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I'm:Mr. DontGivezA Fuck, 26
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Languages:AmeriKan, Vulgar Profanity
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FTW88 = fukthaworld88

I am a very BELLIGERENT and OFFENSIVE person.
I keep it real. Im down to earth,
and at tha same time..

fukthaworld88 = FTW88

FTW88 = fukthaworld88

Check out my video and photo uploads
or search FTW88.

Whore_Punishers - "No Mercy For Whores!"

Gonzoholic - Founder Of Tha W.P.C.

FTW88 = fukthaworld88

FTW88 = fukthaworld88

Tha Ripped Rectum Mixtape! By: fukthaworld88

Thanks To Tha Filthy French Fucker Casseur2Q For Tha Logos.

fukthaworld88 = FTW88

asenalx Uploads Tha Best Anal & Gaping Compilations. Thanks For GIF below.

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7 hours ago
Sloppy Fuckin Head & Wild Ass Fucking = The Best Shit Out OF Life!
1 day ago
Fuck me, my new headset has a 4m long cable.. It's awesome for running around or dancing xD But like being all comfy in bed.... cable everywhere!
1 day ago
Happy Friday Bro! ;)

1 day ago
Genelec & Memphis Reigns


The most underground of the underground.
2 days ago
I see you still attracting the masses....\m/.. you kno me, just out making my rounds... bang bang..\m/
2 days ago
2 days ago
Be quiet you insect.
2 days ago
hey is wombshifter a actual word in english?
I have this jav where a black guy has a 50cm dick squeezing every inch into a 147cm tall schoolgirl xD
2 days ago
it's official now, ISIS is US made:
4 days ago
I have been working outside for the last 3 days.
My hands are so cold if I touch cock now it will only get smaller
5 days ago
i grew up jerking off to that bitch. thanks for tha pass.
7 days ago
or a .50 revolver with hollow point bullets against these real nasty bears? xD
Tho I guess that would fuck up my hands real quick xD
7 days ago
in czech republic you can also carry two guns concealed with bullet in chamber for protection.. :D so I will soon get two compact glocks with hollow point "pig killers" xD
7 days ago
wtfwtfwtf xD
9 days ago
Fucking love the updates
9 days ago
Skinny French girl with stretchmarks and big pussy lips gets gang fucked. I know you will like..


Enjoy filthy fucker!
9 days ago
WeEd Is GoT mE hIgH

9 days ago
No offence on the joke intende
9 days ago

A black third grader goes to his mom and asks, 'Mom, I have the biggest dick in the third grade. Is that because I'm black?' And she responds, 'no nigga, it's because you're nineteen!'
10 days ago
It's official now, only when you are a sheep you are sane:

“Are we becoming sicker? Is it getting harder to be mentally healthy? Authors of the DSM-IV say that it’s because they’re better able to identify these illnesses today. Critics charge that it’s because they have too much time on their hands.

New mental illnesses identified by the DSM-IV include arrogance, narcissism, above-average creativity, cynicism, and antisocial behavior. In the past, these were called “personality traits,” but now they’re diseases. And there are treatments available.”
10 days ago
yes, I retired, but only for a moment....and as you can see, im back!!!! and with a vengeance!!!!!!...\m/
10 days ago
Obama: Congress should come together
Obama: I will veto anything I disagree with

I wish I'd be da nigga of dat house...
11 days ago
rupik da salvos
kan da spika graka
11 days ago
FTW...you're my guru :P

can't tell you how much true joy you delivered to me through some of your vids...

Veronica Avlul is my hero now :P

I wouldn't mind sucking your cock either.
12 days ago

Big Butt, big boobs, and big balls. Hell yes!
12 days ago
Yea but Amber has actually good facial skin, not so... "wasted" & "bumpy" xD Like geez.... good facial skin is rly important, or else Janice will look with 25 like 45. Check my canadian girltoy, she looks like 45 with 24 xD
13 days ago
The body is 11/10 :D

But that face... she looks like a stoner girl.