago
god created the cross to nail jesus on it, so god likes to nail cute boys!
16 days ago
새해복많이받으세요 ~~ 新年快乐
~~ 恭喜发财 ~~ 新年如意

행복한 새해가 되길 바랍니다!
I hope you have a good new year! :P
....& lots of harmony ❤
17 days ago
cheaper the best. no beer wine will do.

17 days ago
No kings but worth a listen
Yea they suck
17 days ago
America or the internet, 2 places a person can make a life for themselfs
17 days ago
Love the rage againts the machine
17 days ago
-fukbuddy- writes to me,then deleting his comments and of course blocking me,not to mention that he first came and troll my page
Buffy series were in the 90's lmao where have you been?
-ftw- the series were not cancelled,they just finished from tv after 7 years lol
you two should become friends,i will name you
Dumb and Dumber
17 days ago
Please check my videos out everybody please please pretty please